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Don’t Worry Darling release date is September 23, 2022. It is a thriller that is set in the ’50s, starring two mega-stars of all times: Watermelon sugar fame “Harry Styles” and Puss in the boot (2) star “Florence Pugh.” After receiving setbacks because of the Covid-19 Situation worldwide, the movie has now finally completed its filming in Mid-February and is all set to be released by Warner Bros. Pictures. 

We have meticulously carved out every detail you must know to keep you up-to-date about the movie. Hold tight. This movie, directed by Olivia Wilde, is a mix of thrill and horror. Harry’s styles in the movie are a rather unusual combination that might be never done in the history of film-making before.

The movie is not just dark but also steamy. Harry Styles in his interview have already said, “You can’t watch it with your parents.” Okay, styles, we hear you!

Some Essential Details Of Don’t Worry Darling

5 Things You Can't-Miss Knowing About Don't Worry Darling Release Date | Get In The Loop!
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  • Director – Olivia Wilde
  • Genre – Thriller / Drama / Horror
  • Writing Credits – Katie Silberman, Carey Van Dyke, Shane Van Dyke
  • Music – John Powell
  • Release Date – September 23, 2022
  • Producers – Richard Brener (executive producer), Daria Cercek (executive producer), Catherine Hardwicke (executive producer), Celia Khong (executive producer), Roy Lee (producer), Alex G. Scott (executive producer), Katie Silberman (producer), Carey Van Dyke (executive producer), Shane Van Dyke (executive producer), Olivia Wilde (producer), Miri Yoon (producer)
  • Cinematography – Matthew Libatique
  • Filming – Jennifer Lame, Andrew Leven
  • Casting – Ben Harris, Allison Jones
  • Set – Rachael Ferrara
  • Production Design – Katie Byron
  • Costume – Arianne Phillips

The movie is also not like most movies because of the fact that in this movie a male star is playing a supporting role to a female main lead which is unheard of.

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Don’t Worry Darling Trailer Release Date | Is It Out Yet?

The movie Don’t Worry Darling trailer is just a click away, but we aren’t sure if we can call it a trailer because it looks more like a teaser. This teaser was put by Olivia herself, captioned “In theatres only,” clearly meaning it won’t be out on a streaming platform.

The teaser plays a montage of images. The opening image shows Florence in a retro hair-do that gives out the typical trophy-wife vibes, following which styles and pugh are shown passionately in each other’s embrace. The last snippet shows Pugh struggling to breathe after wrapping her face in a plastic sheet. The snippets have already got us wondering, right?

Everything You Need To Know About The Plot | An Unexplored Mystery!

5 Things You Can't-Miss Knowing About Don't Worry Darling Release Date | Get In The Loop!

Set in the ’50s, Don’t Worry Darling is a thriller centered around a housewife (Florence) who is seemingly unhappy because of the deep dark secrets she unearths about her husband. She seems to have wonderfully played the role of a paranoid homemaker who is somewhat obsessed with deciphering and knowing all that doesn’t meet the naked eye. She will also question her mental abilities when people don’t seem to get her. Harry plays the role of a loving husband.

If you’re wondering whether the two pop stars did a musical number? As of now, nothing of this sort has been announced. 

You can also find the screen cultures announcement trailer on YouTube for a detailed plot understanding. Don’t Worry Darling release date is September 23 2022 so hold tight!

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Cast Of Don’t Worry Darling | Who All There In The Story!

5 Things You Can't-Miss Knowing About Don't Worry Darling Release Date | Get In The Loop!

It will be the least to say that the film Don’t Worry Darling is embellished with all-time favorite stars. Fans are particularly excited about the trio working together: Harry Styles, Florence Pugh, and Olivia Wilde. 

  • Harry Styles – Watermelon Sugar star plays Jack in the movie with Florence (Alice) who plays the role of a paranoid housewife. It’s impertinent to mention that style wasn’t the first pick to play the role of Jack in the upcoming movie. Shia LaBeouf was originally chosen to play that part, but it wasn’t come to its fruition because of ongoing conflict. I don’t think Harry isn’t involved in more projects. An Amazon film named My Policeman is coming out soon too, starring Harry Styles wherein he plays a cop named Tom, whose heart belongs to two people at the same time. Phew!
  • Olivia Wilde – The actor and director is playing the role of Mary; not much information has been out on this front, but we do have some candy floss for you to relish. Yes, you got it right. Harry and Olivia are still dating. It doesn’t stop for her in this movie. She is already on her way to directing another film, namely Babylon, and will direct Perfect, which is a biopic of an American gymnast (Kerri Strug).
  • Florence Pugh – Florence Pugh plays the role of the Homemaker, who later on starts to question her sanity (Alice). She will soon be seen next to Morgan Freeman, starring in The Wonder and Good Person. She isn’t just a Black Widow successor but will also be staring in The Maid, a kick-ass murder mystery.
  • Gemma Chan – She is an English actress who did his initial minor roles on Television like Secret Diary Of A Call Girl and True Love and also worked in Transformers: The Last Knight (2017). She will be appearing in the upcoming anthology series Extrapolations.
  • Chris Pine – Do you remember The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement? You probably know him from his class roles in the movies, Into The Woods, Wonderwoman, or the voice-over for Jack Frost in The Rise Of The Guardians. He has now played the role of Frank in the movie Don’t Worry Darling.

Other Honorable Mentions From The Cast 

  • Douglas Smith as John
  • Kate Berlant as Peg
  • Asif Ali as Peter
  • Timothy Simons as Dean
  • Ari’ el Stachel as Kevin
  • Dita Von Teese as Burlesque Dancer
  • Marcello Julian Reyes as Fred
  • Mariah Justice as Barbara
  • KiKi Layne as Margaret
  • Nick Kroll as Bill
  • Sydney Chandler as Bunny
  • Alisha Heng as Rose

Olivia Wilde And Harry Styles | Love Is In The Air!

4 Things You Can't Miss Knowing About Don’t Worry Darling Release Date | Get In The Loop!

If you are guessing that the set of this movie was the birthplace of the romance, then you’re guessing it right. Only after Wilde split up from her fiancé, Jason Sudeikis, did Wilde and Style come together for an initial silent romance? It is contended that it was almost instantaneous and effortless.

Within no time, the couple was spotted in various hang-out spots and pubs having a gala time together and were also spotted outside Harry’s home in Los Angeles.

Later, Olivia was also seen dancing incessantly at the British singer’s show at Madison Square Garden and Las Vegas. It really is going on pretty strong till now! Could anything ever escape from the shutterbug’s eye? We guess not!

Where To Stream Don’t Worry Darling? Or Do We Have To Follow Olivia’s Command?

4 Things You Can't Miss Knowing About Don’t Worry Darling Release Date | Get In The Loop!

It is rumored that Don’t Worry Darling will not be streamed on any platform except for theatres only. The DVD release date is yet to be announced. Olivia Wilde has confirmed that the movie will only be available for viewing in theaters. She did that by captioning the movie poster “In the only”.

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Final Words

If you are someone who enjoys watching dark drama thrillers with your favorite stars in enigmatic roles, this one is the movie you can’t miss at any cost. We have brought you not just the release dates but also some juicy candy floss you’d probably not get to know. Don’t Worry Darling (2022), is releasing on September 23, 2022. Get ready already to revel in the enigma!


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