Do You Need A Fire Stick If You Have A Smart TV?


The short answer is “No,” but there is more to it. A Fire Stick has features like faster load time, better remote control, easy navigation of the menu, more content options, and lesser spam apps, which makes it helpful. Thus, you should consider buying a Fire Stick streaming device, even if you already have a smart TV.

What Is A Fire Stick?

A Fire Stick is a device plugged into the HDMI port of a TV. It allows you to access your favorite movies, games, subscription services, photos, music, and shows. In simple words, Fire Stick contains all your favorite content, and you can take it anywhere, so you will always have your favorite media anywhere. 

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Benefits Of Using A Fire Stick

Great User Experience

Do You Need A Fire Stick If You Have A Smart TV?
Do You Need a Fire Stick With a Sma...
Do You Need a Fire Stick With a Smart TV? (YES, Here’s Why…)

The manufacturers of TV companies started their business to sell and build the hardware and not software. It is evidently true. As the market emerged towards smart TV, companies like Sony, Vizio, and LG were unprepared to make teams of designers, developers, and engineers build the interface of the apps that can interact, search and launch apps like Netflix.

The TV companies considered the “smart” features as “add-ons,” so they ended up creating interfaces that were not user-friendly. Even finding an app on these TVs can be very painful. On the contrary, Fire Stick was built around streaming apps.

As a result, Fire Stick created software keeping the end-user in mind. They kept the designs easy to use and gave users the option to rearrange and organize the apps as they wished.

More Frequent Updates

Do You Need A Fire Stick If You Have A Smart TV?

Since the TV manufacturing company considers smart features additional, they did not work on software. This software needs frequent updates to keep it running with the market to implement new changes, features, and fixes. 

These fixes and updates happen more often and faster on Fire Stick than any smart TV. Since most consumers are on Fire Stick, it makes sense that these companies invest their energies here.

Increased Speed

Do You Need A Fire Stick If You Have A Smart TV?

There are two reasons why Smart TVs lack speed. The first one is the hardware. Most smart TVs have a weak built-in processor. It makes it difficult for TV to keep up with the demands of apps like Disney+ and Netflix.

The second issue is with the software. Streaming apps invest their energy and time building apps compatible with larger platforms like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Roku. If you are not using a device from one of these platforms, there are high chances that the app was not built with the same level of attention or care for your product. It might lead to a buggy and slow connection, occasionally.

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Better Remote Control

Do You Need A Fire Stick If You Have A Smart TV?

Yet another feature that Fire Stick brings along is the remote you get with it. The usual remote available with TV is generally oversized and has more than 50 buttons, making it confusing to use. The remote of Fire Stick is user-friendly. It has less than 20 buttons, and all have some use-case. 

Other than the essential functions of volume control and channel change. They also have a “quick-launch” button for your favorite apps like Disney+ and Netflix. This remote also lets you organize apps. 

Fire Stick also comes with a “Fire Stick remote app,” which you can download on your smartphone and access your TV even when you don’t have a remote in hand.

Fewer Throwaway Apps

Do You Need A Fire Stick If You Have A Smart TV?

Smart TV interfaces often have junk that you can not get rid of. Often, the vague streaming app has a deal with TV manufacturers to include their app in their interface. These are the apps that you will never use. It does not happen with Fire Stick because you completely control the menu. You can rearrange the apps you want and delete any app you will not use. 

More Content

Do You Need A Fire Stick If You Have A Smart TV?

With so many apps popping up in this industry, consumers’ access to great content expanded exponentially. The TV world abruptly switched from a foundation built on cable to a foundation built on streaming apps. It is when “smart” TVs started coming to the market. 

The manufacturers started working on building TVs that gave people easy access to the existing streaming services and allowed them to run apps directly into their TVs. But, the problem is that smart TV can not access all the apps present in the market. It is when people need a Fire Stick.

Fire Stick allows you to access a TON of streaming apps. There are high chances that you can stream any app you have subscribed to with a Fire Stick, which might not be possible with a Smart TV.

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VPN For Smart Gadgets

Whether you use a Fire Stick or Smart TV, you must protect your smart gadgets. A VPN for Firestick works as a protection layer, safeguarding your personal information and preferences. A VPN applies protection to all the traffic through your network. It is notably helpful when accessing your bank accounts or making payments online. 

Also, a VPN will let you access geo-restricted content. Sometimes, apps or content can not be played in your region because of licensing and copyright issues. When using a VPN, you can connect yourself with a server located in a different country, allowing you to access such content. Also, a VPN can bypass the ISP’s meddling by hiding your activity. It leaves ISP in the dark and does not allow ISP to know when you are streaming, restricting them from destroying the quality of your streaming experience. 

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