Does Naruto Die | The Tale of a Fate Worse than Death in #38


If you are a Naruto fan, I can give a 100% guarantee that at some point, you must have wanted to google the question Does Naruto die? Of course, after seeing the army of enemies, he has fought and battles he has lead over so many years, questions like these are bound to come to your mind. 

The tale of Naruto Uzumaki is the line that is playing in my mind ever since I have started writing this blog. There is no doubt that Naruto is one of the most powerful anime characters in the manga world. Both Naruto Uzumaki and the anime series are highly popular amongst the audience.

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However, being a Naruto fan is not always fun and exciting as with every coming battle, there is one question Does Naruto die constantly popping up in our heads? After all, loving a godlike Shinobi does come with its advantages and disadvantages, and the constant fear of Naruto’s death is one of the many cons. 

Today, we will read about the epic fight that takes place Isshiki Otsutsuki and Naruto and Sasuke in Isshiki’s limbo world and see what happens at the end. Is it Naruto winning like every other time, or this time the tables will turn? 

Does Naruto Die | The Unanswered Question 

Does Naruto Die

Is it even possible for anyone to kill Naruto Uzumaki? Sorry, not Naruto Uzumaki but the legendary Seventh Hokage of Konoha, who even the Sage of Six Paths admits of being the greatest shinobi ever. For sure Isshiki is mighty and can consume the most amount of Chakra but is all that Chakra power enough to kill Naruto? 

Does Naruto Die in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation?

With every battle, Naruto has won and every enemy he has defeated, Naruto has always proved himself to be worthy of being the Seventh Hokage of Konohama right from his childhood. Through the anime series with the same name as the title, Naruto is seen preparing for a battle against the deadliest legion of enemies. 

Now, with Boruto: Next Generation, both the powers of Naruto and those of enemies are upgraded. This generation of anime series will witness the most terrific enemies of all time that naruto has to fight. Starting off the list, we have the mysterious Isshiki Otsutsuki, who is revealed to be possessing Jigen to use as his body and mind.  

Isshiki Otsutsuki: Does Naruto Die

Isshiki Otsutsuki is a diplomat and the main antagonist in Baruto: Naruto Next Generation. He belongs to the Otsutsuki clan and is the leader of the Kara Organization. Isshiki is on a mission to acquire kawaki and use it as his vessel to become more powerful. Isshiki has only one wish: to plant the Ten-Tails Seeds to grow the Chakra fruit so that he can satiate his growing hunger for power. 

Naruto and Isshiki finally face the battle, where Naruto finds it hard to fight against the Otsutsuki clan member. Isshiki can control and consume a vast amount of Chakra so fighting Naruto isn’t a big deal. As Naruto falls in his battle against Isshiki, the devil plans to give Naruto a fate worse than his death.

The Tale of Naruto and Isshiki

Naruto and Sasuke: Does Naruto Die

 As said above, Isshiki is a diplomat who not only wants Naruto to suffer physically from the battle, but he also wants to make him suffer mentally. The only thing that is capable of hurting Naruto mentally is his Chakra. When Sasuke and Naruto lose their fight with Isshiki, Sasuke can teleport using his Rinnegan, but he has to leave Naruto behind as his Chakra is pinned down by Isshiki’s draining rods. 

With only Isshiki and Naruto left behind in this world, Isshiki decides not to kill naruto as killing him would mean driving a massive amount of Chakra, which can Jigen’s frame leaving Isshiki vulnerable. So, to punish Naruto, Isshiki decides to seal him in a coffin that will cut off his Chakra from the real world. 


So to answer your question, Does Naruto die? No, he does not, but the fate he lives in Naruto Next Generation is far worse than death for him. Isshiki’s next target will be Boruto, and seeing his son become the victim will make Naruto suffer more badly. 

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