Many businesses sell directly to other businesses and not to the consumers/end users of a product. There are many aspects for which these B2B sales are related to some products and can be related to services, like financial services related to bonds and equity markets. You must have gone through several blogs dealing with scenarios related to B2C sales, but B2B sales are not much discussed. One reason, perhaps, is that the business turnover of B2B is not that much when we consider the Dubai marketplace.

Online presence for B2B sales is important, just like B2C. In fact, it is even more significant in this case as most businesses don’t consider social media presence or apps but instead look for a comprehensive website. Some of them judge the companies they are dealing with purely on this aspect as they get attracted to the design or the development. 

Developing such a site can be a tedious task for the businesses as they need to burn the midnight oil to come out triumphant in this regard. The following are the top seven tips that can make a B2B website worth the effort. 

  1. Short and Descriptive Taglines, Headings and CTAs
    It would be best if you were on target to get attention while developing a B2B website. There are many factors involved in this, so that you need to be on your toes. You need to provide a descriptive tagline as everything you are going to offer on your website is aptly described. The heading should be self-explanatory. Don’t try too hard to get your target audience’s attention as you get to your goal through exceptional copy.
    Through your CTAs, too, describe your brand so that it sounds amazing. Remember that you have just a few seconds to get the attention of your visitor. And premium content and heading/tagline will do as B2B is unlike targeting a general audience. 
  2. Focus on Keyword
    Focus on targeting keywords rather than getting along with general taglines. Optimization of a website through SEO or paid ads need focused keywords so that the page can be optimized easily. When you want to promote your products or services, this is the easiest way to do that because, through keywords, visitors can get to the specific page they are looking for by searching on Google. 
    Focus on several aspects so that you can reap benefits through this process. For this, you need to target keywords with high search volume and low competition. Align pages with phrases so that people can get to their specific age without much effort through a search engine. 
  3. Visual Credibility 
    Development is all about the website’s building and maintenance and the technical aspects, but don’t forget to follow and offer visual credibility to your website. This can be done by providing a logo on your website, any awards partnerships, or recognition earned over the years. This will make your visitors think about you in high esteem rather than looking at the pages just like any other one.
    Make your visitors think that you have earned a reputation through hard work, and they can be better off working with you. 
  4. Answer the Questions for the Top Queries
    While your product and service page will offer all the solutions to any business requirements, you need to answer the questions of all the top queries. For this, you need to specifically describe what services they will get once they start working with you. Make the visitors feel secure and special to go for your product or service without thinking much.
    If you can answer their queries at the beginning of your product page, this can be the icing on the cake after all the previous aspects that have been mentioned. Make every effort to start a sales conversation through your pages to get the optimum results. 
  5. Use Real Pictures 
    Again I would like to emphasize some visual aspects that can work for you in the development phase too. This is about using real pictures rather than stock images that are available in abundance on the internet. And many people must have seen them several times. Can lower the impact of your website as B2B portals must have exceptional content in every way. And the use of images and videos also need to be top-notch.
    First, trying to introduce your team to the visitors on your website, always use real images rather than stock photos. The best way forward is to hire a professional photographer, and the results would speak for themselves. 
  6. Data and Statistics 
    You need to show real and authentic data to your visitors so that you know right away what your credentials are. Statistics about your business one of the best in the league is no mean feat to achieve.  There is no way that you can lie about the statistics and data because even a minor mistake can turn your reputation for good. 
    Start off by showing your experience in the field, how many clients you have, the average turnover of your business over the years, and your ranking amongst all the competitors. These are just a few of the factors that you can mention on your website. Specifically, show the jump in your revenue or the specific sales figure you have done in the last few years. 
    The assistance from one of the finest web development companies in Dubai can ensure you can achieve your goal in making your B2B portal the one that will attract the most eyeballs. And eventually a rapid increase in your business. 
  7. A Free-Flowing Portal 
    Last but not least, you need a free-flowing website design that connects well with the visitor right from the word go. If you go through all the aspects mentioned above, your website will work wonders for you as it will answer all the key questions that most businesses have in mind. As you are catering to the B2B market, you have to be extra cautious with your web development and present all the information. Leave nothing to the imagination with a website that is crafted to get leads. 
    Over to you 
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