5 Unknown Facts of Time Korean Drama | Dissection of the Series


“What will you do when death is approaching, and you know there are things you have to mend?”

It is a hefty feeling you will be carrying. Yes, of course, it will make you feel helpless, emotional and every day turns out to be troublesome. Guess What? This is the theme of the show Time Korean Drama.

Time Korean Drama walks ahead with the story with a well-written narrative. Today, we are dissecting this show just for you. Time is the most popular series on every platform. If you are not watching it on the web, you will be watching the actors on at least one Instagram Reel, which enhances the show’s popularity.  

The helpless approach is not the only thing this show has to offer, but there is a layering of characters, well-thought dialogues, creative lighting, and elegant production. These all things make this show worth watching.

Let us dive in to know more interesting facts about this show, namely Time, a popular Korean drama.

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A Complete Detail of Time Korean Drama|5 Explanatory Facts

Following are the points which will be explaining this shows to you from tip to toe-

1# About Time Korean Drama

5 Unknown Facts of Time Korean Drama | Dissection of the Series

I don’t think you want to know about the Time. Do You? It is the most popular Korean series not just in South Korea but around the globe. Its global popularity has just made this show rank on top if compared to other shows. The show was released in the year 2018 under the direction of Jang Joon-ho. The genre reflects the entire narrative, which is Romance and Melodrama.

The total number of episodes produced during the show was 32, and there were more than ten songs that went popular during its release.

2# Love in Time Korean Drama

5 Unknown Facts of Time Korean Drama | Dissection of the Series

The explanation of love in Time Korean Drama is subtle but is the fundamental emotion that binds all the film’s critical scenes. Each scene of the film is crafted so well that you will fall in it, without a doubt.  

Love is layered in this series. There is hatred that turns into love but with certain affirmative conditions by fate. It is somewhat like romantic dramas, namely Faults in our Star, but at the same time, the writing seems edgy rather than being a dish without any species. (tasteless)

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3# The Popular Cast and Crew

5 Unknown Facts of Time Korean Drama | Dissection of the Series

The Time is a Korean series which is directed by Jang Joon-ho, under the writing style of Choi Hochul. Apart from this writer-director duo, the series stars actors like Kim Jung-Hyun and Seohyun as male and female leads, respectively.

Earlier actor Joe So-Min was approached for the female part, but the role was declined. The Male part was only and only written for Kim Jung-Hyun, so the entire team waited for his dates, and later, the series came into being.

4# Controversies associated with The Time

Controversies associated with The Time

If you have watched or will watch The Time in the mere future, you will notice that Kim’s character has a complete grey outlook. He is shown as an angry and tempered character. In real life also he was seen angry and talking unacceptably. Hence, all his fans were very disturbed by his act.

Later his PR team and he was seen apologizing to the conference team and the media house for his behavior and claimed that it was because of the film’s dark and grey character. Few of his fans accepted the apology, and few still labeled it as an act of publicity for the series.

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5# The Time won Awards and Nominations

The Time won Awards and Nominations

The show aired via MBC; it had many nominations under many categories for the 2018 MBC Drama Awards. Seohyun won the award for the Fighting Performer Award. The series also got nominated under categories like 

Popularity Award Actress and Best Drama Series under 2nd The Seoul Awards and 2018 Korea Best Star Awards, respectively, were won by the team.

The film created a very loyal fan base and even was seen demanding for the second season. The makers have not shown green cards to any of such news, but I assure you that you will also demand a second season after watching the series.

6# The Time Korean Drama’s Timeless Sound Tracks

The Time Korean Drama's Timeless Sound Tracks

If you think that the show only created a stir in Millennials’ brains and the oldies, AKA geriatric millennials, it was also popular amongst Gen-Z. More than the show, the soundtracks also were the chart-buster worldwide. Following are the tracks mentioned in the released order-

Name of the SongsLyricistMusic BySingerDurationRelease Date
TimeSeo DongPark Sung-iLGaho03:45August 2,  2018
Close Your EyesLee Chi-hoonPark Sung-iLSohyang04:25August 16,  2018
It will PassLee Bo-ram  –Eunju-ssi04:11August 23, 2018
I’m Okay, I’m NotSeo Dong- sungPark Sung-iLVincent04:25August 29. 2018
RequestSeo Dong-SungPark Sung-iLBily Acoustie03:50September 6, 2018
Long DreamLee Chi-hoonPark Sung-iLPark Ji-woo03:36September 19, 2018

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Other Released Songs

Name of the SongDuration
Want to keep Time3:12
Decide to Live6:28
Time and Fate3:26
Empty Heart2:17
Star’s Wish3:07
Guardian Angel3:06
Sorrow that Cannot be shared3:49
Longing in Your Heart3:49
Regret for Wasting time5:38
Protective Love3:46

Final Words

From the entire discussion and facts, I can assure you one point that this show will not disappoint you at all, and the series is worth a watch because it has the potential to serve story, cinematic experience, and emotions in a balanced way.

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