Does Uber Eats Take Cash? Let’s Find Out If It Does!


Whether it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon or a busy Wednesday evening. If you’re hungry and want to gorge on something mouth-watering and scrumptious to fill that empty tummy of yours but cannot go out. Then Uber Eats is the ultimate solution. Now, ordering on the platform is easy, when it comes to payments, it’s even easier. You have a number of payment options to choose from. And if you’re wondering about paying in cash but don’t know if it’s possible, in that case, we’ll let you know about it. In this article, we’ll tell you: Does Uber Eats Take Cash?

If you’re one of those people who eat food according to their moods then Uber Eats is the platform you should visit. Uber Eats is basically an online food ordering and delivery platform. It was founded in the year 2014 and operates in 45 countries and over 6000 cities. Uber Eats happens to be a subsidiary of the parent company Uber. Which we are all familiar with.

Now, getting back to the question of whether Uber Eats accepts cash or not, we’ll have to say that they do. Yes, you heard that right. Uber Eats, without any doubt, accepts cash as a payment method. You can directly and easily pay the delivery person in cash for your food orders on Uber Eats. And for some reason, if you’re not comfortable paying in cash, then you always have the option to use your debit or credit card, Uber Cash, or even Google Pay.

Well, now that you’ve got your answer, let us move forward and get into the details of how you can order on Uber Eats and pay in cash.

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Does Uber Eats Take Cash? Let’s Dig A Little Deeper!

Does Uber Eats Take Cash? Let’s Find Out If It Does!

The advantage of platforms like Uber Eats is that you no longer have to go out of your comfort zone and stand in long queues at the restaurants. You can be on your bed and order your favorite food with just a few clicks. 

Another distinctive aspect of Uber Eats is that it lets you go through hundreds of restaurants and eateries to choose from and order the best food. You can also read the reviews of each of the restaurants that are available on the platform and order accordingly.

As we mentioned, Uber Eats offers various types of payment methods, but the reason why a lot of people prefer using COD, that is Cash On Delivery, is because they pay the amount only after they have safely received their order. This particular mode of payment is also quite easy and convenient. People who have difficulty with technology or online payment methods like using credit or debit cards, or PayPal, can opt for this. Now, let us find out in detail how to order on Uber Eats using cash.

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How To Order On Uber Eats Using COD (Cash On Delivery) Method?

Does Uber Eats Take Cash? Let’s Find Out If It Does!

Paying for your food on Uber Eats using the Cash On Delivery method is the easiest and safest method. Sometimes while paying online, you might face certain difficulties, like payment failure or server issues. As the COD method is completely physical, there is nothing to worry about. Follow the steps mentioned below to order your favorite food on Uber Eats using the COD method.

  • Open the Uber Eats application on your smartphone.
  • Look for a restaurant in the Search Bar or Home Page that you wish to order from. Uber Eats lets you choose from hundreds of restaurants across your particular region. You can also look for a good deal or discount offers as well.
  • Now, from the digital menu of a particular restaurant or a place where you get good offers, select your food items or meals. Right next to the name of the food items, you’ll notice the price. So, select according to your budget. There is no limit to selecting food items, feel free to choose as many as you want.
  • Uber Eats lets you specify your order, in the sense that if you feel that an item or meal would be excess in amount for you, then you can order half of it, as in a half plate of the full item. Wasting food is not the best thing, so be wise and order carefully.
  • Select the right quantity of your food items and then add it to the basket. This step is just like how you add different items to your cart in a supermarket without paying the final amount. Carefully check the food items you add to your basket.
  • Once you’re done with specifying the details and adding the food items to your basket (wish list), move towards the mode of payment. This is where you select your payment mode. The default option would be set as payment through the card (That is the online payment options, like debit or credit cards, Uber Cash, or using PayPal or Google Pay). At the bottom of the screen, right below the total amount of your order, you’ll notice an option saying Change, tap on that. Select your payment mode using this option. If you wish to pay in cash, then select that.
  • We have already explained how Cash On Delivery works, all you need to do is hand over the money to the delivery person after receiving your order. Among all the visible payment options, select the one that says, Selecting this option will change your payment method to COD.
  • The last and final step would be to place your order after specifying everything in detail. You can check if any discount or promo code is available, if so, then you can use them. At the bottom of the screen, right below the total amount, you’ll see an option called Place Order in the green background. Simply tap on that, and your order will be placed. After tapping on that, you won’t be able to change anything related to your order. Now, all you will have to do is wait for the delivery person to arrive with your order.

There You Go! That is how you order food on Uber Eats using Cash On Delivery as the payment method.

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Final Word

So, now you’re aware that you can order food on Uber Eats with cash. The above-mentioned are all the necessary steps you must follow to do the same. We tried to explain all the steps in the easiest way possible to avoid confusion. Uber Eats has solved a major issue of our daily life. We don’t have to go out every time we crave something delicious. Be it a lunch meal or a midnight snack. If you order on Uber Eats, you’ll get that delivered at your doorstep.

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