In today’s digitally growing world, fake news or anything that can be used to deceive a person is common. As you all know, a lot of people known as citizen journalists share things on social media. The shared story can be news and can also be fake news. Mostly you see a picture or a post with a caption on it targeting the news or the incident.

Credibility is important when it comes to news as it can negatively influence people. Knowing what is true and what is not isn’t that hard; all you need to do is know your way around the internet. One of the best ways to go about it is through reverse image search.

Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search is a visual search, and it is the same as a google search but with a difference. The difference is in the name; on google, you type the keywords and search through a photograph on reverse image search.

The reverse image search backtracks the image on the internet and helps you find its origin. Reverse image search is a big innovation in today’s world. It has been doing an amazing job of making our lives easier.

Uses Of Reverse Image Search

When it comes to the reverse image uses, there are countless so let us look into some of the common ones.

Finding Out The Fake News

Finding Out The Fake News

So when you see a post on Instagram or Facebook about a daily affair or anything that is news for you and you want to be sure about it. Take that picture and run a reverse image search to determine if the news is true or fake. You can keep backtracking the image till you can see if it is real news or fake news.

Finding A Reliable Source For Research

Finding A Reliable Source For Research

If you are working as a citizen journalist or a student doing research, you might need this tip. As you know, humans are more attracted to pictures rather than reports. Suppose you have news to break or a post that you want to share and want to make sure if it is reliable and want to conduct your research. All you need to do is reverse search that image and determine if the source is reliable, and do your research.



The Digital Verification Corps was founded in October 2017 to search the internet for any human rights violations. Their agents use reverse image search to determine if the information given to them is current and accurate. The internet has made crime-solving possible because it allows you to track down the crime source and solve the mystery. The police also use reverse image search to locate a person through an image.

Finding Out Fake Profiles 

Finding Out Fake Profiles

Social media is full of fake profiles, people not realizing that it is known as identity theft. Identity theft is a serious offense, and you can end up behind bars because of it. If you are talking to someone and feel like they are not the person they are portraying to be, you can make sure of it by reverse image search.

Or if you feel like someone is using your identity or pictures on social media and want to make sure of it. To solve both these problems, all you need to do is run a reverse image search. Grab the picture from the account you are talking to and backtrack and see if that picture belongs to someone else. Or upload your picture and find out if your picture is being used on another platform without your knowledge.

How To Conduct A Reverse Image Search 

Because of the internet, there are countless tools you can find for this job. As always, some of them are reliable, and some are just a scam. If you want an easy tool to get your job done, you can try using the reverse image search provided by Just follow the following steps to begin your search.

  1. First, open reverse search an image tool by
  2. To search by image, simply upload the image.
  3. Click the “Search similar Images” button.
  4. And within a few seconds, you will have your results.

The perk of using this image finder is that it is free, and you can upload the image for search, use the URL for search or even use a keyword for your photo search.


Always make sure to double-check anything you see on the internet. It is not a reliable source for information. Using the tools provided by the internet is your right, so use them to their fullest. Double-check and do your research before providing anyone with news on the internet. Prove people with the real deal as it is your job as a citizen journalist.

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