Does Sarah Die In Outer Banks Season 2? Does She Die Or Escape Her Fate?


When it comes to cliffhangers, there is no other show greater than Outer Banks (2020). The show has mysteries, murders, and a unique treasure hunting story with several twists and turns. As the show has a good hold in surprising their viewers, one huge surprise came when Sarah, John B’s sweetheart, accidentally got a gunshot. So, does Sarah die there, or her story continues further in the show? Let’s explore.

Premiered on April 15, 2020, Outer Banks is an action-adventure mystery teen drama. Set on the outer banks of Northern Caroline, the show plots the conflicts between the group of teenagers ‘Kooks’ and ‘Pogus.’ The story starts when the Pogus group sets out on their journey to find out what happened to the missing father of their group leader John B. It was done alongside finding the legendary treasure associated with John B’s father.

Season two of the show picks up the drama and adventure of its prior season, which also stores the punch of Sarah’s near-death experience. So, does Sarah Banks die? The clear answer is No (Read properly!! It’s written near-death experience). To make the long tail short, the story of season two started when John B and Sarah, the two love birds, made their journey to Nassau, Bahamas, in search of the gold stashed in Sarah’s family vacation house. (Rich Kids, adventures) 

What happened to Sarah, and how did she survive the gunshot? Down here are all the details. Spare some time and start reading this entertaining article.

Does Sarah Die In Outer Banks Season 2? Let’s Hear It From Sarah! (Oops!)

Does Sarah Die In Outer Banks Season 2? Does She Die Or Escape Her Fate?

In John and Sarah’s quest to find the treasure associated with his father’s legacy, Sarah faced some really bad experiences, and one among those was her small period death (funny). Here read the complete story.  

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All About Sarah & Her Near-Death Experience 

Sarah, along with John B, managed to take his father’s $400 million worth of gold in the truck. Our sweetheart Sarah received a bullet from her older brother, Rafe (Poor beautiful Sarah now has a scar).  It is because they were fugitives on the island Nassau (Remember!!), they could not take Sarah to the hospital. Suffering from immense pain, John races her princess to the home of Captain Terrance’s favorite Doctor.

He is the Dr.Who of the show because no one knows anything about him; what is known is that he has a lovely little office and all essential doctor’s equipment (Especially the CPR machine). Now when she was brought there, the doctor took his hands back as the ECG machine showed that she was no more (RIP!! Sarah). When John got to know that her love has gone to the world of fairy tales and Gods, he himself became the doctor and gave Sarah some high-intensity CPR shocks.

All About Sarah & Her Near-Death Experience 

As Sarah receives a good amount of CPR shocks filled with her boyfriend’s love, she returns from death, kisses her boyfriend, and the story ends. The primary doctor gives John a pat on the back as he tells him, leaves the treasure hunting game, and becomes a doctor. (sounds funny)

Sarah, who has so much money with her, won’t ever forget how she was operated on. The Doctor operated and stitched her wound in the kitchen, didn’t even wear a mask, and most importantly, drank his whiskey when sewing the wounds. Also, for her poor experience, she has to spend $4000 dollars.

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After the operation, she again joined to retrieve her hidden treasure when she recovered completely (all thanks to the doctor/ doctors who saved her life). However, later in the quest, she became a part of her father’s devilish crime, where his father tried to strangle her. Later she was saved from her father’s hands (by you know who), our superman John B.   

Final Words

After facing all these incidents, it’s a miracle that Sarah is still alive (Lucky girl), and the main role in saving her was John B. To know the whole story and their adventures, you have to watch the show, Outer Banks. It’s on Netflix and currently has two seasons.

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