Does Maria Die In West Side Story? The Incomplete Love Saga!


Some love stories are meant to be incomplete, and that’s the beauty of their bond! The West Side Story (2021) was one of the most heart-wrenching love stories ever made. When everything seemed perfect, the worst happened with Maria and Tony’s love story. Does Maria die in West Side Story

Steven Spielberg’s the West Side Story is based on an epic love story inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet. The movie has melodious musical scores by Leonard Bernstein. It boasts a 7.7 IMDb score and is available on Disney+ and HBO Max. 

No, Maria does not die in West Side Story. Shark gang’s leader’s sister Maria was engaged to Chino, but she developed feelings for Tony. Tony belongs to the rival gang- the Jets. When Maria’s brother finds out the truth, he challenges Tony and his gang to a duel. However, things go awry, and misfortune affects everybody’s fate. Read ahead to know more.

The West Side Story is a romantic musical drama filled with passion, love, and actions that will make you cry and smile at the same time. The tragic fate of Maria and Tony is no less than Romeo and Juliet’s epic love saga. How the rumble between the Shark and the Jets gangs will tear Maria’s world apart is a must-watch. Let’s see how it affected Maria and killed her happiness forever!

Does Maria Die In West Side Story? What Happened In The West Side Reboot?

Maria is the female protagonist in West Side Story who falls in love with Tony, a member of the rival gang. Maria is already engaged to her brother, Bernardo’s friend, Chino. The West Side Story is hauntingly beautiful and has touched many important aspects like racial tensions, poverty, discrimination, and betrayals. 

Maria and Tony were the unfortunate lovers who got trapped in the gang war politics and had to pay the price. The rumble between Sharks and Jets turned Maria’s world upside down because she paid more than everybody else in this tragic story. If you are yet to watch this awesome movie, Stop now! The next sections contain heavy spoilers. 

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What Happened To Maria In West Side Story? Her Tragic End!

Does Maria Die In West Side Story? The Incomplete Love Saga!

Maria requested Tony to stop the duel between the gangs and start a new life together. Despite his best efforts, Tony failed to stop the gang war. Moreover, he killed Maria’s brother Bernardo in a tiff. Just then, police intervened, and Tony had to make a run for his life. On the other hand, Maria was completely unaware of the events.

Maria asked for help from Anita and told her to carry the message to Tony. When Anita went to Tony, a group of Jets gang stopped her and tried to molest her. Anita became enraged and decided to take revenge on the Jets. Instead of delivering Maria’s message to Tony, she spread a devastating rumor that completely altered Maria’s fate forever.

Maria could not reach Tony and failed to save his life. Tony died in Maria’s arms. Instead of committing suicide, Maria decided to live with Tony’s memories. She took up the ammunition and threatened both gangs to stop the meaningless war. In the end, she was left all alone, and her dream of spending her life with Tony was shattered.

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Who Died At The End Of West Side Movie? The Unexpected Twist!

Does Maria Die In West Side Story? The Incomplete Love Saga! 

Anita’s rumor incited violence. She spread false news that Chino killed Maria which caused a misunderstanding between the gangs. After hearing the ominous news of Maria’s murder, Tony was devastated and decided to confront Chino. He started shouting at Chino in rage and asked Chino to kill him too. 

Tony was so blind in love that he wanted to die rather than live without Maria. However, Maria tried to reach Tony, but it was too late. Chino shot Tony multiple times. Tony died in Maria’s arms, bringing an end to their tragic love story. 

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Final Words

Does Maria die in West Side Story? No, Maria does not die. It was Tony who died in the movie at the end. Tony’s blind love for Maria was the essence of this beautiful movie. Which moment of the movie touched your heart? Tell me in the comment section.

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