DirecTV Stream How Many Devices We Can Use | Streaming Devices Details!


DirecTV Stream is among the most popular streaming services in recent times. The platform is a huge hit due to its premium features and compatibility. If you are also planning to buy a DirecTV Stream subscription, here are some important things to know. So, here I will majorly discuss on DirecTV Stream how many devices we can use, compatible devices, errors, and limitations. 

DirecTV offers a huge variety of cable channels, popular OTT platforms, foreign channels, etc. Moreover, you can stream DirecTV on multiple devices at one go. So, read the complete details about how many devices we can use on DirecTV Stream ahead.

How Many Devices We Can Use On DirecTV Stream? 

DirecTV Stream How Many Devices We Can Use | Streaming Devices Details

You can download and stream DirecTV online easily. It is compatible with many Android and iOS devices, Chromecast, Roku devices, Amazon Fire Stick, etc. You can stream it on the official DirecTV website by using a web browser (Safari or Chrome).

You can connect DirecTV Stream to up to 20 devices by using a single profile in your home network. However, you need to know more about its streaming limitations on multiple mobiles and smart televisions at the same time. So, read till the end to clear all the doubts.

How To Connect DirecTV Stream To Your Home Network? DirecTV Stream How Many Devices We Can Use!

One of the most important things to consider when you are planning to stream DirecTV stream is to have a good internet connection. If you don’t have high-speed internet, DirecTV Stream will not work efficiently. You do not need a specific internet provider to get an internet connection.

All you have to do is to use at least a 24 Mbps connection. This is a mandatory requirement because DirecTV uses a minimum of 8 Mbps per streaming device. Now, you will have to connect DirecTV Stream to your home network. If your device is not connected to it, do the following steps-

  1. Connect the wifi and configure it
  2. Login to the DirecTV application
  3. Open the Settings option
  4. Click on the Preferences option
  5. Tap on the Location option
  6. Choose your Hom Location
  7. Connect the preferred option and pair the device.

If you change your internet connection/provider, you will have to connect it again. However, you can do this only 4 times a year. You can also use DirecTV free trial to watch its content.

How Many Streaming Devices Can Stream DirecTV At The Same Time? DirecTV Stream How Many Devices We Can Use!

Well, as a matter of fact, you can use a maximum of 20 devices to stream DirecTV by using a single profile. However, if you want to watch DirecTV simultaneously at the same time, you can do it on only 3 devices.

You can stream DirecTV on a maximum of 2 devices if you are not using a registered home network i.e you are outside your home and using a different network to stream it.

DirecTV Stream Limitations | DirecTV Stream How Many Devices We Can Use!

DirecTV Stream How Many Devices We Can Use | Streaming Devices Details

DirecTV has some cons too. If you are not happy with it, you can always cancel DirecTV subscription. Now, let’s read a few limitations of DirecTV Stream and things to consider before streaming DirecTV online-

  1. You can stream DirecTV on multiple devices but there is a certain number of networks that will allow you to stream it only on 3 devices. So, choose a network operating system wisely. For example- FOX Network and STARZ NHL Network.
  2. Only veteran subscribers of DirecTV will get default packages according to their previous subscription plans. The rest users will have to upgrade their plans to access tier 2 and 3 plans.

DirecTV Stream Compatible Devices | DirecTV Stream How Many Devices We Can Use!

DirecTV Stream is compatible with various kinds of devices. It includes Roku, Android, Apple, iOS, and Amazon Devices, etc. It is compatible with only a few Microsoft and Samsung models. Here is the complete list of DirecTV Stream devices.

Amazon Fire TV (2nd generation or higher) Google TV™ devices Apple TV (4th generation) Roku Streaming Stick® (3600X, 3800X) 
Amazon Fire TV Stick (2nd generation or higher) Chromecast with Google TV Safari browser (version 13+ is recommended) Roku Streaming Stick+ (3810X, 3811X) 
Amazon Fire TV Edition Smart TV (2nd generation and higher) Android TV™ OS devices iPadsRoku Express (3700X, 3900X, 3930X) 
Amazon Fire TV CubeDevices with Chromecast built-in™ iPhonesRoku Express+ (3710X, 3910X, 3931X) 
NAChrome browser (version 68 or higher) iPod Touch running version iOS 11+ (iOS 12+)Roku Premiere (3920X, 4620X) and Premiere+ (3921X, 4630X) 
NAPhones and tablets running version (OS 8+)NARoku Ultra (4640X, 4660X, 4661X, 4670X) 
NANANARoku LT (2700X) 
NANANARoku 2 (4210X) 
NANANARoku 3 (4200X, 4230X) 
NANANARoku 4 (4400X) 
NANANANon-4K Roku TV (5000X, 8000X)
NANANA4K Roku TV (6000X, 7000X, A000X, C000X, C000GB) 
NANANARoku Smart Soundbar (9100X)

DirecTV Stream Errors On Multiple Streaming Devices | DirecTV Stream How Many Devices We Can Use!

DirecTV Stream How Many Devices We Can Use | Streaming Devices Details

If you will try to stream DirecTV on more than the specified number of devices, it will not work. It will show you error messages. Sometimes, the error occurs when your internet connection is not working properly. It will pop up the following error codes-

  1. 10014-001: It occurs when you try to stream more than the required number of devices. To resolve this issue, you will need to close a few streaming devices.
  2. 20001-020: When you play an excess number of videos on the device. It can be resolved by closing a few streaming tabs.
  3. 30001-018, 30002-019, and 30003-020: It means that your current plan is no longer supporting the streaming service. You need to update your device and upgrade the subscription plan. It happens when you exhaust your streaming limit.

How To Fix The Error? DirecTV Stream How Many Devices We Can Use!

If you are unable to stream DirecTV on a device, you need to follow the following steps-

  1. Open your device, go to to the DirecTV application, and restart the app.
  2. Now, go to the app store and check DirecTV Stream’s latest update. If it is available, you need to click on the upgrade button. 
  3. Then, switch off your device and restart it to stream DirecTV.

If you are still unable to stream it, you can delete the app and download it again. Then, you can configure it by using registered credentials.

Final Words

I hope that you have got the answers related to DirecTV Stream how many devices we can use. If you have any questions related to DirecTV or other streaming services, you can ask in the comments section. Keep reading our articles to get the latest information on streaming technology. 


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