10 Awesome Doctor Strange Quotes | Take The Biggest Life Lessons From Here


Marvel’s Doctor Strange (2016) movie was visually stunning, unique, and mystical. The lead and supporting characters were enriched with philosophical thoughts. They also, entertained us with dark humor that shaped the entire movie and made Doctor Strange’s quotes epic and insightful.

Doctor Strange quotes are so thought-provoking that they will be remembered forever! So, Fellas!!!!! Here I am going to talk about some of the spectacular quotes of Doctor Strange (these are my personal favorites too!) and their in-depth meanings. Join me on this adventure and find out whether your quotes made it into the list or not!

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Top 10 Doctor Strange Quotes That Will Inspire You Always | Are You Ready For Cosmic Knowledge?

The dialogues between the key characters explored different dimensions of life and space and became the best quotes to remember. Tell me which of the following quotes enlightened you the most in the comment section! 

“You cannot beat a river into submission. You have to surrender to its current and use its power as your own”

The Ancient One spoke these wise words during teaching Strange the power of magic. As the quote summarises the importance of selflessness and dedication to gain actual wisdom. One cannot learn anything if he thinks it is a paradox and not the truth.

“Fight like your life depended on it. Because of one day it may”

This famous dialogue is said by Mordo, who highlights the importance of knowledge, preparation to face the worst, and acceptance of reality. One should always be ready to face the challenges, get ready for them, and do the best to survive. I agree with him. Did it get you enough motivation?

“Surrender. Silence your ego, and your power will rise”

The Ancient One had enlightened Dr. Strange with these powerful words and made him understand how his ego is becoming a hindrance to his successful rise. It is also true that one must leave ego to rise from the darkness of ignorance! So, this quote is just a reminder that we need to keep in our minds.

“You’re Just Another Tiny, Momentary Speck Within An Indifferent Universe”

A frustrated and helpless Dr. Strange had said these words to the Ancient One when he got enraged and disappointed with Kamataj’s learning ways. This line reflects the ignorance and pride of Dr. Strange, who thinks that he knows everything! Do you remember this section?

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“Sometimes one must break the rules in order to serve the greater good”

The Ancient One told this sentence to Doctor Strange while defending herself. Though it is a paradox and does not suit her prior teachings, it is indeed a powerful statement. We all agree that sometimes we need to break the rules to do greater things. What is your opinion on it?

“We don’t get to choose our time. Death is what gives life meaning. To know your days are numbered. Your time is short”

10 Awesome Doctor Strange Quotes | Take The Biggest Life Lessons From Here

Again, this was a conversational segment between the Ancient One and Dr. Strange. This one is my favorite. It perfectly sums up the essence of death and time. 

Though people know that they cannot live forever and will face death one day, they keep wasting their limited precious time on unnecessary stuff. This one will surely trigger your mind to think and feel.

“Trust your teacher, and don’t lose your way”

Mordo said these words in the movie. It reflects his devotion, faith, and dedication towards his master- the Ancient One. He was subservient to her orders and never questioned her for anything. 

His loyalty and faith sum up this quote. It also implies that we all should give our undivided attention, loyalty, and dedication to our mentors to gain true knowledge. Fair enough?

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“Who Are You In This Vast Multiverse, Mr. Strange?”

10 Awesome Doctor Strange Quotes | Take The Biggest Life Lessons From Here

The Ancient One had asked this question to Dr. Strange during their first interaction. Though it seems a very simple question, it underlines a deeper meaning that could be seen in the upcoming Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness movie.

In general terms, it teases the fact that the universe is so big and has different dimensions where you can not define your permanent identity. It keeps changing with time.

“People Think In Terms Of Good And Evil When Really Time Is The True Enemy Of Us All”

The above statement was said by villain Kaecilius to Stephen Strange after a fight. This quote highlights the importance of time and its paradox effects. How time can be your biggest enemy in the real sense, and people need to get rid of its illusion. It isn’t thought-provoking!  

“Forget Everything You Think You Know”

This line was told by Mordo to Dr. Strange when he met him. It had bigger implications on Dr. Strange’s future journey, where he developed a fresh perspective and behavior. Don’t you people agree that we need to forget everything to gain real knowledge and develop an impartial attitude towards everything!

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Final Words

After reading so many powerful and amazing Doctor Strange quotes, I am fully recharged for quick introspection and taking my life to another level. Are you feeling the same mystical vibes? Tell me your experience in the comment section now! 

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