Do Cats Remember Their Owners? Don’t Call Them Mean! Okay! 


All animals are love, right? Similar to cats, even if they seem mean, their owners love them. And, if you were unable to build that bond with your cat and are thinking of rehoming it, then questions like “Do cats remember their owners?” will confuse you. 

Like most mammals on earth, cats do have emotions and feelings. If you pet any animal, the affectionate bond you will build with them is unbreakable! However, keeping cats in consideration, most of the owners are doubtful with a lot of queries. 

Like, if I adopt my friend’s cat, will it love me and treat me as a new owner. So, let me get to it. Cats do remember their owners, and there is no doubt about it. However, Cats are adaptable and so into themselves that it appears as if they don’t care. 

I guess you are still looking for a detailed answer, right? No, worries, scroll and get away with all your confusion. 

Do Cats Remember Their Owners? YAAOW MEOW!!

Do Cats Remember Their Owners? Don’t Call Them Mean! Okay!

We’ll come to your query later, but first, let me tell you, how does it feel to own a cat if you are thinking of adopting one! Cats are not just good-looking fur animals, but they are the most silent and funny pets you can own. They are photogenic, into themselves, and no fu*ks given animal, but they are definitely in love with you! 

Why so? It is because you care about them, cuddle them when they want to and take care of their food requirements. So, they will love you if you are thinking of adopting one from your friend and will never forget you if you are thinking of letting go of one! 

Now, let’s get into more details!  

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Cats Love Their Owners! It’s A Fact! 

Do Cats Remember Their Owners? Don’t Call Them Mean! Okay!

We already informed you that Cats do remember their owners, and that’s the truth! Cats are adjusting pets. If you’ll adopt cats from someone or let go of your cat, then the initial days might be difficult, but later it will be an easy-peezy thing. 

Cats are more of a loner, but the fact is that every mammal is built with emotions and feelings. So, if you will adopt a cat or take care of it regularly, there are chances that the furball will become dependent on you and develops a bond. 

How Long Can A Cat Remember Their Owner?

Do Cats Remember Their Owners? Don’t Call Them Mean! Okay!

Cats remember their owners for a longer time, which may add up to one or two years. It might get extended depending on their previous owner’s presence around them. 

This is the same with other pets as well. The moment cats get comfortable and accommodating in the new environment, the same moment they start developing emotions for the new place and forgetting about the old. (but not completely)

It is a very clear logic, just like us humans, we do go through a bad phase or time, but we forget that later in our life. Similarly, all mammals have the ability to forget things but not completely. Like us humans forget things, cats also forget their owners after some time, but they never completely let go of the memory. 

This implies that cats are in love with their owner, it is just that they are less expressive than my girlfriend. (I hope she is not reading it!)

Do Cats Miss Their Owners?

Do Cats Remember Their Owners? Don’t Call Them Mean! Okay!

Yes, Cats do miss their owners. Now there are two types of situations. One where you as an owner are out for some work and the cat is home alone. In this situation, cats wait for their owners and thus miss their owners. 

Second, if you have decided to give your cat out for adoption, then in this case; your cat will feel sad for a few days, weeks, months or years, but once it will get settled, your cat will not think much about you, but you will be in its memories.  

So, let’s sum it up, cats are not mean, you mean to them instead! 

Chances Of My Cat Forgetting Me After Two Weeks? 

Do Cats Remember Their Owners? Don’t Call Them Mean! Okay!

There is no chance your cat will forget you in just two weeks. It is not possible because it will take a cat for near about 2-3 months to settle at a new place. 

Your cat will eventually stop thinking about you, but forgetting you just after some time of separation is not possible. So, dear cat owner, you can take a chill pill for some time. 

Will A Cat Remember Its Old Home? 

Do Cats Remember Their Owners? Don’t Call Them Mean! Okay!

As a cat owner, I can assure you that your cat must have walked around the entire house! It is because to get the surety of the place and things around. It also left its scent around to mark the place. 

Similarly, when you get your cat after two months or three months, it will still recognize the place because of the scent. And more than that, cats are smart animals that memorize things easily. So, getting used to the entire house is an easy game. 

So, summing it up for you, cats remember their old home. 

Will A Cat Miss Its Owner After They Die? 

Do Cats Remember Their Owners? Don’t Call Them Mean! Okay!

Yes, cats do miss their owner after their death. They cry out loud, and there are alterations in their behavior, like they’ll stop eating food or being cheerful. 

Cats miss their owners all the time, but eventually, they deal with the loss and make themselves aware of the passing life. But the sorrow remains with them throughout! 

Do Cats Remember Their Owner’s Scent? 

Do Cats Remember Their Owners? Don’t Call Them Mean! Okay!

Yes, the scent of the cats’ owners is unforgettable for cats because this is how they make sure they are in the safe hands or their hooman is around. They do sniff their owners and make sure that they are safe. 

Cats also have separation anxiety, so if you part from them for some time, they will feel sad and start sniffing for their owner’s scent. 

Final Words 

Cat is an amazing animal that will remember you, even if you decide to give away yours or adopt someone else. Eventually, it will forget but will never erase it from memory! 

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