Doctor Who Trailer For 60th Anniversary Special Released!


We might not get a Christmas special episode for Doctor Who, but we are getting something. And something is always better than nothing. The Doctor Who trailer for the 60th-anniversary special was released as a Christmas gift for fans. 

Russell T Davis and company have released the much anticipated Doctor Who trailer for the 60th-anniversary special episodes. Doctor Who has been running since 1963 and has a very solid fan base that has been loyal to it all these years. 

Till now, thirteen ‘doctors’ have been appointed as the protagonist extraterrestrial ‘doctor’ in the series. All began with William Hartnell until Jodie Whitaker took over in 2017 and became the first-ever female to play the lead role. However, at the end of the last season of Doctor Who, we saw the character of Jodie Whittaker, the current, former doctor, transform into the new lead, David Tennant, making him the fourteenth doctor in line. 

To know what new revelations were made in the new trailer of Doctor Who, keep reading till the end. 

New Doctor Who Trailer for 60th Anniversary Special is Arriving on Christmas Day!

The British science fiction series Doctor Who just came in with new news. The Doctor Who trailer for the 60th-anniversary special was released on Christmas day. Many mysteries are yet to be revealed, and we need to know how the fourteenth doctor, David Tennant, was chosen and transformed into the fourteenth doctor. We also must uncover the puzzle leading to the fifteenth doctor, Ncuti Gatwa. And since the previous showrunner Rusell T. Davies is back for the special, the series will surely be filled with many amazing twists and turns. 

Only a little information about the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary special has been released. The Doctor Who team took to Twitter and tweeted a teasing video about the special. In the video, we see Neil Patrick Harris announcing the ‘worldwide premiere’ in a very interesting and untraceable accent. He is wearing an old-fashioned wig and vest in the video, and that’s about it. This is the only little insight we get into the 60th anniversary special of Doctor Who

The loyal fans of Doctor Who were very excited after getting a glimpse into this 60th anniversary Doctor Who trailer and bombarded the comment section with questions and theories about the future of Doctor Who. One of the fans wrote, “OH MY GODDDD THIS WOULD BE THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVERRR while another was left astonished by the sudden news and expressed his feelings by saying WHAT WHAT WHAT??? (Typical GenZ, right? )

It sure is the most beautiful time of the year, and the 60th anniversary Doctor Who trailer has sure made it better. Stay tuned for more updates about this and other trending news about the entertainment industry and more. 

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