Does Sasuke Die In Boruto | The Fate Of Sasuke Uchiha!


Do you enjoy watching the Naruto series? Does Sasuke die in Boruto? Are you following the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the continuation of the Naruto anime series. Since Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden is one of the most classic and revered anime series, a lot of viewers were excited about the extension of the series. As of right now, we have seen multiple climactic fights among new and old-generation shinobis. The main antagonist of the Boruto series is the Otsutsuki clan, as Ishhiki and Momoshiki make a comeback after Kaguya.

In a lot of fights, we have seen the older generation shinobis from Naruto barely holding on in a fight. For example, the Naruto and Sasuke Vs Jigen fight featured the duo being brutally attacked by Jigen. It was an unexpected loss for them as both the shinobis could not handle Jigen’s Jutsu.

When Does Sasuke Die In Boruto

Does Sasuke Die In Boruto | The Fate Of Sasuke Uchiha!

Even though Sasuke is one of the 11 strongest characters in Naruto, it can not be denied that he has not indulged in war-level fights for some time. We have seen ultimate fights in the Boruto series like the Naruto Vs Isshiki, and the Naruto Vs Delta fight. Other than these fights, it is also notable that unlike the Akatsuki in the Naruto series, the antagonist in Boruto is a superior clan called Otsutsuki. This clan was also featured in the Naruto series when Madara initiated the Infinite Tsukuyomi on the shinobi world. It was later revealed that the Jutsu was initiated by Kaguya who possessed Madara’s reanimated body and was a member of the Otsutsuki.

We already know that Kurama has died in one of the battles with Boruto, and Naruto does not have the Nine-tailed chakra with him anymore. Even though there are pros and cons to Kurama’s death on Naruto’s power, it was still a heartbreaking moment for Naruto fans. So, does Sasuke die in Boruto or not? Let’s take a look at what we know.

Sasuke Uchiha | Does Sasuke Die In Boruto

Does Sasuke Die In Boruto | The Fate Of Sasuke Uchiha!

Before delving into does Sasuke die in Boruto or if he is still alive, let’s see who Sasuke Uchiha is. Sasuke Uchiha is considered the prodigal member of the revered Uchiha clan that had the ability of the Sharingan eye with them. Sasuke Uchiha has grown to be a complex character in the Naruto storyline.

Sasuke started as Naruto Uzumaki’s teammate but troubled by his inability to cross his elder brother, he leaves the Konoha Village. Naruto and Sasuke have always been arch-rivals and were one of the most feared shinobis by the end of the Naruto storyline. Even though there have been newer shinobis coming up in the Boruto series, it is notable that Sasuke is also the mentor of Boruto.

There have been a lot of theories going on about the life of Naruto and Sasuke in the ongoing Boruto series, as they are no more the primary characters of the series. It is also speculated that Boruto will most probably be more powerful than Naruto and Sasuke.

What Is Boruto | Does Sasuke Die In Boruto

Does Sasuke Die In Boruto | The Fate Of Sasuke Uchiha!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the continuation of the Shonen anime Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. The anime is following the journey of Boruto, who is the son of Naruto Uzumaki. There have been a lot of new disturbances after Naruto and Sasuke effectively established peace in the Shinobi world. 

The series will primarily focus on the transition between the powers of the old generation and the new generation as younger and better shinobis will evolve. Even though Sasuke and Naruto’s characters are still a part of the series, and they are still quite powerful, they are shown on the brink of death multiple times in the series. During their fight with Jigen, he was able to seal Naruto, and Sasuke was almost forced to flee. 

The new series makes it clear that it will not stick to the primary characters of the previous series and will follow its path. Due to this specific realization by viewers, it can be said that the chances of Sasuke and Naruto dying in the series is not impossible.

Does Sasuke Die In Boruto?

Does Sasuke Die In Boruto | The Fate Of Sasuke Uchiha!

So, does Sasuke die in Boruto? From what we know, Sasuke Uchiha is currently alive in the Boruto series. Even though Sasuke recently lost his Rinnegan when a possessed Boruto attacked him. In this fight against Momoshiki, both Naruto and Sasuke were heavily injured. It was even speculated that Sasuke might end up dying by the end of the fight. However, he did manage to keep his life despite losing his Rinnegan.

As of right now, Sasuke Uchiha has not died in the Boruto series despite having some major and life-threatening fights. A lot of viewers believe that by the end of Boruto, both Sasuke and Naruto might not remain alive.

Will Sasuke Die | Does Sasuke Die In Boruto

Even though we know that Sasuke has not died yet in Boruto, why is there so much speculation regarding the revered shinobi’s death? During the series prologue of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Boruto was seen fighting Kawaki while using Sasuke’s sword, cape, and headband. This specific clip has been the prime cause of the rumors regarding Sasuke’s death.

There have also been some rumors about Sasuke Uchiha sacrificing himself for the Konoha village. Even though in the Manga version of the series, both Sasuke and Naruto survived by the end of the manga, we never know what will happen in the anime series. However, currently, no shinobi of the older generation have died yet except Kurama. 

Final Words

We hope you are as relieved about Sasuke’s survival as we are. Even though there have been many speculations about Sasuke Uchiha’s death in the Boruto series, he is safe for now. If you found our take on does Sasuke die in Boruto interesting, you can also find other anime content. We hope you will find our coverage of fights like Sasuke Vs Naruto and Jiraiya Vs Pain interesting.

Do let us know what would you want us to cover next. Stay tuned with us for more of such engaging and entertaining content.


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