FBI Season 4 Episode 14 Ambition | OA’s Bid To Promotion! 


FBI Season 4 Episode 14 Ambition was just released by CBS, and the twists had us scratching our heads. From the career goals of OA on the line to Wallace facing an ethical dilemma, the team went through it all. Let me give you a brief recap of the main events in the episode.

In the episode, we see FBI (2018) agent Omar Adom or OA for short, having lunch with his superior, Agent Bashar. Bashar tells OA he is on the list of getting promoted. That is only if he plays his cards right. The higher management has seen the potential and thinks OA will most likely become team lead. 

Meanwhile, we see the team meet with the anti-gun movement leader, Ann Tasker. Tasker has received various threats on her stance by right-wing extremists. They consider guns are an American’s right, and Ann’s stand goes against everything they believe in. Unfortunately, the police can’t do anything as threats come under a person’s freedom of expression. 

Things go south as a blast goes off at one of Ann’s rallies. The leader of the extremist group Paul Bogdan is finally apprehended and is manhandled by the police before throwing him in the lockup. This upsets Wallace, and she tells OA she will complain about it. 

FBI Season 4 Episode 14 Ambition | OA Is Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Bashar has already told OA he needs to maintain a good profile. OA has to stay out of sticky situations with internal issues and do his best on the field. On hearing about Wallace, Bashar calls up OA and asks him to take care of the issue. He doesn’t want the FBI to lock horns with the local New York Police Department. 

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OA Talks To Wallace | The Real Reason Behind Her Complaint

FBI Season 4 Episode 14 'Ambition' | OA’s Bid To Promotion!

FBI Season 4 Episode 14 is aptly titled ‘Ambition.’ OA has the ambition to become the ‘boss,’ but at what cost? His loyalties are tested. Does he remain loyal to Wallace and tell her to go ahead with the complaint? Or does he go against the department that he is looking forward to leading?

The higher-ups in the NYPD speak to Bashar, who talks to OA. Bashar tells him not to consider the small misdemeanor by the police officers as misconduct. The issue needs to be de-escalated and swept under the rug. This is for the betterment of the two departments involved, and if OA can handle the situation, then for his promotion. 

With this in mind, OA talks to Wallace about it. He tells her to consider the repercussions of pitting the FBI against the NYPD. He wants the best for her and doesn’t want her to get involved in politics. Wallace tells OA that she used to be an officer in the NYPD before she joined the FBI. 

Back in her time, she witnessed a lot of police brutality, but as she was a junior officer, she couldn’t do much. Ever since she got transferred from there, she promised to make things right and stand up for the truth. OA respects that and tells her to go ahead with the complaint.

OA even becomes the witness to the event and narrates the story of the brutality. How the victim was assaulted by the police even after he was secure in custody. While OA stood up for what’s right, he effectively signed the death warrant on his promotion. 

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What Happens In The Rest Of The Episodes Of FBI ? Who Caused The Bomb Attack?

FBI Season 4 Episode 14 'Ambition' | OA’s Bid To Promotion!

Back in the episode, we see Ann; the anti-gun lobbyist is the one who was the reason behind the explosion at her rally. She paid strangers on the internet to cause this attack to pass the anti-gun bill. The team eventually figures it all out and goes to arrest Ann. Ann sees her plan has been foiled. She takes a person hostage and makes insane demands. Luckily Agent Bell steps in and diffuses the situation, and Ann ends up in custody. Whacky, right?

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Final Words

FBI Season Episode 14 saw the agents deal with many personal issues. While their professional duties also came calling, we see OA take the best decision for him. He did not take the decision that would have been best for his career. Something we can all learn from. What are your thoughts about this FBI episode and OA? Let us know in the comments down below!

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