How Earphones Cause Ear Infection and Increase bacteria | Detailed Review 2021


In this modern world it is impossible to find a person who doesn’t have an earphone in life or has never used them, earphones were invented for listening to music and to make hands-free calls but no one was knowing that earphones cause ear infection.

So, can earphones or earphones cause you infections? It is on record that many doctors suggest avoiding the use of earphones for a longer duration of hours. They advise only using earphones as a substitute for listening with speakers. But what we do! we use them to enhance our entertainment.

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There is a number of earphones available today but I feel sad to inform you that there is no earphone manufacturer who is focusing on ear health. Now coming to your question can earphones cause ear infection?

Yes, much research has linked the use of earphones to hearing loss because of prolonged use and also several ear infections. This is due to the lack of hygiene and contamination in the ear canal which earphones cause.

Our personal advice is to always use your personal earphones and don’t share them with anybody to keep your ear canals clean hygienic this may prevent you from infection.

Which Earphones Cause Ear Infection in Different Ways?

Earphones Cause Ear Infection

1: They are a source of dirt and bacteria 

Most of us have a habit that we keep our earphones in an open environment, Until you clean and disinfect them most likely your earphones have built up lots of dirt and germs. now it is convenient for bacteria to enter into your body which can, in turn, lead to allergy, body irritation, or infections too.

2: If you don’t take care, your eardrums can burst

All earphones are manufactured to deliver the high-frequency bass boosted music straight into your ear canal without any leakage, But When the user raises the volume of there listening device, the trembling of sound goes directly to the eardrum. This way the eardrums may get ruptured that may cause a total hearing loss.  

3: Earphones can give birth to germs 

No germs do not arrive from outside what really happens is when we plug in our earphones it covers our whole ear which leads to rising in temperature inside your ear canals high temperature would give naturally-arising germs in the ear ideal environment to grow and increase. 

4: Earphones give rise to ear wax

In case if you have a habit of using earphones for long durations on a daily basis, then you are trapping ear wax in your ear canal. Ears are self-sufficient to clean out ear wax automatically. However, when you block the passage due to long hour use of earphones, there is a buildup of earwax. This can result in a lot of problems such as an ear infection and even partial hearing loss in severe cases.

How to avoid in-ear infection caused by earphones?

The best way to avoid getting an ear infection while enjoying your earphones is to not use them continuously for long periods of time. Here are a few tips to prevent ear infections and other ear diseases while enjoying your earphones.

1: Keep the volume down

Listening to music at higher volumes can be very dangerous and lead you to face some serious ear issues. For staying on the safer side you can use your earphones at 60% volume levels. Earphones deliver music straight to your ear canal, and this puts your ears at a greater risk of developing hearing damage. 

Still, I will suggest you use speakers for listening to rock and hip-hop music instead of earphones.

2: Reduce the usage  

As suggested by researchers and doctors we should not use earphones for more than 1 hour, But sometimes it’s not possible. So, we suggest you take breaks and intervals. Remove your earphones from your ears every 60 minutes and simply let your ears breathe.

3: Avoid Using Your Earphones In Noisy Environment  

In your everyday life, you might be stuck in a noisy area, where you are forced to raise volumes to operate your earphones. But we will suggest you simply put them away or let them hang around your neck and keep your ear safe from having infections and hearing loss.

4: Never Share Your Earphones

Sometimes while traveling you share your earphones with your partner and friends, but this practice can be very unhealthy for ears. The environment of every ear canal is different in every person and the germs present in your ear canal might spread through the earphones. Similarly, it is important that you do not use anyone else’s earphones.

5: Change The Ear Tips

We should always try to find earphones which provide you with extra ear tips. There are many models on the market that allow for ear tips exchange in their warranty policy. This makes sure that the earphones are clean and fresh.

With increasing and advancement in technology have started learning to move with it but unfortunately, we left a healthy lifestyle behind, we merely take care of our health and senses which we have.

We move with the latest trends of technology to save our time and to meet requirements but at this pace, we are not thinking much about the side-effects and cons of the product which we are using. Even we use to listen to music for longer hours on earphones for entertainment but have you ever think that how bad they are for your ears? NO, we hardly think about this.

But we have to look up for the solution as soon as possible otherwise the side effects of technology can take our life from us. It is highly recommended by Doctors to use earphones when you need them for a very important to do. Students these days put on earphones while studying and find it cool but they don’t know that they themselves causing harm to their hearing senses.

Try to avoid such mistakes and always prefer to buy good quality earphones so that the rays coming out of them harmless to our hearing. When you use earphones on daily basis after some time even a month or 2 you might feel pain in the inner chamber of your ear, and this could become more harmful if you try to avoid the problem. If you feel the pain then it is recommended to consult the doctor as soon as possible. Other than that make some lifestyle modifications that you don’t let technology take away your health.

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