10 Fastest Speedsters Who Will Leave You In Surprise! Superhuman They Are!


The fastest speedsters in the Marvel and DC comics are those who have a gift of speed. They have the ability to run faster than any human or animal and get anywhere instantly, within a snap. We, humans, are always fascinated by these speedsters as they have a way to control time which many of us can only dream about. Surprisingly, their stories become a source of entertainment for readers when they were published in the comic books and later entered the series. 

These speedsters possess hidden powers, which makes them unique. From the early days to these current generations, these speedsters have kept up with the changing world and raced faster toward new adventures.

Without letting you wait much and overthink about their speed and powers, let us explore the exceptional qualities of some fastest speedsters right now! So, people, Scroll! Scroll! Scroll!

After the entry of these superhuman characters, Marvel and DC comics have been able to take readers’ attention from heroes in canon to these characters. So, let’s find out why and how they differentiate from lead heroes.

Marvel speedsters possess many powers but fail to reach them on time when it comes to comparing them with DC Speedsters. Would you like to know the reason behind it? It’s because they are less connected to other Marvel members.  Let’s know them in and out!

The Blur | Can Travel Through Time!

5 Popular Marvel Speedsters | Quite Slow Than Their DC Counterparts 

In simple words, you can understand The Blur as an alter ego of a boy named Stanley Stewart, who gained the power of high speed because of the arrival of retro-virus on earth.

The Blur has manifested that he is the one who can break the barrier of time. Due to this ability, he takes a break during battles. As a result, he loses track of the correct timeline. Further, his reflexes and agility have been enhanced to support his speed. 

He is also shown as the fastest mortal on the planet due to his speed. In addition to this, he is resistant to friction and heat, which guards him against any damage to his body. Impressive, right?

Hermes | The First Admired Speedster!

10 Fastest Speedsters Who Will Leave You In Surprise! Superhuman They Are!

Hermes is a member of the Olympians, which is a group of humanoids belonging to a dimension called Olympus. Other than this, he is the ancient God of speed and works as a messenger of the Greek Gods.

Hermes’ primary power is a Godlike speed and holds the potential of unlimited speed. Due to this, he is the first one with the maximum speed in the Marvel Universe. In addition to this, he can give tough competition to other Gods and Goddesses.

Like his speed, his strength also makes him an exception, and due to his advanced muscles, it produces no fatigue. Also, he can resist the great impact of forces without any injury. And fast healing ability is also an addition to his powers.

Quicksilver | The Unbelievably Fast One

10 Fastest Speedsters Who Will Leave You In Surprise! Superhuman They Are!

Though there is not much about the history of Quicksilver, he is known as the fastest man alive and a speedster turned Avenger.

Though it is difficult to believe yes, Quicksilver can run up to 770 miles per hour and has the potential to run at more speed. Isn’t he highly superhuman? Interestingly, he has a large reserve of energy that allows him to run for an unknown amount of hours. Due to his exceptional speed, he once traveled across the Atlantic Ocean without stopping anywhere. 

Other than this, his stamina offers him the ability to fight for a long period and more than a human. Due to his quick intellect, he can think at great speed and read or earn anything in mere minutes. He is also a skilled combatant because of his training in martial arts and other forms of combat.

Ghost Runner | Uses Demonic Powers For Speed

10 Fastest Speedsters Who Will Leave You In Surprise! Superhuman They Are!

Ghost Runner, who was previously known as Ghost Rider, is a motorcycle stuntman named Johnny Blaze, who attained his powers by making a deal with the devil and getting bound to the spirit of Vengeance. Zarathos gains control of Johnny Blaze, and the Ghost Rider becomes the spirit of Zarathos. 

In Marvel comics, Heroes Reborn Version #3, Ghost Rider becomes the speedster of Vengeance. You will be surprised to know that Ghost Runner is the one who gives tough competition to The Blur at a point in the series. Interestingly, his speed differentiates from others, not because of how fast he can run, but because of the source of speed. Unlike others, he has demonic speed, whose source is the devil. 

When it comes to his other powers, he can generate, control, and mystical project fire, named Hellfire, in the series and comics. In addition, this fire can even burn the soul of a person. It’s quite scary. Further, his durability and endurance are similar to other speedsters. 

Makkari | Known For Matching The Speed Of Light 

10 Fastest Speedsters Who Will Leave You In Surprise! Superhuman They Are!

Makkari belongs to the community of the genetically engineered Eternals, which was created by celestials (an old race in the universe).

Makkari is one of those Eternals (an extraterrestrial race of humanoids) known for her speed, which can touch the speed of light. Interestingly, her speed is so fast that it can bend the laws of physics.

The reason behind her speed is Eternal Psychology, which is the blood of Eternals. Other than having great stamina, durability, and endurance, she can manipulate cosmic energy to a certain extent. Also, she has a great balance of body and superhuman reflexes, which allow her to dodge the speed of objects traveling at high speed. Lastly, she has advanced senses, which let her see even the tiniest movement around her.

5 Amazing DC Speedsters | Winning Over Marvel Speedsters

The only thing that gives DC speedsters an upper hand over Marvel Speedsters is their ability to reach on time. Unlike Marvel Speedsters, they have better connectivity with others, which permits them to reach wherever required. Let’s shed some light on DC Speedsters!

Johnny Quick | The One Who Is Nothing Without Helmet

10 Fastest Speedsters Who Will Leave You In Surprise! Superhuman They Are!

Johnny Quick is the only counterpart of Flash (another fastest character) from Earth-Three that made an appearance during the silver age, while he continued to appear throughout the modern age as a part of the Crime Syndicate Of America (a team of supervillains). Also, he is born with an enhanced speed.

Like other speedsters, he has super speed, whose limit is unknown to all. Interestingly, the reason behind his fast speed is the helmet that he wears. And the helmet supplements his natural speed to a great level. Surprisingly, despite having this helmet, he is slower than other speedsters. Without the helmet, Johnny cannot be classified as a speedster.

His powers and abilities are similar to Flash’s, like high strength and endurance. 

Max Mercury | A Speedster With Multiple Names 

10 Fastest Speedsters Who Will Leave You In Surprise! Superhuman They Are!

Max Mercury is the only speedster who entertains various names, like Windrunner, Whip Whirlwind, and Lightning, in his career and becomes a mentor of Impulse (a member of Flash’s family). Initially, he is assigned the role of a messenger and later gets into the team of speedsters.

The reason behind his fast speed is the Speed force conduit, which is a cosmic force that allows Max to push the boundaries of time and space. With the help of this power, he manages to attain high speed. As a result of this power, he experiences enhancement in aspects of psychology.

Other than this, he has accelerated healing, enhanced senses, and superhuman agility. Due to his enhanced senses, he can perceive thought very quickly compared to a normal human. The speed force aura is the most interesting power that he bears. With the help of this power, he gets a proactive layer for all he carries.

Jesse Quick | Follows The Footsteps Of Her Father 

10 Fastest Speedsters Who Will Leave You In Surprise! Superhuman They Are!

Jesse Quick is one of the interesting speedsters who is the daughter of Johnny Quick (yes, the same that I mentioned above). To become a speedster, she follows the formula that her father gives her, hoping that she will become a famous speedster. Interestingly, she devotes half of her life to studying other speedsters, which becomes a reason behind her success. 

Her superhuman speed allows her to run at the half speed of light and the outcome of the speed force connection. This speed force connection has connectivity with her visualizations of the speed formula. And she connects with the speed with the help of this formula. Surprisingly, it’s not only Jesse that uses this formula; some others also use it.

The reason behind her superhuman strength is her mother because Jesse has inherited this from her. With the help of her power named flight, she can fly at super speed. When it comes to agility and reflexes, she is at the same level as his competitors. Surprisingly, she is among some female speedsters who manage to give a tough fight to male speedsters.

Zoom | The One Who Met An Accident That Gave Him Powers

10 Fastest Speedsters Who Will Leave You In Surprise! Superhuman They Are!

Zoom, also famous as Hunter Zolomon, belongs to the category of speedster supervillains. In his early life, he used to work with the police department but got transformed into a speedster after meeting with an accident. 

His life changes entirely. After getting paralyzed in an attack, he requests Wally West to use the time-traveling treadmill to prevent this injury. With the risk of damaging the treadmill, Wally refuses to use it. Finally, Zoom decides to use the treadmill on his own, and as a result, he gets equipped with superhuman powers.

In terms of speed, Zoom has access to immense speed. Interestingly, he uses every bit of his speed and can resist the motion negation power of still force. Finally, he is capable enough to create a massive sonic boom that is powerful enough to destroy everything. 

After using the cosmic treadmill, he gets access to the speed force conduit (the same that Max Mercury has, so here’s another user of this power). When it comes to reflexes and stamina, they are beyond humans. Further, he has great coordination of his body and is surrounded by a friction cushion that protects him from possible dangers. 

Barry Allen | The First One Who Tapped Into Speed Force

10 Fastest Speedsters Who Will Leave You In Surprise! Superhuman They Are!

Barry Allen is the one who eventually becomes a costumed crime-fighter and the fastest man. Other than this, he is the founding member of the Justice League (an organization with the world’s greatest superheroes). 

The story of how he became a speedster is an interesting one. Before being a speedster, he used to work as a forensic scientist. One day while working on a case in his lab, he gets struck by a bolt of lightning caused by a particle accelerator. Then, he wakes up after four months and realizes that he possesses super-speed abilities. From then onwards, he decides to fight for good.

In terms of his speed, he gets blurry during his maximum speed. Interestingly, he is so fast that he has the upper hand compared to Superman or Supergirl. With a speedster like him, it is not wrong to expect the speed of light. Other than this, he is the only one who can give a competition to Wally West. Interestingly, he keeps in mind to hold his speed so that he does not make a hole in time and space.

The bolt of lightning results in his access to the power named speed force conduit (the same that Max Mercury uses). With the help of his super reflexes, he can perform activities like dodging light. Further, his body has been enhanced so that he can handle the stress of moving at superhuman speed. 

Final Words 

When it comes to the fastest speedsters in Marvel and DC series/comics, these are some of the high-ranked speedsters. Interestingly, they can move at high speed and possess other powers. I would appreciate it if you shared your favorite speedster in the comment box!


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