Is Discovery’s Naked And Afraid Scripted?


Naked and Afraid, a great show by Discovery, has earned a lot of reputation some years after its premiere. Some contestants claim there are endless ways the show isn’t real, stating not only were they misrepresented, but producers aired outright lies. Many contestants have shared their stories in interviews and busted the truth behind is Naked and Afraid scripted or real. 

All the survival shows aren’t real. The producers always pull some strings to add fair skepticism. The Naked and Afraid survival show is no exceptional case. Many fans doubted the veracity of the survival reality show, and you might be among them (are we right?). Don’t worry; we come up again to settle all your doubts comprehensively with facts.

Have you ever seen The Bachelor (one of our favorite and scripted) or any Real Housewives shows? Yeah! You might be aware that probably all TV shows are scripted on some level. But Naked and Afraid crossed all the limits. They faked dialogue and injuries of survivors, even the weather calamities; one of our readers told us producers planted contestants’ food in different filming locations.

The TV reality shows we often watch plunge us into a new imaginary world of disagreements and drama. Some producers work precisely to deliver unexpected scenes that leave you anxious and eager to see what happens next. Is Discovery’s Naked And Afraid Scripted? Let’s find it here.

Is Naked and Afraid Scripted and Staged? 

Indeed, the premise behind Naked and Afraid is unlike anything we’ve heard before. However, just like other reality shows, producers faked some elements to add more spice to the show. Is Discovery’s Naked And Afraid Scripted? Let’s find out what is real and fake on Naked and Afraid.

It’s not an actual survival show. The producers of these shows want to test the contestant’s strengths more and more every season because the entire intensification is the next most significant thing that the audience wants. That is why they fake some scenarios to achieve it consistently.

Legit: Lack Of Libido During Naked Journey 

Is Discovery’s Naked And Afraid Scripted? Osorio, a contestant, in an interview, said that they talk and get intimate because talking is all you can do. But contestants lose their libido because they feel like dying, and the last thing you think about is having sex. But they have to be naked and follow a storyline that producers give to them. 

Contestants Have Access To Modern Technologies

Is Discovery’s Naked And Afraid Scripted? Several reports state the instances where contestants access modern amenities. The producers gave the contestant a tampon while filming the show.

Other stars claim to have taken food and supplements like salt, chocolate, and Emergen-C from the locals and crew.

Honora Bowen, though, stated producers withheld prescription medication from her. If tampons are okay but prescriptions aren’t, the producers have puzzling priorities.

Producers Plant Food for Contestants

Is Discovery’s Naked and Afraid Scripted? Busted 2021

Is Discovery’s Naked And Afraid Scripted? Many claims that the wilderness fans saw in Naked and Afraid is not too far from society—producers set up some places to make it feel like real forests and mountains.

The participants are allowed to talk to locals behind the camera. The idea is that they stay close to the village to get help if the crew runs into any danger.

When a participant is close to starving, they’ve found food or miraculously caught prey. For example, one instance showed a deer caught in a snare, but no animal marks were captured in a trap.

Storylines Are Scripted

Is Discovery’s Naked And Afraid Scripted? Considering every reality TV show has writers, how real things indeed are should be pretty straightforward. Not only have participants said producers instigated fights, but they also instructed participants to lie.

Honora Bowen said producers told her to express her magnifying glass was a gift from her father when in reality, the crew gave it to Bowen before the show. Bowen also said that her storyline, which revolved around her father’s passing, was predetermined.

Editing Is Selective

Is Discovery’s Naked and Afraid Scripted? Busted 2021

Is Discovery’s Naked And Afraid Scripted? Contestant Alison Teal claims the show is more about drama than living in the wilderness. Teal said in a Reddit AMA that she built many items for survival, including a ladder and fishing net, which weren’t shown on TV.

Teal felt her weaving skills, good instincts, and overall resourcefulness didn’t come across in the episode. Another contestant, Shane Lewis, broke his toes while filming, but viewers were only told he hurt his foot. 

Show Is More Scripted Beyond Your Imagination 

Is Discovery’s Naked and Afraid Scripted? Busted 2021

Is Discovery’s Naked And Afraid Scripted? A reality TV show can never really be real; the same goes with the case of the reality show Naked and Afraid.

The raw nature of the Naked and Afraid TV show tried to dictate a more realistic tone than Survivor. The producers have done every possible way to maximize the entertainment value of the show.

Many competitors consider themselves qualified actors because of the “performances” they’ve given on the show. Contestant Shane Lewis said that the show “gave it the Hollywood treatment.” Is Discovery’s Naked And Afraid Scripted? Because the survival element is not enough, participants have repeatedly cited that producers provoke drama for the sake of catching it on camera.

Final Words

Although in the end, the Naked and Afraid reality show looks great with a pinch of salt. Naked and Afraid may be scripted a little. Still, the series is full of drama. The excitement that is carefully edited under the director’s supervision gives the audience a total dosage of entertainment. 

Where can you watch the Naked And Afraid reality show?

You can watch the Naked And Afraid reality show on Amazon Prime Video.

What is the IMDB rating of the Naked And Afraid reality show?

Currently, the Naked And Afraid reality show has a 6.6/10 IMDB score.

What is the current season of the Naked And Afraid reality show?

The Naked And Afraid reality show is now airing season 14. The new season started on 27 February 2022.

How many episodes and seasons are in the Naked And Afraid reality show?

The Naked And Afraid reality show has a total of 188 episodes and 14 seasons.

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  1. I noticed on one of the campfires wood where the ends were cut by a chain saw. If the survivalist only have axes the end of the wood would not be straight. What else are they given to survive?

  2. I could never do it. I’m a video gamer, and can’t imagine all the FACIALS of bugs outside the comforts of my chair and in the jungle! Disgusting

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  3. I got annoyed with the last naked and afraid XL 7 (legends vs swamp) as the teams conveniently found each other near the end, you can bet the producers absolutely want them to come together for more drama and would have directed them to each other. Then drama happens where one camp is super noisy and driving away the animals annoying the other camp, who never bother telling them to be quiet, and instead for days they just complain to the camera how they have to keep going out further to hunt now while the loud camp just hams it up and get more noisy. Its clearly all done for the drama with the producers being like “hey so why don’t we work with you boys being loud and abnoxious and the other camp is going to he annoyed with you, that will be great television”.

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