9 Features That Will Change The Way You Use Instagram


Instagram is an evolving social media platform. This means that it is always developing new features to improve the user experience and functionality. Since these features are continually changing, it’s hard to keep track of them. Usually, there are lesser-known ways to use Instagram features that people don’t know about.

It is important to keep up with these changes to track the new features to be more adaptive and inventive. This way you can grow your business on Instagram without having to waste any money on the best sites to buy Instagram followers. To make the process of keeping up with these features, we have made this list for you! 

It lists down 9 features that are essential for you to know to increase your audience’s engagement and grow your following organically.

Edit Photos  

Now, you can edit your photos on Instagram itself. Instagram may be used as a stand-alone picture editor in a jiffy. Firstly, you need to switch on the option to save original photos. The next step is to put your phone into airplane mode. Then, make a new post and modify your photo there. Because of this, it won’t be uploaded, and you will see an error message when you press the Share button. However, it will still be saved in your gallery. 

9 Features That Will Change The Way You Use Instagram

Shoppable Posts  

9 Features That Will Change The Way You Use Instagram

The shoppable posts feature is a very useful one for brands and businesses. Any business account on Instagram can upload shoppable content.  As a result, your followers can easily purchase any of your products easily directly even if you choose to buy Instagram followers. 

After making a business account, you will need to use product tags to publish new photos and tag them with goods from your product catalog. 

9 Features That Will Change The Way You Use Instagram

Hide Ads 

One of the best features on Instagram to improve the user experience is that you can hide ads. You may see advertisements depending on who you follow and what you like on Instagram. 

However, it is also possible to let Instagram know if a sponsored post doesn’t interest you so that the algorithm can gradually learn your preferences. 

Save Drafts  

9 Features That Will Change The Way You Use Instagram

A lesser-known feature of Instagram is that you can save drafts. The app will automatically ask you if you want to preserve it as a draft or delete it altogether.  

For those who haven’t applied filters, captions, or locations to their photos before pressing the back button, the Save Draft option isn’t visible. 

Mute Stories From Certain Users  

A popular feature is the ability to mute stories. You just have to tap and hold on to the Instagram Stories avatar of a user whose story you wish to silence. In this case, the story is moved to the end of the queue, preventing it from playing automatically. This will help you get a better user experience overall. 

9 Features That Will Change The Way You Use Instagram

Reels Templates  

9 Features That Will Change The Way You Use Instagram

Instagram has been focusing more and more on reels. Instagram now has a templates feature for reels. They will supply pre-built reel templates to help you make reels quickly and more efficiently. 

Even if you don’t know how to make Reels, this is a terrific method to get people interested and motivated.  To use a reel template, you just need to click the “Use template” button next to any reel. 

9 Features That Will Change The Way You Use Instagram

Creators’ Marketplace  

Instagram has developed a new marketplace for independent artists and content creators. With this new feature, producers can contact the sponsors directly. This makes it easier to form collaborations around sponsored content.  

Creators can choose up to ten items that match their personae from a list of their interests. Brands will be able to quickly engage with creatives because of this feature. 

Pin Posts  

9 Features That Will Change The Way You Use Instagram

You can now also pin certain posts on your page. This is helpful to help you maintain your aesthetic while also making sure your audience gets the right information about you first. 

You can pin up to 3 images or videos on the top of your grid. If you choose to buy Instagram followers, these posts will be the first ones they see. You just need to go to the post and tap the three dots on the top of the screen and just choose “pin”. 

Professional Dashboard  

The Profession Dashboard feature is available for businesses to track their performance. It also helps them access professional tools. You’ll be able to see how your company interacts with its followers and what time of day your audience is most active so you can adjust your posting schedule accordingly. You may also use branded content tools and methods to keep your business alive on Instagram.

9 Features That Will Change The Way You Use Instagram

Final Words  

As amazing as Instagram is, it will be even better if you know about these features and learn how to use them to your advantage. Most of these features will help improve your brand’s overall presence. 

It’s best to always be up to date with the latest trends to help you engage with your audience more efficiently. With the help of these features, you will be able to grow your Instagram presence organically without having to go to the best sites to gain Instagram followers.

Cherry Sharma
Cherry Sharma
Cherry is a Vocational English graduate with a deep love for reading fiction and writing. Cherry is also passionate about psychology and is an advocate of mental health. In her free time, you can catch her making reels and posts around the topics for Instagram. She's constantly brainstorming ideas and googling strategies to grow her own profile. So, on Viebly, she combines her interests and knowledge to write articles that help other people use Instagram better as well.


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