MCU Earth 616 Vs Earth 838 | Here Are The Major Differences!


MCU has finally opened its multiverse portals with the latest movie – Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness (2022) and now we can’t keep calm for all the good reasons! Multiverse has brought new concepts, characters, and worlds that have stormed the internet. So, I am here to explain all the chaos and confusion. Let’s begin with understanding Earth 616 Vs Earth 838 differences.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness is the latest MCU release that hit the theatres on 6 May 2022. The movie is the sequel part of Doctor Strange (2016) and focuses on the further journey of Sorcerer Doctor Strange in multiple dimensions of the universe. Directed by Sam Raimi and acted by a talented cast- Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong, and others, the movie is a visual treat.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness has explored multiple worlds and locations, but the story is focused mainly on Earth 616 and Earth 838. Both the worlds are alternate realities to each other. However, MCU’s earth is designated as Earth 616, while Earth 838 is a place that has its superheroes- the Illuminati. To know more details about Earth 616 Vs Earth 838, read ahead.

The movie has left many unclear concepts in Doctor Strange 2 that will surely affect the fate of many characters, including Doctor Strange in future movies. Moreover, it has ensured that MCU’s Earth is not the only place with superheroes! So, what can we expect in Doctor Strange 3? Maybe, more superheroes from Fantastic Four and X-Men series? As of now, let us explore Earth 616 and Earth 838 in more detail.

Earth 616 Vs Earth 838 | Know The Interesting Facts!

MCU Earth 616 Vs Earth 838 | Here Are The Major Differences!

Introducing new worlds in the MCU is not new, as we are now well aware of multiple realities and people residing there. What is new in the MCU is the parallel realities where multiple avatars reside in different realms, leading similar lives but with twists. For example, Spiderman: No Way Home brought multiple Spidermen from different realities who somehow shared similar griefs! 

Similarly, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness movie introduced two Earths that consisted of similar characters who led different lives. So, let’s explore these Earths in more detail and understand the major differences between them!

What Is Earth 616 In MCU? Finally Explained!

MCU Earth 616 Vs Earth 838 | Here Are The Major Differences!

Earth-616 is the original place where all the movies of MCU took place. Before jumping into multiverse madness, everything that happened between Avengers and Thanos’s Endgame faceoff took place on Earth 616. When MCU entered into multiple realms, it came up with a brilliant idea to designate similar but different realms with specific codes. 

So, the original Earth of MCU is known as Earth 616. If you have seen Spiderman: Far From Home, the antagonist- Mysterio, claimed that he came from an alternate reality and called it Earth 616 (though he was lying!). Now, in the Doctor Strange 2 movie, it is confirmed that the original Earth is known as Earth 616 where the original Avengers live. Rest similar Earths have different codes. For example, Earth 838 is where the superheroes are Illuminati group instead of Avengers! Let’s know more about Earth 838 in the next section.

What Is Earth 838 In MCU? A Parallel Reality, Maybe!

MCU Earth 616 Vs Earth 838 | Here Are The Major Differences!

Earth 838 is an alternate reality where Doctor Strange and America Chavez accidentally land while trying to escape from the evil Scarlet Witch. Earth 838 looks similar to Earth 616 in many aspects- it has pizza balls, tall buildings, people abiding by traffic rules, and a suburban lifestyle. However, some major differences that make it quite different from Earth 616 are-

  • Earth 838 is more beautiful and flourishing. It has flowers blossoming everywhere! The place is technologically more advanced as it has a memory lane that can scan one’s closest (good or bad) memories.  
  • Doctor Strange of this realm is dead now. His great statue states that he died while fighting Thanos.
  • The Sorcerer Supreme of this realm is Strange’s nemesis Baron Mordo, a member of the Illuminati.
  • Instead of Avenger’s Headquarters, Earth 838 has the Illuminati heroes- Captain Carter, Monica Rambeau, Blackagar Boltagon, Reed Richards, and Charles Xavier. They are responsible for protecting this realm against all odds.
  • Earth 838 has Baxter Foundation- a highly advanced technology lab related to the Fantastic Four series. Moreover, Christine Palmer (a variant of Doctor Strange’s girlfriend) is the head scientist of this lab.
  • Earth 838 also has a portal that could lead to the Book Of Vishanti. This book contains all the spells to cut the effects of Darkhold magic. 

As of now, only this much thing is revealed about Earth 838 so far in the movie. However, after watching the post-credit scenes, we expect future movies to shed some more light on different variants of Earth. Now one of the biggest mysteries that we are left wondering after watching Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness is – who is the girl in the post-credit scene? Click now to know her details! 

Final Words

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness has opened up the debate of Earth 616 Vs Earth 838- which one is better or stronger! Well, both realm has their powers and flaws. There is still so much left to explore about Earth 838 because it is introduced for the first time in the MCU. Till then, we do hope that the future movies will help to elaborate on them more perfectly.

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