Do Probiotic Yogurts Expire? Know To Be PRO!


Do Probiotic Yogurts Expire? Nothing beats eating a nice cold creamy yogurt straight from the refrigerator on a hot summer’s day. Yogurts are great at any time of the day but many choose to start their day with yogurt mixed with fruits or oatmeal.

In recent years yogurts have been made lactose free and vegan making it widely available to people from all walks of life and their popularity has increased with TV advertisements.

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Occasionally you may forget about yogurt in the back of your refrigerator and notice that it is now out of date and expired. This guide will explain if you can still eat that yogurt or

Do Yogurts Expire Or Not?

Do Probiotic Yogurts Expire? Know To Be PRO!

The first thing to make clear is that yes, Yogurt does expire and go bad. If you check the expiration date on your yogurt container you can typically add 2 extra days to that and still eat the yogurt.

Once the yogurt is opened you should consume the entire thing regardless of the expiry date within 7-days which isn’t a difficult task for most people considering the many delicious yogurt flavors available.

If you are someone who gets through a tub of yogurt slowly, my number 1 tip would be to keep the yogurt container inside of a tightly sealed container after opening as this may help to lengthen the time it takes to expire.

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Do Expired Yogurt Still Have Probiotics?

Do Probiotic Yogurts Expire? Know To Be PRO!

With fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi the longer it sits to fermented the stronger the probiotic CFU count typically gets. With probiotic supplements, however, after the expiry date, the CFU count starts to drop and the probiotic bacteria start to die off. 

The probiotic bacteria in yogurts is similar to capsule supplements in that the bacteria is added into the yogurt at later fermentation stages with the sole purpose of staying alive and not reproducing.

Because of Low PH numbers and low temperatures in the refrigerator, the Lactobacillus probiotic bacteria in the yogurt will eventually die off. Expired probiotic yogurts unfortunately do not get stronger and eventually they may just be yogurt with no living probiotic bacteria.

Do All Yogurts Expire The Same?

Do Probiotic Yogurts Expire? Know To Be PRO!

According to spoon university, some greek yogurts can still be consumed up to a massive 24 days after the sell-by date provided that it is properly sealed and cooled. One tell-tale sign that Greek Yogurt is expiring will be noticing a clear liquid substance on the top of your yogurt which is just basically whey protein separation and a good sign. 

Greek Yogurt is a more natural healthy yogurt that doesn’t contain high amounts of sugar and this is the reason it lasts longer. Sugary artificial yogurts with other ingredients most likely will not last as long as a natural set organic yogurt with fewer ingredients.

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How To Know If Your Yogurt Has Spoiled

Do Probiotic Yogurts Expire? Know To Be PRO!

It’s quite simple to know if your yogurt has spoiled and if that is the case you absolutely should dispose of it & not eat it. Doing this may result in food poisoning and require you to visit your doctor.

Check for green, black, or yellow spots in your yogurt that are most likely mold. Lift the container to your notice and check if it smells extremely sour or unpleasant.

At this point, if there is no mold or bad smell put a little bit on your tongue and check if that taste is sour or bitter. If it is, spit it out and rinse your mouth. The yogurt may have gone bad.

If you notice any diarrhea or other unpleasant symptoms after eating a spoiled expired yogurt you should contact your doctor immediately and show them a sample of what you ate. They may be able to test for bad bacteria and this could help with your recovery.

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Final Words

Yogurts are a wonderful source of diverse Lactobacillus probiotic bacteria that may help with your gut health. They can be enjoyed passed their expiry date and this can be lengthened by storing them properly out of direct sunlight and tightly sealed in a nice cool refrigerator.

You could also make frozen yogurt ice cream which will last longer but the probiotic bacteria may die off. Always use a clean spoon and bowl to avoid contamination and ask for a second opinion on places like Reddit if you are unsure. Forager, Lifeway, Stoneyfield, Siggi’s, and Yoplait are some of my favorite yogurt brands that can be bought from places like Walmart or Target.

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