Does Kira Die In Teen Wolf? The Shocking End Of Kira & Scott’s Relationship!


Everyone who has seen MTV’s teenage sensation drama Teen Wolf knows what fate holds for Kira Yukimura in the future, right? But many of you have just started watching the show, and as the story unfolds, you will start asking questions like Does Kira die in Teen Wolf, or will Stiles and Lydia ever turn their friendship into love? 

I swear on God, if you tell me that you have no idea what I am talking about, I don’t think you are a loyal fan! For now, I’ll be happy to introduce you to Teen Wolf, a supernatural teenage drama created by Jeff Davis. Teen Wolf premiered in June 2011 and right now is one of the most popular shows streaming on the platform. Teen Wolf concluded after the sixth season, but recently the audience has come across a few rumors that hint towards Teen Wolf season 7

Teen Wolf features several supporting characters, including Kira Yukimura, portrayed by Arden Cho. Kira first appeared in the series in season 3 for a guest role, but her entry garnered a positive response from the audience, and the creators turned her into a recurring character. Soon after making herself comfortable in the new environment, Kira and Scott develop feelings for one another and get into a relationship. However, the couple is unaware of Kira’s supernatural abilities until she is forced to manifest them during an attack. 

Arden Cho’s character Kira Yukimura was appreciated by many, but when news broke out that she won’t be returning for the final season, fans were left in a state of shock. Scroll below to know more about Kira’s presence on the show and read how does Kira dies in Teen Wolf

How Does Kira Die In Teen Wolf? Will Scott Save Kira From Dying? 

Does Kira Die In Teen Wolf? The Shocking End Of Kia & Scott’s Relationship!

Unbeknownst to Kira, her parents Ken and Noshiko moved to Beacon Hills because a Nogitsune, a supernatural creature, has escaped from the mystical prison and is moving to California. Kira is unaware that her mother, who is a 900-year-old Kitsune and is the one who summoned the powerful creature ages ago. Once Kira discovers the truth behind her family legacy, she is left to make a choice that can change everything for her family and friends. 

Kira Accepts The Kitsune Fate | The Overpowering Thunder & Electricity!

Kira Accepts The Kitsune Fate | The Overpowering Thunder & Electricity!

For a long time, Kira’s mother kept her supernatural side a secret from her daughter, but when the mass murderer William Barrow started creating havoc in Beacon Hills, Kira’s Kitsune ability started to overpower her without her knowledge. As a result of overpowering, Kira could absorb megawatts of electricity into her hands without causing any damage. After Scott informs Kira about the fox’s aura surrounding her body, she begins to dig deep into her family’s past to know the truth about the Kitsune. 

Kira Accepts The Kitsune Fate | The Overpowering Thunder & Electricity!

As the story progresses, Kira slowly begins to accept her powers and is coming to terms with the fact that she is a thunder Kitsune. Since Kira is a thunder type, she learns that her powers come from the thunder and electricity. Kira can control tons of electricity and foxfire with a simple touch of her hands. Not only this, but Kira also managed to save Stiles’s life with her powers during the attack of the Nogitsune. Now we all know that the situation doesn’t always align with a fan-favorite character, right? The same happened with Kira’s character after the Dread Doctors took her at the beginning of season 4

The Dread Doctors (main antagonists) did no good to Kira as they performed a procedure that led to the Kitsune spirit being overpowered, which threw her fox spirit and human side off balance. Over time, Kira’s Fox spirit began controlling her and causing a lot of damage. The control also made her kill a Chimera, after which her mother decided to take her to the Skinwalkers. Eventually, Kira decides to stay with the skinwalkers to gain control of her powers. 

Arden Cho’s Exit From Teen Wolf | Kira Story Comes To An End In Season 5!

Kira Accepts The Kitsune Fate | The Overpowering Thunder & Electricity!

After returning to save Lydia in one of the episodes of season 5, Arden Cho confirmed that her character wouldn’t be returning for the finale season. Fans were both happy and shocked at the same time because the writers didn’t kill Kira’s character, but at the same time, they also didn’t give a proper ending to her story. Talking about her exit from the show, Arden expressed regret that Kira wasn’t given a proper farewell on Teen Wolf, primarily because of the show’s ensemble cast. After the Skinwalkers’ track, more focus was given to other characters, and even if Kira did return, it won’t have made much difference because she would have been sidelined because of the plot.

Final Words 

It’s a shame that fans couldn’t see more of Kira and Scott’s relationship in the series. Despite a hundred reasons that stood in between their relationship, Kira and Scott managed to work out the problems, but sadly they weren’t meant to have a happy ending in the series. 

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