What is Disability History Month? Expert Advise 2021


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Disability History Month is from the 18th of November to the 18th of December 2021. The event has been around since 2010 and aims to focus on the struggle for equality and human rights.

There has been a consistent stream of interest in the event for the past ten years, and hopefully, 2021 will be no different. 

What Will Disability History Month Address This Year?

Disability History Month has two themes this year: Disability and hidden impairment and disability and sex and relationships. The event will explore these topics and raise awareness of the challenges disabled individuals now face. 

Disability History Month

Many people have a hidden impairment and may not be viewed as disabled by others. Invisible impairments often include mental illnesses like autism, attention deficit, and cognitive or neurological impairments. There are 13.5 million people identified as disabled in the UK now, and more than half of hidden impairments. It’s essential to shed light on the challenges of hidden impairments and why many choose not to identify as disabled. 

Furthermore, sex and relationships can be tricky topics for those with a disability. While all disabled individuals are entitled to a Sex and Relationship Education, many experience low confidence and self-esteem around it. 

Disability History Month helps to educate people on the challenges of disability and the societal perceptions around it. You can get involved by sharing Disability History Month on social media and spreading the word about the event. 

Disability History Month

People with disabilities can have their independence and identity back. Wheelchair accessibility specialist, Allied Mobility, aims to help disabled individuals do precisely that. Derek Russell is a wheelchair user, and he previously struggled to get into vehicles with his heavy wheelchair. The bulky structure was complicated for his wife to carry and made the entire journey much more difficult.

Disability History Month

Derek found Allied Mobility and purchased a wheelchair-accessible vehicle that could cater for his powerchair. The car has a remote-controlled automatic tailgate and ramp so Derek can take solo trips without relying on his wife. He can quickly transfer from his powerchair with the electronically adjustable seat in his powerchair. Allied Mobility exceeded the limitations of Derek’s old car and made everyday outings much more accessible. 

It’s essential to listen to the challenges disabled people face so you can help find a solution. Disability History Month should help raise awareness of disability in the UK and improve the stigma around it.


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