DSLR Camera As A Webcam: 3 Easy Hacks For Higher Quality Calls


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Are you tired of video conferencing with your dull laptop webcam because of the low quality? Do you want to use your DSLR camera as a webcam to enjoy video calls of higher quality? If yes, then you are at the right place because we have got some excellent news for you. 

Until now, you must have thought that DSLR cameras are only great for shooting high-quality pictures and videos. What if we tell you that there is a way in which you can use it to host video calls on your laptop or PC? Will you believe us? 

There are indeed different ways in which you can use a DSLR camera as a webcam with your PC. All you need are a few things like HDMI cables, USB cables, a few software on your system, and a little technical knowledge. Don’t worry about the technical part. We will show you how to use your DSLR camera as a webcam. 

If you are ready to know more about the different methods that you can follow for better picture quality, then read the full article below. 

3 Easy Ways To Use DSLR Camera As A Webcam 

You might be thinking that you can always use your phone as a webcam instead of a DSLR camera. Yes, that is also an alternative to try, but do you want to compromise on the picture quality during an important work call? No, right! That’s what we thought and are serving this information for you. 

#1 Use A Canon Or Sony Software | Connects To PC Easily 

Imaging Edge Webcam: DSLR camera as a webcam

If you are using a DSLR camera of Canon or Sony, then you have everything sorted. Both the companies came up with an easy solution for you so that you can use the cameras as a webcam for meetings; etc. Only a few camera models are compatible, so remember to do a background check before proceeding with this method. 

To begin with, canon users have to download EOS Webcam Utility Beta, whereas sony users download Imaging Edge Webcam. Both the software are free for download, and you can easily look for them on the companies’ official websites. After installing the software on your computer, connect your camera using the USB cable provided with the camera. 

Open the camera settings and change the camera mode to movie mode. Once done, set up the camera input to your requirements. You can select any input, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, and Skype. Keep in mind that this is beta software, meaning it is still in the testing stage, so you can experience a few bugs. 

#2 Using A Webcam App | SparkoCam For Rescue 

SparkoCam: DSLR as a webcam

There are different webcam software available that you can use to connect your DSLR camera with a PC or a laptop. The software is free to use and is compatible with Windows systems. However, if you want premium features, you can avail of them anytime you want, for $40 to $120. With additional features, you can enjoy different customization options and also get rid of the watermark. 

First, you have to install SparkoCam software on your Windows system. The next thing you need to do is connect your camera to the computer using a USB cable. Then, turn on the camera and open the software you just installed. Select your device from the menu and then select Nikon or Canon, depending on the model you own. 

To use your camera as a webcam, you only have to select the source from the settings menu on the program and activate it. For example, if you want to use your DSLR as a webcam for skype calls, go to Skype options on the program’s menu and select the camera from the list. 

#3 Basic HDMI Connection | Enjoy Calls In Best Quality

HDMI Capture device: DSLR as a webcam

If you have a DSLR camera that can output an HDMI signal, then you can proceed with the following method. This process works with both Mac and Windows systems. For this method, you need an HDMI cable, camera, and a Windows or Mac device.

First things first, grab a mini or a full-length HDMI cable as per your camera and connect it. Next, take a capture device and plug it into your system. This will convert the HDMI signal to a USB signal and let you use your camera as a webcam. The final step is to select the camera in the video conferencing output you want. Zoom or Microsoft Teams, to name a few, you can choose an option. 

Final Words

With a few connections here and there and a few downloads, you can easily set up your DSLR camera as a webcam and attend important calls in better picture quality. Try the different methods discussed above today and let us know about your experience in the comments section below. 


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