Are Anime Cartoon? 5 Differences Between Anime And Cartoon That Proves It’s Not!


I remember how much I loved watching The Mickey Mouse show that let my mother name me Mickey, and thus I got a pet name, “Mickey the mouse” (of the tiny house) Now, when I see my niece watching Peppa Pig, Masha and the bear, and various other cartoons, it makes me question what fun she gets watching them all day long without knowing the differences between anime and Cartoon and what joy I used to get at that time watching these Cartoons without knowing the same.

The problem when you grow up is that you become more clear with the reality of life and find nothing that makes sense in the cartoons. Movies, series, and books become a portal to experience complex emotions that broaden the thoughts and thinking process, which are tested at every second every moment in this very happening life. With movies and books, you can easily relate to the characters portrayed. Sometimes this relation becomes so strong that you can’t resist thinking about why so and so things happened in the story and then start making your theories.

The concept of Anime is similarly based on bridging the nostalgia of childhood with the stories that make more sense. The source of entertainment for the youngsters is more relatable with real-life mixed with the fun of fictional and otherworldly storylines. Anime is mostly but not always derived from Manga. Where Manga are Japanese comics, Anime is the Japanese version of animation sometimes sourced from Manga. The article would highlight the differences between Anime and cartoons; where Anime targets audiences of different age groups, cartoons targets toddlers.

This article will discuss the differences between Anime and Cartoons, which is better, and why it’s not for kids? 

5 Differences Between Anime And Cartoons| They Aren’t Same Bro!

Is Anime similar to cartoons? A quick answer would be No! But then what differences do they have? This article would highlight major dissimilarities between  Anime and cartoons and why Anime is not for kids? 

1# Origin Of Anime And Cartoons |You Will Be Astonished!

Origin of Anime and Cartoons | differences between anime and cartoons

Anime is the Japanese version of animation usually but not always driven from Manga. Anime is usually characterized as intense, emotional action movies/ series rooted in Japan but now are produced worldwide. Modern anime began in 1956 and the success journey started in 1961 with the establishment of Mushi Productions by Osamu Tezuka.

The golden age of theatrical American animated cartoons was with the popularization of sound cartoons in 1928 and gradually ended in the late 1960s with the popularization of a new medium of television animation.

2#  Way Of Storytelling In Anime And Cartoons | It’s Very Different! 

Way Of Storytelling In Anime And Cartoons

From the other animated movies, Anime differs in the way of its storytelling and narration. For example, an episode in Anime could start with a fight that viewers have no idea what the fight is about, or the story could start from the middle revealing the past of an unknown character that turns out to be the main villain. 

Cartoons are made for entertaining kids following simple narration and storytelling with simple life lessons and good habits. The episodes begin with a decent beginning with music and dance and end with teaching so that children could easily understand the meaning.  

3# Character And Color Designs Of Cartoon And Anime Characters | It Demands Precision To Make One!

Character and Color designs of Cartoon and Anime characters

In Anime, the characters designed are mostly long hair wide-eyed humans or alien-like characters having different personalities and perspectives like real humans added with some fictional greater abilities like enormous powers or an unimaginable IQ level. In addition, they share some good/ bad virtues. The color scheme is according to what the scene demands: a happy, intense, or horror. 

In cartoons, The color schema and the characters are designed so that children can easily relate and get joy while watching. Cartoons create an essence of the magical world that is full of imagination and happiness.

4# Pace And Length Of Cartoons And Anime | You will Never Be Bored! 

Pace and length of Cartoons and Anime 

The series under the Anime is long and slow and usually contains strong language and violence with several seasons and episodes that hook the audience and creates a curiosity to know the further story. Each season contains 10 – 20 episodes that are released on a yearly basis. Slow in the sense that it focuses on showing every emotion and action in as detail as possible that creates a connection between the audience and the character.

Cartoons mostly don’t build up the character story and only focus on showing ‘ happy endings’ on happy notes. There are no complex stories and are usually short and simple with no intense fighting scenes and abusive solid language. Cartoons have seasons, but each episode ends with a closed note with a predefined moral/ teachings, usually with no twist and turns. There are a lot of episodes in a season but they don’t generate curiosity to watch from the perspective of grown-ups.

5# Genre And Targeted Audience | Only Kids? NO!!!!! 

Genre and Targeted audience 

Many different genres of movies belong to Anime that satisfy the entertainment hunger of every human, from action, adventure, politics, humor to mature sex-related stuff. The targeted audience is of the age group of 16 and above. 

In Cartoons, the audience targeted is mostly from the age group of 3-12. Cartoons also have different stories but mostly action, adventure keeping in view the targeted audience.

Which Is Better: Cartoons Or Anime, And Why Is It Not For kids?

Which is better: Cartoons or Anime, and why is it not for kids?

There is no way to tell which is better as both target different audiences. Both have ways of storytelling that different age groups could understand. Where politics and adultery are not the kids’ subjects, they can’t understand the concepts Anime has to portray, leading to the chances of misguidance. It’s important what to watch at different age groups. Cartoons suit best for kids because they simplify the most basic teachings in a way that a child enjoys and copies every good stuff from. 

Final Words 

Discussed above are some of the differences between Anime and cartoons. Yes, I am a crazy fan of Anime and have seen most anime movies and series. The storylines are so good that I can’t stay long without watching the whole season.  I know you guys are fans of Anime too but there would be some who love to watch cartoons with their children. If yes, then comment below what you love the most, Anime or cartoons.  

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