Does Norman Die in The Promised Neverland? 3 Easy Points to Clear Your Doubts


A foster home, a mother-like warden, cute little children, full freedom except the freedom to go outside but, why? Emma, Norman, and Ray are among the 37 orphans living at Grace Field House who are completely oblivious to the outer world and are happy with the other inmates. Their lives turn upside when they realize that their foster siblings were fed to the demons. Things happen in such a way that we are forced to think – Does Norman die in the promised neverland?

The Promised Neverland is directed by Mamoru Kanbe and is based on manga series called ‘Yakusoku no Nebarando’ (The Promised Island) that was illustrated by Posuka Demitzu and written by Kaiu Shirai. We have seen thirteen episodes of this engaging anime spanning over two seasons and the last episode was aired on 26 March 2021 and for a very long period the regular spectators were thinking – Does Norman die in The Promised Neverland?

As soon as the first season ended, fans started wondering – does Norman die in the Promised Neverland? Thankfully, Norman does not die. Actually, Mama Isabella had given him to Peter (a scientist) to help in his research. Norman plays a significant role in the resistance of humans against demons. 

As we know by now that Norman was not dead, read this detailed yet simple article to understand that why the confusion regarding Norman’s death arose, why Norman chose a new identity, and how Norman reappeared in the series? We have also taken cues from the manga for your better understanding. 

Does Norman Die in The Promised Neverland? What Could Be The Truth?

Read the following points and figure out does Norman die in The Promised Neverland – 

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1# Why The Confusion Arose?

Does Norman Die in The Promised Neverland?

Season one left all of us in dismay and we were quite uncertain about the fate of Norman. Though he was not sent off with the demons, unlike his foster siblings. There were no such shreds of evidence that would confirm his death. 

We saw Isabelle directing him to a room asking him to wait and the room was brightly lit when he entered there and he appeared to be very confused. He managed to save everybody but not himself, how ironic! Everybody was heartbroken at his supposed death because we had seen Connie leave us in the same way.

According to the manga, Norman gives a nod on being asked to help Peter with his research, and then he is sent to the Lambda 7214. In this research facility, experiments are done on kids that aim at mass-producing good quality meat for the demons.

Norman does not have any free will here like he used to have in his early days of foster home (although that was deceptive too). He is constantly under surveillance here. He is informed that he is the only cattle child here. 

He keeps on missing his friends at the foster home and keeps on thinking of any possible way to escape the research center he is in and help all the kids save their lives otherwise they all will be served to the demons as food.  

2# Norman Changes His Identity  

Does Norman Die in The Promised Neverland?

Soon he is inspired by William Minerva, assumes his identity. He forms a group of the escaped children and decides to lead the resistance like a true leader (resistance of humans against their monsters). 

Owing to the experiments at the center he appears older and he makes full use of this thing (which was supposed to be a side effect) and butts in the demon politics.  

This seemingly innocent kid leaves no stone unturned to make the demon clans fight against each other (for the throne, of course). His prime motto is to save the kids from the clutches of demons by eradicating the latter.

It is through the unflinching efforts and meticulous planning of Norman, the children ultimately reached the promised neverland.

The manga suggests (in ch 175) that Ray, Norman, and Emma (of Grace Field house) reach the promised neverland. Mujika, who was a peaceful demon, got the throne (Leuvis crowned him).  

3# When Norman Reappeared and Met His Friends

When Norman Reappeared and Met His Friends

In the fifth episode of the second season, we saw children (including Ray and Emma) disguised as demons. They had taken refuge in a temple whose priest was blind. They used to struggle hard to find food. It is astonishing to know that they lived there in hiding for a whole year.  

One fateful day, Emma allowed two young kids to join her in the food hunt without realizing that this could be dangerous. As expected, kids get caught and every single kid’s life comes at the danger of being caught and eaten up by the demons. 

Thankfully, a demon donning a hood comes to their rescue, and now is the time when your query of does Norman die in the promised neverland will get answered. Everybody is astonished and happy at the same time when the mask is taken out and Norman is recognized. This was what the fans were praying for. Norman was not dead after all! He came back and was standing in front of his friends and the fans. He reappeared here even faster than in the manga.

Now another problem comes to the surface, although the friends (Emma and Norman in particular) have met after a long time and are quite emotional, yet they have changed a lot and hold different views from each other. 

For example – Emma does not believe in killing someone unnecessarily, even the demons, since she believes that not everybody was bad (because demon Mujika rescued her) while Norman is very much inclined to eradicate all the demons around him. Clearly, Emma would not be willing to team up with him in this task. 

In A Nutshell

Watch the anime yourself and see how the second season ends (It’s very interesting, I promise!). Do you think the anime will be renewed for a third season? 

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