Fallout 4 Best Factions | From Worst To Killer!


It’s pretty hard to survive alone in the post-apocalyptic wasteland world of the entertaining game Fallout 4, but don’t worry as you are not alone; other players are also in search of groups. Fallout 4, like other of its titles, allows the players to join a number of factions, but what are  Fallout 4 best factions? Explore it in this article. 

Fallout 4 is a 2015 action role-playing game. It casts the players as survivors from the Fallout shelter. Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, this game puts its players on a devastated planet centuries after the nuclear war, where they have to survive in the landscape littered with bloodthirsty mutants, Sentry Bot, Mirelurks Raiders, and other threats.

There are several landmarks in the game and a total of four Factions that gives Fallout 4 player’s opportunity to choose from any of them. Factions are small organized groups of people holding different beliefs in a, particularly large group. The four Factions in the game include The Minutemen, The Brotherhood of Steel, The Railroad, and the Institute. Since there are only four factions, the one name on the top list of Fallout 4 best factions is The Brother of Steel.

Scroll and read the pros and cons of these factions that you can choose while playing. Read properly, and then make your choice, which group you’ll be following. (Don’t cry later)

Fallout 4 Best Factions | Know Their Pros And Cons

As there are not many factions available in the game, every faction stands out from one another. Some can offer better resources but may not match the player’s beliefs & others may surprise you with something else. Your story as the player will depend on the faction you pledge with. Let me see which one you choose!

1# The Brotherhood Of Steel

Fallout 4 Best Factions? Know The Pros And Cons.

With the main task to protect humanity from Super mutants, the brotherhood of steel is the best faction with a great storyline. Brotherhood of the steel is the military organization, a part of the US Armed forces that are tasked to eradicate Feral ghouls and super mutants that threaten the Commonwealth of people.

Beliefs Of The Brotherhood Of Steel

  • This faction believes that innocent humans are incompatible and very irresponsible to handle the advanced technologies and thus are safe in their own hands. 
  • They view Synths as a dangerous technology which they can’t handle and therefore believe must be destroyed.

Pros Of The Brotherhood Of Steel

  • They provide their players with advanced fireworks and armor. It is the best technology available ever.
  • They also allow the players to form alliances between the Minuteman and brotherhood.

Cons Of The Brotherhood Of Steel

  • The quest of this faction involves the destruction of both the other groups like the Institute and the Railroad, which leaves the player no way to interact with other groups in the game.
  • Some of the tasks like unlocking weapons become very boring that the players have to complete in order to go further with the storyline. 

#2 The Railroad 

#2 The Railroad 

In contrast to the goals of The Brotherhood and Led by Desdemona, these groups aim to protect and preserve the rights of synths. Though their goal is very focused, they want to protect sentient androids from the other worst groups in the game.

Beliefs Of The Railroad

  • This faction believes that synths are very noble creatures that other groups oppress, they fight for their rights and want to liberate them.

Pros Of The Railroad 

  • They provide players with the best weapon upgrades. It also provides the opportunity to change to different faction groups and their questline easily, different stock groups. It allows you to get their weapons and armors, especially from The Brotherhood.
  • They maintain a good relationship with the Minutemen falcon.

Cons Of The Railroad 

  • Their goal is mainly oriented toward protecting the rights of synths and neglecting the need to protect human life.
  • The weapon and armor upgrades are beneficial, but this group only has access to a very small inventory of different weapons.

3# The Institute 

3# The Institute 

The Institute’s main aim is of restoring the original world before the nuclear war, with the help of advanced technology. They have a very noble cause in the game but all it leads to some hard and dark ways to accomplish them.

Beliefs Of The Institute

  • They believe that they will help accomplish their main goal by enslaving the synths.
  • They have a theory that their darker and cruel methods could only attain the survival of mankind.

Pros Of The Institute

  • This is the most scientifically advanced faction that grants its players full healing capabilities free of charges along with radiation removal and good energy weapons in the sale. 
  • They maintain the best relationship with the Minuteman, therefore, players can call for their support in the mission whenever in need.

Cons Of The Institute  

  • This faction mission requires destroying both the brotherhood and the railroad group; thus, you have to be prepared because doing this will lock payers to buy essential mods for their weapons.

4# The Minutemen

4# The Minutemen

Similar to the Brotherhood faction, the Minuteman wants to protect humanity and want peace for humans and liberate Synths. This group is made of players that do not impose their beliefs on others.

Beliefs Of The Minutemen

  • Maintaining good relations with each respective faction and not imposing their beliefs on others.

Pros Of The Minutemen 

  • They provide the players with the easiest path to follow, explore the wasteland with no restriction, call reinforcement, and the ability to call for an artillery strike.
  • Giving players no restriction to change their storyline by shifting to different faction groups.

Cons Of The Minutemen 

  • The players have to destroy the institute faction to complete their story at least equipped with advanced technology.
Final Words 

Sharing all the pros, cons, and beliefs of the different factions in Fallout 4, we have listed them from best to worst, which will help you in the gameplay. Share the article if you find it helpful, and comment below on which is your favorite faction.

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