You first need to log into your Twitch account and go to the top right corner we can click on your profile then click on creative dashboard and go over to the left ledger where it has extensions. when you click on extensions you will have the option to search for a particular extension under-discovered this is where I want to type in OWN3D. Here you will see free stream alerts go ahead and install this when installing the extension we need to configure it when configuring we first need to pick what will be a theme that will be displayed on your stream now at the moment own3doffers free versions and paid versions more on this later. This extension also helps you to keep you away from the Twitch error 2000.

Let’s just go with the free version of the pixel series click on this and install the theme pack when you’ve selected your theme pack we just have to configure the alerts go over to the left side and click on configure at the moment own3d allows you to make alerts for follow sub resub cheeriest and raid. for this tutorial, I’m just going to concentrate on the following side but it’s the same steps so when you have free time just make adjustments as you see fit scroll down to follow and here’s where you get to pick a title and a subtitle. 

These will be what displays on the text version for when you get triggered alerts it’ll say the blank name is now following you can make whatever changes you want I’m just going to leave it the way it is and keep it nice and basic when you’ve gone through all the alerts that you’ve configured. we want to test to make sure that they work and that they look fine to open up the preview section at the top right corner and this will open up a browser window click on any of the alerts you want to test like follow right here and give it a few seconds. 

It’ll populate up an alert and this is exactly what your viewing audience is going to see when they hit certain triggers like following and sub it’s super cool that console streamers now can have alerts without the need of like obs or a capture card this program comes in super clutch. now if you think you’re going to use you may want to consider getting a premium licence, okay the premium license unlocks more theme packages to you know dedicate to your stream to give that personalized flair for you as well as unlock more customization options per each alert and gives you various options super cool. 

You may want to consider it if you are interested in that I’m going to put a link down below that takes you right to it full disclosure it’s an affiliate link for me because I’m sponsored by Own3d. I just want to save you a little bit extra cash but thank you for supporting my channel if you do go through it now you’re not done yet you actually have to activate the installed extension into your twitch channel. to do that all you need to do is go to my extensions and under the free stream alerts from own3dclick on activating and go down to set as overlay now the extension is live within your twitch channel.

A lot of people forget this step so please make sure you do it so now when you broadcast from something like your Xbox or PlayStation and you get a new follower or you get a new subscriber you’re gonna get those awesome triggered alerts now owned is not without its flaws. this is still in beta so you may encounter some errors plus its not a perfect program one of the biggest pushback you’re gonna notice about it is not everybody will see the extension alerts and that’s because it’s actually a limitation of twitch. 

Now people can only see the extensions when they view it from something that can read extensions which is only at the moment PC so people who are reviewing your stream on a pc we’ll see it but people on mobile devices won’t. that’s because of the limitation of twitch says they’re going to make their extensions mobile accessible but they’ve been saying that for a year and a half now so we’ll see when that actually happens but this is still better than nothing so if you’ve stuck around this long. 

I’m going to give you an awesome tip on how to maximize usingown3d’s alerts now if you’ve noticed there is one big triggered alert that’s missing from what it offers there is no donation alert so how do we keep on top of that and give the hype and appreciation for when people give us money. well, you want to use it in combination with another program out there you want to use cloud bot from streamlabs go to streamlabs create an account and make sure you enable cloud bot into your channel for when you stream and you want to go to modules under modules. 

You’re going to see something here that says chat alerts so every time you get a follower or a subscriber or you get afraid it’ll actually put a chat message within your channel that you can read out and celebrate the hype and if you set up your donations through streamlabs. yes it will also announce when you get a donation and for what amount and who it’s from so that way you won’t get an on-screen alert but at least it’ll be over in the chatbox of your channel. 

So that way you can acknowledge it and that’s how you get a one-two punch to dominate with these alerts with streamlabs god i’m so good of giving you the best information on tips and tricks this is an amazing one. you guys really want to do this if you’re a console streamer now this is just the tip of the iceberg of what I know to make you an awesome streamer if you stream exclusively from a console if you want more tips and tricks and videos from me on console streaming or anything in general.


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