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We all wait for our wedding night, where we want everything on point, from our wedding clothes to our venues, and why not, it is a special day. Today we are here with a list of some unique outdoor wedding venues you can choose, and along with making your wedding a memorable one, you can make it look like a royal tale.

Outdoor locations are the most appropriate for a wedding. Outdoor wedding venues make your wedding photographs phenomenal. Why choose an outdoor wedding venue instead of an indoor wedding venue? It is an exotic site, outstanding images and a warm intimacy with family and friends are reasons to the question.

The best outdoor wedding venues we have short-listed for you are Bella Collina, The Don Cesar, Lanier Island, Hawkesdene, Camp Lucy Dripping Springs, etc.

Let us discuss these outdoor wedding venues in detail and choose them for our wedding.

5 Astonishing Outdoor Wedding Venue| Creating Magical Moments

Following are the five best outdoor wedding venues that will create magical moments on your special day-

You also need to get yourself the best summer wedding dress for your wedding. And Groom should also choose the best suits for the wedding, and if you think you doubt yourself to plan a wedding we can help you to plan your wedding.

1# Bella Collina

5 Astonishing Outdoor Wedding Venue| Creating Magical Moments

Wedding shenanigans that also in your favorite Central Florida, what else you ask for? The best days of your life with your family, friends, and of course, your life partner. Bella Collina sorts everything just for you. From arranging a buffet to the spa and things for fun like golf, everything is sorted here.

Features of Bella Collina

  • Not only weddings but also your Office meetings, Social Events, Photo walks, and everything possible here at Bella Collina.
  • They have all kinds of rooms for your guest to stay, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, two bedrooms with a den, and a small walk-in apartment with kitchen, living room, etc.
  • You have a SPA and a golf course so that your guest have something else to keep themselves busy.
  • You have both indoor and outdoor venues, but outdoors are so much in demand that they have three locations-
  1. Grand Lawn
  2. Reflection Pool
  3. Ballroom Veranda

Wedding Details

  • Outdoor Ceremonies are available.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Music.
  • Pre and Post wedding ceremonies are available.
  • Your entire family will go through a Rehearsal Dinner.
  • Wedding Reception and in-house Alcohols only.

Price of Wedding

It will cost roughly around $3000 to $5000/ Event, and that may vary depending on how luxurious you want your wedding.

2# The Don Cesar

The Don Cesar

When it is about the wedding, nothing is better than a beach wedding, and if The Don Cesar can do it for you, you have to think about the day when you will hold your better half in your hand. Don Cesar is a little strict with its booking, cancellations, and also inhouse rules.

Features of The Don Cesar

  • It has both rooms and suites for the guests, so you don’t have to think twice or thrice before booking.
  • There is a SPA, a beach nearby to take care of your fun side, and various other essential things, which I feel every guest would enjoy to the fullest.
  • There are rehearsal dinners, so you will not miss anything about those decided and planned wedding programs.

Wedding Details

  • Only one function on one day.
  • You have an option of customized menus, so choose what you and your family like the most.
  • Valet Parking is available at The Don Cesar.
  • They will help you with professional photographers and Videographers to have access to some fantastic memories.

Price of Wedding

It costs about $14000 to $18000/ 50 guests. It is expensive, and at the same time there rules to follow, so the couple should decide smartly.

3# Lanier Island

Lanier Island

Steal the show and make it the most memorable one in your life, and what is the best place to do that? It is none other than Lanier Island. Lanier Island offers a beautiful site with a lake on its corner, making that evening completely romantic for everyone at your wedding and especially for you.

Features of Lanier Island

  • The best for all kinds of wedding, you choose the location, and things will be arranged.
  • You and your guests can enjoy excellent Theme Water parks, beach, golf course, boating, what else you want, sweet couple.
  • You will be astonished by their hiking and walking ways, made to give nature’s connection to the visitors.
  • And if your guests are now tired of all these recreational activities, you all can relax by getting a. massage at the hotel’s SPA.

Wedding Details

  • Plan your wedding with their guides, which will give you a budget and different new plans for your wedding.
  • You can grab an opportunity to plan all your pre and post-wedding events here.
  • An outdoor wedding on the banks of a lake will make your wedding a memorable event.
  • Held a lot of weddings, including Asian and South Asian.

Price of Wedding

The price for a particular person attending your wedding might cost you around $200 to $350 per person only food; all other expenses depending on your packages choice.

4# Hawkesdene


What will you prefer, a small cottage intimate wedding with family and friends or a lavish indoor wedding which is very common? I don’t know about the answer, but mine will be an outdoor open cottage small wedding, my real pals. Hawkesdene can provide you with that.

Features of Hawkesdene

  • A complete outstanding location with some fantastic view of mountains and sun setting with a pleasant sky, like a Disney prince and princess.
  • Hawkesdene has beautiful small cottages for the couple and family, which will seem like a small town of your own.
  • It has a fantastic food menu with a world-class décor.

Wedding Details

  • It will provide you with some famous and elegant décor with beautiful candles, barrels, linens, and so many other required items.
  • The butler service will leave spell-bounded. They are well-equipped, learned, and know their job well.
  • A bridal lounge and make-up artists.
  • You will get a chance to be clicked by some famous photographer and videographer.

Price of Wedding

Their package is evident for 125 guests

Off-Season (Mid-November to Mid-April): $5995

On Season( Mid-April to Mid-November): $8995

5# Camp Lucy Dripping Springs

Camp Lucy Dripping Springs

Camp Lucy Dripping Springs, its name might have given you an idea of what it looks like and what it has to offer to you. Camp Lucy Dripping Springs is a cute open space with, of course, indoor gathering halls, which can fulfill all your requirements for a wedding.

Features of Camp Lucy Dripping Springs

  • Weddings and a site for other events and programs like corporate meetings, team meet up, etc.
  • It has areas for recreational activities that will make your guests enjoy a butterfly in a garden full of flowers.
  • It has a lot of options for indoor and outdoor events, so choose which one suits you.

Wedding details

  • It has around four different gathering venues for weddings, including Ian’s Chapel, Scared Oaks, Whit’s Inn, and The Vineyard. If you seek my personal choice, I loved Whit’s Inn.
  • It has a buffet system, but you can opt for a plate system.
  • A lounge for your guests to wait for the couple’s entry.

Price of the Wedding

The rental price for a wedding ceremony may vary from $3500 TO $9000, depending on your choice of venue.

Final Words

These were some of the popular outdoor wedding venues which you and your better half can think of and choose out of these.

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