Does Perfume Go Bad? Key Signs To Help You Find The Truth!


Have you ever caught yourself wondering about perfume and its expiry? Have you ever asked your friends does perfume go bad but failed to get an answer because they also don’t know? I guess now is the time to tell you about how long perfumes live since you have been unsuccessful with your research. 

If you have been holding on to your favorite fragrance for a long time, you may have noticed a slight change in its scent. Unlike wine that ages with time, perfumes, on the contrary, have an opposite effect. The difference in a perfume scent is the first sign that the bottle is near its expiry date and will be saying goodbye to you soon. 

Yes, perfume and colognes do indeed have an expiry date. There is no specific time for how long a bottle will last because it depends on the chemical composition. Some scents expire only after a year, while others stay for a decade. However, many lifestyle and beauty experts suggest that one should only use perfume for three to five years after buying it. Using a scent past its shelf life may not be harmful, but won’t you rather spend money than smell like a withered rose? 

Since we have started talking about perfumes and their expiry date, let’s move ahead and read more about perfumes, their shelf life, and signs of expiry. 

How Long Is Perfume Good For? Investigations Continue To Determine Does Perfume Go Bad!

Perfumes with heavy base notes are often compared with fine wine because, like wine, they also age with time. Perfume scents with rich notes of amber and patchouli last longer than those with notes of citrus and floral elements. Since the latter solutions are more volatile and prominent, they are only good to use for three years. There are a few ways that you can use to tell if your perfume is expired. 

Theory No. 1 | The One And Only Smell! 

does perfume go bad? Theory No. 1 - The One And Only Smell! 

Smelling a perfume is by far the easiest way to tell if you can or cannot use your favorite perfume anymore. In the case of most scents, the top notes often start turning bad with time. If your scent starts smelling like vinegar or is beginning to lose the earlier concentration, the bottle is well past its expiration. Time to say goodbye and move on with your life, my friend! 

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Theory No. 2 | Take Notes Of Its Appearance! 

Theory No. 2 - Take Notes Of Its Appearance! 

Appearances can be deceptive, but not when it comes to a perfume bottle. If the perfume turns to a darker shade than what you started with, it can mean that the scent is approaching its expiration. If you started with a transparent or a gold-shaded perfume, but now it has turned into amber, don’t think that it’s aging. Another trick to help you find a perfume’s expiry is its consistency. Perfumes with large amounts of alcohol concentration start evaporating with time. If the bottle you own is lighter than the last time you checked, pick it up and throw it out. Simple! 

How To Make Perfume Last Longer? 3 Hacks For A Longer Life!

Although there is no guarantee that we can make our perfumes last longer for more than ten years but what’s the harm in trying, right? Suppose your perfume expires in a year; the least you can do is try the methods discussed below and make it last for two years (at the most). 

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1# Store Your Perfume Far Away From Light! 

1# Store Your Perfume Far Away From Light! 

I know you are going for a vintage aesthetic look by placing your perfume collection on the window sill but trust me, that’s where the end of perfume begins. Window sills and other areas where sunlight can directly hit a perfume bottle is the worst palace to store a perfume bottle. By doing so, you are letting the light break down its chemical composition, making it unstable and prone to oxidation. If you want your perfume to last longer, always make sure to keep it in the cupboard or the dressing table. 

2# The No Heat And Humidity Zone!

2# The No Heat And Humidity Zone!

Just like sunlight, heat and humidity are also big enemies of perfume. Heat and moisture (the two big H’s) can also neutralize the chemical composition of the fragrance. Therefore, if you are storing your perfume bottle in a bathroom, it is time to take it out. After all, you are a big fan of hot steamy baths, and your perfume bottle isn’t. 

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3# Nothing Feels Better Than Ice Cold Temperature! 

3# Nothing Feels Better Than Ice Cold Temperature! 

It may sound weird, but storing a perfume bottle in a freezer can help you to make it last longer. However, there is a slight drawback to using this method. If you have kids who love to open the fridge 100 times a day, this method may not work. Alternatively, you can wrap the perfume bottles in aluminum foil or store them in the freezer. Since perfumes have alcohol present, they will not freeze. Also, using an ice-cold freezer will keep you fresh all day long. 

Final Words 

Once you start using a perfume, it’s use it or lose it till its expiration date. However, if you have an unopened perfume bottle, you can make it last for more than a decade by storing it in appropriate conditions. If you have been using a bottle for more than two years now, I guess it’s time for some inspection to determine the bottle’s health conditions. 

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