Who Is The Fastest Pokémon? Is It Fastest Than The Light?


If you care more about Pokémon than your real-life friends, I will not judge you because I am the same. Back in the day, when the internet wasn’t as prevalent now, I had stacks of collectible cards accumulated over the years. They gave me the stats about all the Pokémon – who was the fastest Pokémon or who was the strongest Pokémon. I knew them all, and I would use them in make-believe battles with my friends.

Now there are no make-believe battles as we have apps that have given us a battleground. We have Pokémon Go, Pokémon Gold, and Ruby versions, to name a few. We can battle our Pokémon virtually and see who will come out on top and who will lose. The fan-favorite will always be Pikachu because he’s always stuck by Ash in his adventures. However, we know that using the same kind of Pokémon in every battle will not be possible.

Based on their base speed stat, I have curated a list of the top 5 fastest Pokémon. There are some surprises and some not-so surprises, so let’s check them out below!

5 Fastest Pokémon Through All The Generations | Check Your Favorite On The List! 

Pokémon keeps on getting new versions every few years, and these new versions are what we fans call the ‘Generations.’ These generational Pokémon are a specific bunch of Pokémon. There have been a standout few who have had great battle statistics to their name through every generation. Some are so impressive that they are featured in this list even after many years since they first came out. 

This list is based solely on stats, so if your favorite Pokémon isn’t on the list, don’t worry; it’s still just as good, probably isn’t fast enough. 

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#1 Regieleki | The Fastest Pokémon Through All The Generations

Who Is The Fastest Pokemon Through The Generations? Does Your Favourite Pokemon Make The List?

Introduced in 8th generation Sword and Shield The Crown Tundra, Regieleki is the fastest Pokémon in the entire series. The base speed of Regieleki stands at 200, which can hit an insane high of 548 at level 100. 

Regieleki is a legendary type of electric Pokémon, and while it is the fastest Pokémon, it also has some decent moves in its attack too.

2# Speed Forme Deoxys | The Second – Fastest Pokémon

2# The Second-Fastest Pokemon - Speed Forme Deoxys

Deoxys is a legendary Pokémon, as it boasts a speed stat of 180 when it evolves into the special version known as the Speed Forme. It is known to be the second-fastest Pokémon in the entire series. It has blistering speed and cannot be seen by its enemy in the battleground.

Besides Speed Forme, other versions of Deoxys are faster than any of the normal type Pokémon, but if we put them in the list, that will be unfair on the other ones. At level 100, Speed Forme Deoxys has a speed stat of 504. Mind-boggling!

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3# Ninjask |The Third Fastest Pokémon

3# The Third Fastest Pokemon - Ninjask

Surprised? Surely you think this is a joke, but no it’s not. Ninjask, the cute-looking little bug Pokémon, is the third-fastest Pokémon in the series. The clue should have been in the name since it has ‘ninja’ in it. Jokes aside, Ninjask has a base speed stat of 160, which on level 100 goes to 460.

Ninjask does not have much to show for its attacking powers with only speed boost as the main attack, which should not take away from its blistering fast pace. It is said to be so fast that it’s invisible to the naked eye. The only way to figure out a Ninjask is around is through the buzzing sound it makes due to its speed. Talk about special talents!

4# Phermosa | Gone In A Blurrrr

4# Phermosa | Gone in a blurrrr

Phermosa is a bug and fighting type Pokémon and has a base speed of 151, which will go all the way up to 441 when Phermosa hits level 100. This Pokémon is one of the ‘Ultra Beasts’ unique capabilities in the battleground. It increases its speed after every successful hit to its opponent. That has bound to be scary for its poor little enemies. 

5# Electrode | The OG Of The First Generation

5# Electrode | The OG Of The Frist Generation

Electrode is from the first generation of Pokémon and has an incredible speed, landing in the 5th position of the fastest Pokémon. It was the titleholder for the fastest Pokémon for the first couple of generations before the legendary Pokémon came and took its crown. 

Electrode is a normal electric type of Pokémon that evolves from Voltorb. It is said that Pokémon trainers would often mistake it for a Pokéball and get zapped when touching it. The electrode has an amazing 150 base stats for its speed which can reach 416 when it levels up to 100.

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Honorable Mentions For The Fastest Pokémon | Gotta Catch ‘Em All! 

Honorable Mentions For The Fastest Pokemon | Gotta Catch them All, right? 

Pokémon who could not make it to the top 5 but still deserve mention in the category of the fastest Pokémon are:

  • Dacian – Introduced in Crowned Sword and has a base speed stat of 148 and a maximum speed of 438 at level 100.
  • Accelgor – Accelgor has a base speed of 145 and 427 when it hits its max level.
  • Zeraora – It’s a Pokémon with a base Speed of 143 that can reach 423 at level 100.
  • Mewtwo – Mewtwo has a base speed of 130, while the max stat remains unknown since it hasn’t been captured by any trainer ever.
  • Aerodactyl – Its base speed stat is 130, and it’s capable of reaching a score of 394 once it attains level 100.

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Final Words

Whether from the first generation or the last generation, these Pokémon have speed stats that will blow any other Pokémon out of the water. Most of these happen to be legendary Pokémon, so if you happen to catch them, make sure you hang on to them and don’t let them go. Meanwhile, I will go and sing the theme song of Pokémon for some time now, and you can let me know in the comments who your favorite Pokémon is and why?

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