How You Can Eliminate Fat Without Having To Go Into Surgery?


Before we get into the details, please remember that you cannot completely eliminate fat from specific target areas through working out and dieting. Natural methods can help you lose fat, but it is impossible to tell your body which areas to lose. This can be frustrating for people who exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle and still don’t see the results they are looking for or the fat melt away in their primary problem areas.

There are medical options that can remove unwanted fat from hard-to-reach areas or more targeted areas. However, not all of them require surgery like liposuction. CoolSculpting is a popular non-invasive treatment for removing concentrated fat. It uses cryolipolysis to freeze fat in target areas permanently. These frozen fat cells are gradually metabolized by the body, leaving you with 25% less fat in the treatment area about one to two months after the treatment.

CoolSculpting is a popular treatment in large cities with many clinics, allowing you to comfortably get your treatment without having to go under the knife with extensive recovery time for your results. It is not difficult to find a CoolSculpting specialist in New York City, a city dominated by fashion, film, and corporate culture. You will reap the benefits of a safe and effective targeted fat reduction if you take the time to find a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Schwarzburg from Miracleface medspa, one of New York’s most renowned plastic surgery centers, shared his views on this non-invasive fat reduction treatment and how it works. 

How You Can Eliminate Fat Without Having To Go Into Surgery?Understand CoolSculpting!

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting, an FDA-approved treatment, is used to remove unwanted fat from several body areas, including the back, abdomen, arms, legs, and even the double chin. The vacuum applicator uses cryolipolysis to freeze the fat cells and kill them. It is non-invasive and does not penetrate the skin at all. The applicator is applied above the skin over a protective membrane that stops you from getting frostbite or burns.

The CoolSculpting tool only brings the temperature down to the freezing point of fat, which is higher than that of other surrounding tissue, making it impossible for the treatment to damage any surrounding tissue or skin, especially with the protective membrane. To get more detailed information about the science behind the CoolSculpting treatment, be sure to read this post, as it contains answers to many commonly asked questions.

What Are The Side Effects & Risks?

There are very few side effects and risks associated with CoolSculpting as it is non-invasive, meaning that it does not penetrate the skin. This cancels out the possibility of infection. The most common side effects include mild pain, swelling, and numbness around the treatment area. Before you undergo Coolsculpting, consult with your doctor to confirm that you are a candidate for the treatment.

Frostbite or burns can occur but are rare. A protective membrane is applied to the skin before the Coolsculpting treatment is performed to avoid any damage to surrounding tissue. The machine automatically shuts off when it senses that the temperature is too low. This makes the treatment safer.

What Are Your Chances Of Seeing Results?

What Are Your Chances Of Seeing Results?

CoolSculpting freezes your fat cells permanently to kill and eliminate them. The body must allow the fat cells to die to be metabolized. It may take two months to process the fat cells, but it is worth it, and you will see the results. There will be no downtime after the procedure.

The gradual results are beneficial because your skin can adjust to the changes in size, and you won’t have any loose skin after the fat has gone. Overall you can expect a 25% reduction in fat in the treatment area within 2 and 3 months maximum. It is, however, possible that you will need more than just one session for optimal results, which is quite common and depends on how much initial fat is present in the treatment area.

What Other Options Are There?

CoolSculpting can be used to remove small pockets of unwanted fat. You have many other options for removing fat, such as Kybella and Liposuction. Liposuction involves the removal of fat from the area through a surgical procedure that sucks out the fat in your area of concern using a tube. The treatment is quick and effective but will require you to be home for up to three weeks after the procedure because it requires extensive healing time.

This is because the procedure is invasive, and there is a risk for infection if not cared for properly. Kybella is an injectable procedure that removes fat using deoxycholic acid (which is naturally found in the body, specifically in the digestive system, to break down fat). Because the body takes time to process the fat cells, the injection can produce results within a few months. Kybella is injectable, making it only minimally invasive with a much lower risk of infection than liposuction. 

Final Words

There are many options available to eliminate stubborn fat. CoolSculpting is a popular choice over other options because it is minimally invasive and can reduce small amounts of fat. To get the best results, do your research about different doctors and clinics in your area. When researching doctors, be sure to explore their qualifications, years of experience, before and after photos on their website, and reviews, to confirm that they are qualified to do any of these treatments on you.

If CoolSculpting is a treatment that interests you and you want to learn more about how it works, you can explore local experts who will provide you with everything you need to know about the treatment. On their websites, you will also find information about Kybella and other minimally invasive treatments that suit your needs! Most importantly, do your research, so you know for sure that you are in good hands. Get a few opinions to see which treatment is right for you, and then go with the doctor you feel the most comfortable with.


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