Facilitate Your Selling on Craigslist in 2021 With These Best Steps


If you feel underconfident about selling any product, and you feel marketing and sales are not your forte, then you have stumbled upon the right article which will teach you seven steps to sell on Craigslist easily and quickly.

Craigslist is an online platform that works like a classified advertising service by bringing together the local buyer and seller, enabling them to discard the unrequired material and acquire the required material through a hassle-free online transaction.

7 things you need to keep in mind while selling on craigslist include a basic understanding of the website, proper research, vigilance, appropriate discussion, headline, and deadline.

Craigslist is a beautiful platform that tends to the needs of both seller and the buyer, hence solving their problems and fulfilling their needs.

7 Things You Need to Keep in Mind While Selling on Craigslist

The following are the seven things that will enable you to sell on craigslist smoothly:

#1 A glimpse at the process, to get things started

# A glimpse at the process

After visiting www.craigslist.org, choose a post to classify and mention the type of product you want to sell. Add sufficient information about the product.

The usage of the Craigslist mail relay option should be preferred. Mention the whereabouts of the products, including the price you expect. The more information you post at this stage, the easier it will become during the transaction stage.

Add a photo of the article by selecting Add Images to make it easier for the buyer to decide. Accept the Terms of Use for the website and wait patiently for the buyer. 

#2 Being Vigilant is Mandatory

# be vigilant

When the possible buyers contact you regarding buying the product, mutually decide a time and date for the same.

To ensure your safety, calling unknown buyers to your home is not advisable.

Try completing the transaction at not so lonely places like coffee shops or parks.

Instead of a cheque, demand cash and try finishing it before the night falls. Go with a company if you know that it will be difficult for you to handle it alone.

#3 Know the Pre-Requisites or Get Confused

# know the pre-requisites

Careful planning has to be done before posting the advertisement to acquaint yourself with the realistic prices prevalent in the market.

Through extensive research, you will also learn the knack of creating an attractive advertisement and consequently fasten the selling process.

Make a point to make a quick comparison between your product and the other similar products, which can give tough competition to you.

#4 An Appropriate Description is A Must

# An appropriate description

When the customer casts his eyes upon a catchy heading and then decides to move to the description, he expects something informative and straightforward. As a result, the description is something that makes or breaks the deal. So you need to be very particular about that.

For a second, imagine you are a customer. Think of every detail you want to know about the product. Now come back into the role of a seller and include those details in your description. 

Do not forget to mention your product’s condition and the price you are willing to sell it. Facilitate the process by uploading a couple of final photos.

#5 Deadlines are Effective

#Deadlines are effective

Human nature is to do some fantastic phenomena when the sword of deadline is hanging around your neck. 

As soon as your deadline reaches your customer, he will subconsciously realize that he can not wait forever to buy this product as others might grab this opportunity.

So give a date to the customers, sip a cup of coffee, and quickly get rid of that product in exchange for money.

#6 Headline Matters the Most

# Headline matters- the most

The headline you decide to write for your product should not be anything less than ‘Click at first sight.’ A good headline is akin to half work done.

Avoid using complicated words and extraordinarily long sentences which serve no purpose other than to bore the audience and encourage them to look for some other seller.

Customers tend to click on headlines that contain descriptive words as they want to know every detail about the product they will spend their hard-earned money on.

#7 Learn From Mistakes 

# Learn from mistakes

The takeaway point from everything you do in life is to be a different human being the next day by learning from your mistakes. 

So, next time keep in mind the problems you face or the mistakes you make to ensure that you do not repeat them during your subsequent transactions.

After a couple of transactions, you will acquire the knack of selling your product like a pro in a significantly less period.

Even if you do not have an iota of idea about the online market of sales and advertising, this 7 step guide will help you sell on Craigslist quickly and easily by telling you the dos and don’ts of attracting a possible customer towards your deal. 

Vansh Sharma
Vansh Sharma
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