DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV In 2023 | A Detailed Comparison!


Are you still confused over DirecTV Stream vs Youtube TV debate and wondering which subscription to buy? Worry not! Read this article to get a clear answer. This article covers the major differences between DirecTV and Youtube TV and talks about their latest features, pros, and cons.

Today, everything is on the internet. You can watch television content and theatrical releases on OTTs. Both the two giant OTT streaming platforms, DirecTV and Youtube TV have many awesome channels and entertaining content that you can stream online. However, there is always confusion- DirecTV Stream vs Youtube TV; which one is better? Here is the answer! 

DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV In 2023

DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV In 2023 | A Detailed Comparison!

Media streaming is changing day by day. Now, you can find digital content from popular OTT platforms on a single platform. It is a cost-effective way to watch your favorite content online without buying multiple streaming services. However, to do so, one needs to know the basic features and technical specifications provided by a streaming service.

So, here I will be talking about all the important things related to DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV in a detailed manner but in simple terms. So, read till the end to know everything about DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV.

Affordability And Pricing | DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV

One of the biggest reasons for the DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV debate is the affordability of the platforms. OTT streaming platforms are charging high prices and keep increasing their rates every year. So, you need to know whether it is a value-for-money platform or gives you more features than the other. Otherwise, you can cancel your DirecTV subscription or Youtube TV subscription.

DirecTV has four subscription plans. It starts from $64.99 monthly, which allows you to access over 75 channels. However, Youtube TV has two subscription plans. Right now, you can watch more channels on Youtube TV by using Basic Plan as well. In short, Youtube TV offers more different kinds of channels than DirecTV in the basic plan. 

Subscription Price | DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV

Actually, both of the streaming platforms have the same subscription plans in the initial phase. Their basic plan starts from $64.99. In DirecTV, you can choose up to four plans that have different rates and gives access to different channels.

On Youtube TV, you have only two plans. The basic plan will cost $64.99 and covers as many channels as DirecTV’s first two plan does. However, if you want to add more channels to Youtube TV, you will have to pay more depending on premium channel add-ons.

Compatible Streaming Devices | DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV

DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV In 2023 | A Detailed Comparison!

Luckily, you can stream both Youtube TV and DirecTV on mobiles as well as televisions. However, DirecTV can be streamed on Samsung smart televisions only. You can stream DirecTV on Android and iOS mobile devices.

On the other hand, Youtube TV can be streamed on smart televisions of many reputed companies. You can stream it on mobile devices also. Youtube TV is compatible with Xbox and Playstation also.

You can access both Youtube TV and DirecTV on streaming devices of Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, and Chromecast. However, Youtube is more compatible than DirecTV and can be streamed on other streaming devices of LG, Playstation, Sharp, and Vizio.

Features Like DVR Storage And Simultaneous Streaming | DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV

In terms of DVR storage, they are equal. They have unlimited storage for up to 9 months. Then, they delete previous recordings and save the new downloads. DirecTV is more flexible to stream on multiple devices by using the same profile at the same time.

You can use the same internet connection to stream it on three different devices at one time. However, you can use Youtube TV to stream it on up to 6 devices by using a single profile.

User-Friendly Interface | DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV

Both of them have a user-friendly interface. You can easily navigate them. However, Youtube TV has more sorted options and tabs. It has divided its profile into three sections- Home, Live, and Library.

You can scroll videos on them without closing previous tabs. DirecTV also has four tabs to sort its content- Library, Home, On-Demand, and Guide. You can scroll through other tabs while watching a video on it. 

How Many Live TV Channels You Can Watch | DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV

Now, this is a very important section to know. Though DirecTV and Youtube TV has a similar standard plan, Youtube TV offers 10 extra channels. However, if you choose other DirecTV premium plans, it will offer more than 150 channels.

On the other hand, Youtube TV will charge extra for additional premium channels. You can watch foreign, regional, and local cable channels on them. You can also add foreign channels to them by paying an extra amount.

Free Trials | DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV

Both Youtube TV and DirecTV have free trial days for their new users. In this offer, one can access the platform to watch its paid content for free. However, they are limited to a certain number of days or hours.

Youtube TV has a one-week free trial offer. You can watch Youtube TV for free by using Youtube TV free trial tricks also. DirecTV has only 5 days in a free trial period. You can stream DirecTV for free by using DirecTV’s free trial tricks.

Popularity And Number Of Subscribers | DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV

DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV In 2023 | A Detailed Comparison!

According to the latest research, Youtube TV is in the lead. It is ahead in the race with more than 4,000,000 subscribers. DirecTV is still a growing platform and has only 788,000 subscribers.

This is also because DirecTV is only available in the USA regions. So, when it will expand like Youtube TV globally, DirecTV will also have a large number of subscribers.

Final Words

I hope that you find this article on DirecTV Stream Vs Youtube TV interesting. Now, you can decide whether you want to buy a DirecTV subscription plan or a Youtube TV subscription. You can watch the latest movies and shows on them for free by using free trial tricks. What are your thoughts about these popular streaming platforms? Share your views in the comments.


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