Does Tony Die In West Side Story? Fights Are Never Good!


Does Tony die in West Side Story? It’s uncertain to say whether a young boy can lose his life in a fight or not. But it happens sometimes and I am going to inform you about one such boy!

West Side Story (2021) is a musical movie by Speilberg that features the love story of Tony and Maria, and their love gets challenged by two gangs. As a result, Tony gets involved in a fight against them. So, what happened to him?  Let’s know in detail! 

In between the romance between Tony and Maria, two rival groups think of betting on Tony and Maria’s love. After seeing the danger of the fight, Tony decides to end the dispute by being physically violent. As a result, he ended up losing his life for no reason. Therefore, it will be exciting to know what Maria does after Tony’s death!

It’s time to ponder the scene when Tony dies and how his death affects Maria!

Does Tony Die In West Side Story? There’s No Hope For His Survival!

 Maria and Tony were against the fight between the two groups. In order to ensure no fight, Tony promises Maria that she will try his best to prevent the fight. But both of them were not aware of the drastic changes in their lives. Read the following pointers to know the change!

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How Does The Fight Start? Tony Couldn’t See His Best Friend Dying!

Does Tony Die In West Side Story? Fights Are Never Good!

Maria insists Tony to stop the fight, and Tony steps out to persuade both the gangs not to fight but gets a taunt from Bernardo (a member of one of the gangs). After this, Riff intervenes in support of Tony but gets stabbed by Bernardo. In a rage, Tony replies by killing Maria’s brother, the rival gang.

In nervousness, he flees from that spot to reach Maria, and the police arrive at the fighting spot. Later, Tony decides to escape by leaving the city and arranging some money. 

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How Does Tony Die? Did He Die Because Of Confusion?

Does Tony Die In West Side Story? Fights Are Never Good!

As the police arrive, Maria decides to inform Tony, who is arranging money. So she sends Anita for this task, who gets harassed by the jets (another group). In order to divert their attention, Anita informs them that Chino has killed Maria. As a result, Tony gets to know about this, gets furious, and kills Chino. In reply, one of the members of Chino’s group kills Tony.

Due to Tony’s immense love for Maria, it was tough for Tony to imagine life without Maria. And because Tony loves Maria a lot, he thought of killing Chino irrespective of the consequences that were obvious to occur. Moreover, the only way to get united with Maria was death for him. Luckily, his desire gets fulfilled when he gets shot down. 

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What Happened To Maria After Tony’s Death? She Decides To Live!

Does Tony Die In West Side Story? Fights Are Never Good!

Though Tony chooses to die happily, Maria decides to stay alive. Further, when Tony gets shot down and learns that Anita was lying, Maria dreams of her happy future with Tony (she was not aware of Tony’s death). But destiny had something else for her.

After getting the news that Tony is no more, Maria chooses to complete the task that she and Tony had planned. As a result, she gets a gun that was used to kill Tony, but she doesn’t try to kill herself. Rather than killing herself and meeting Tony in heaven, she uses the gun to scare the two gangs and ask them to stop the fight. 

Maria states that because of this illogical fight, she has lost her brother and love, but now she will not let more deaths happen. For Maria, the number of deaths of the gang members had reached its limit, and she did not want to add more members to the same list.

Lastly, she is seen living her life lonely and missing the time that she had spent with Tony. 

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Final Words 

Does Tony Die In West Side Story? It’s not shocking to see a lover like Tony dying after the news of his lover’s death. Also, it is right to say that Tony dies due to a lie said by Anita. Now, there is nothing left for Maria, but she chooses to stay alive and tries to stop further deaths from happening.

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