After the Fitbit Versa, the company has unveiled Fitbit Sense ECG. The key highlights of this watch are its impeccable sensors as that of apple and Samsung galaxy watch 3. Sensors are heightened with stress sensing and temperature sensing.

Fitbit has confirmed that features will go live as soon as it gets clearance from the regulatory authorities.

Fitbit Sense ECG: All Features and Review

It checks your skin temperature and gives a graph for its analysis, this feature is more beneficial, especially during this COVID time. Although it is providing temperature sensing in the last 3 years in its Fitbit Versa series as well.

Fitbit Sense ECG
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Let’s have some insights into the features of the Fitbit’s upcoming smartwatch and its review:

All improved Sensors of the watch

This Fitbit’s top-end smartwatch’s sensors are an addition to what the watch is already having. You wear it on your wrist and so it checks your skin’s temperature from your wrist from its electrodermal activity.

It also looks after your galvanic response and checks your stress level. Lastly, Key feature of its ECG to have a look at your heart rate which is similar to Apple watches. Also, some of the other sensors have also been improved.

The heart rate optical set up has optical channels which the Fitbit confirms to give heart rate with more accuracy

Fitbit Sense’s ECG Functions

It uses one lead ECG and electrocardiogram to form a complete circuit to scan your heart rate. It gives information of 30 seconds of your heart rate. But it’s obviously not a replacement for a deeper ECG that a cardiologist does. For e.g., it will not tell you signs of diseases like a heart attack.

Though you will be seeing the features soon but FDA has not given the clearance to ECG yet, so who can give the accurate time and its surety of ECG launch.

It gives you sleep score, stress score with those combinations of sensors. I am curious to check what information it gives you when you are feeling unwell.

Design and looks of the Watch

Its design you can say is an advanced version of the Fitbit Versa but with more comforts. It’s designed with more elegant metal and glass and feels sleeker on wearing.

There’s no button on it, just a heptic depression where to put pressure and it vibrates a bit.

The straps attached for wearing is much better and comfortable. Also, these straps are removable, with a click its pops out and you can again put back there very easily.

The charger is also very innovative, it sticks to it at the back like a magnet and that’s it.

A look into the top Rivals:

As per latest remarks by Larry Yang in an interview that Fitbit Sense ECG would get clearance in the US and the EU “this side of the Holidays.”

Fitbit’s rivals is ahead of the race of occupying market first. Apple watch series 4 has already been released a few months ago. On the other hand, Samsung’s galaxy watch 3 has got clearance in the native state of South Korea and has passed FDA in the US, however no date has been given to date about when will it’s features be turned on.

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source link 2: cnet

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