Does All Might Die? The Most Disheartening Yet Anticipated Death Of The Decade


Harry Potter would not have been a significant success without the cute Daniel Radcliffe and Mission Impossible, without the stunts of Tom Cruise, can not be imagined. To be precise, the main Hero or heroine is someone who becomes the apple of everyone’s eye. Still, it is tough to bid adieu to those favorite heroes, especially when the series continues, and they are not there. Nowadays, the disheartened fans of My Hero Academia have just one question – “Does All Might Die?”

My Hero Academia is directed by Kenji Nagasaki, Tomo Okubo, and Masahiro Mukai. It is based on a superhero manga series called ‘Boku no Hiro Akademia’ (My Hero Academia), written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. We have seen more than a hundred episodes of this interesting anime that has been airing since 3 April 2016. The fifth season commenced on 27 March 2021; everyone is asking – Does All Might Die?

Read the article and find out the answer to the following questions – does All Might die (no, he does not!), what is the past of All Might, why All Might is expected to be dead, the prophecy of All Might’s death, who will kill All Might and can Midoriya stop All Might’s death?

Ever wondered what the significance of All Might’s name is? His real name, as you all know, is Toshinori Yagi. The Japanese characters (Kanji) contained in this name are ‘eight’ (since he was the eighth inheritor of One for All), tree (because his values are firm like a tree), and ‘genius’ and ‘law’ (implying that he is the capable Hero of Justice).

Is All Might Dead? | What Is The Reason For His Death?

Go through the following points if you want to know- does all might die?

1# The Past Of All Might

There was a time when he did not have any powers, and then one day, his teacher at U.A. high school called, Nana Shimura told him about an extraordinary power she possessed. The person with that power had the duty to protect the world. An interesting thing about that power, “One For All,” was that it could be transferred from one individual to another. Sadly the teacher died but not before giving away the power to Toshinori. He was then trained by Nana’s friend Gran Torino.

Nana Shimura was not wrong when she felt that there was a huge potential in Toshinori as he developed the knack of controlling all of One for All’s power in a brief period and, as a result, shot to fame. No one could match his prowess, and he thus became the number-one hero in the world till the time of his retirement. Other than All Might, he was famously called “The Symbol of Peace and Justice.”

Once, our “One For All” possessor (Toshimori) had a battle with “All For One” (an ancient supervillain) and got a severe wound from him. His respiratory and digestive systems were poorly injured, and he could work effectively only for three hours a day. So, it was necessary for him to look for someone to be his successor. His search ended on a boy called Izuku Midoriya and passed on his powers. 

2# Why Is All Might Expected To Be Dead? | Does All Might Die?

Does All Might die?

Since he passed his powers, he just had a small amount of residual power, which also gets used up on three occasions – against a group of villains who attack the U.A. school, a first-year training exam of in-training heroes, and then against All For One in a rescue operation. As we see, all of his residual power is consumed; he can no longer continue with his hero form and thus ends the career of the Greatest Hero of the World. 

Although he lost his power, he was still admired and respected greatly by the civilians and heroes. But his fans are worried that since he has done his part, he ceases to appear on the screen and die. The news about All Might’s death has been doing rounds since Season 4 of My Hero Academia was aired.

As we know, he is mentoring Deku (he is the new holder of One for All), and if All Might will always be there, then the new Hero will always look upon him for emotional support and will not realize his full potential. When All Might leave, Deku will be as strong as he has never been.   

3# The Prophecy of All Might’s Death

Does All Might die?

Sir Nighteye had the power to see the future, and about All Might, he saw that All Might would one day die an ‘unspeakable death’ while fighting with a villain. So Sir Nighteye did not want All Might to continue working after this and refused to work with him. 

All Might continue to be the symbol of peace, and due to the differences in their views, their partnership ended. Midoya also knows about the imminent death of his predecessor, but the question is who would be the villain responsible for the death of All Might, as it can not be All for One.  

4# Who Will Kill All Might?

Does All Might die?

Predecessors go, and Successors come, only to become predecessors one day. If Midoya succeeded all Might, All for One was not left behind either; Tomura Shigaraki followed him. So, it’s very disheartening to imagine All Might getting brutally killed by the hands of Tomura as per the prophecy of Sir Nighteye.

This dreaded villain has inherited all the powers of his evil predecessor and has emerged as the powerful villain of the series. He is by no means lacking in any aspect and is adamant to carry forward the legacy of All For One and, of course, will try his best to kill All Might and fulfill the pending task of his predecessor. 

5# Can Midoriya Stop All Might’s Death?

Does All Might die?

So, by now, we know that All Might will have a terrific death, as prophesied by Sir Nighteye. But the catch is that after Nighteye died, ‘everyone pushed for a path different from what he saw in vision.’ Hence, Deku’s fate of death was changed, and it was understood that it was possible to change fate after all.

So, as Midoriya was able to change his fate, there is a high probability that he will leave no stone unturned in changing the fate of All Might, whom he admires a lot. So, although not as a hero, we will at least be able to continue seeing him in the role of mentor, witnessing his successor to be the next Symbol of peace. 

In A Nutshell

So, whenever the question ‘Does all might die’ haunts you, stay assured. All Might has not died as of now and is alive in the Manga and the anime. So, you can have a sigh of relief as your favorite character will remain in front of your eyes at least for a few days.


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