Five Letter Words That Start With A And End With D | Best Words For Your Wordplay! 


Well, if you search for five letter words that start with a and end with d for your wordplay, we have got you covered! Read this article to make a list of words that others don’t know!

It’s quite hard to believe, but this is a catalog that has been made especially for you to end your search. Moreover, it covers most of the five letter words that start with a and end with d!

Five Letter Words That Start With A And End With D | Dig Out Most Of The Words!

Five Letter Words That Start With A And End With D | Best Words For Your Wordplay! 

You will be elated after coming across many five letter words that start with a and end with d. Be ready with a notebook in your hand to don’t miss out on any of the following words. Happy reading!

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#1 Ached 

This word denotes a condition where someone has felt continuous pain. In addition, the pain in such a condition is highly discomforting. Interestingly, this word is an old English word that has been taken from the Proto-Germanic word ‘akanan.’ In the crude form, this word was pronounced as ‘ake.’ 

#2 Acrid 

It means smelling a strong or bitter smell and means the same for something bitter in taste. And the origin of this word happened from the Latin word ‘acre,’ which was used for anything pungent. After getting added to English, it became acrid, and the use of this word started in the 18th century. 

#3 Acted 

Acted refers to an action taken as a result of another action. Besides this, the word means to perform a specific function. Interestingly, the source of the origin of this word is the Latin root ‘do.’ After the advent of this root, various words like ‘acted,’ ‘actor,’ and many other words came into existence. 

#4 Aided 

It means to provide a helping hand to someone who needs it. And the original form of this word was ‘adjuvare’ in Latin, which got modified to ‘aide’ in French. Finally, the word became ‘aid’ after being a part of English. And the usage of this word started in Middle English. 

#5 Aimed 

This word directs toward the intention of someone to achieve something. Also, it means to direct something after considering a person or a thing as a target. In reality, this word is a modified version of the Middle English word ‘aimen,’ which means guessing or estimating. Further, this Latin was an Old French word before becoming an English word. 

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#6 Ahead 

Ahead in front of someone or something more advanced than its predecessor. This word is an amalgamation of ‘a’ and‘ head,’ which have been English since their inception. Finally, these words got mixed in the 17th century and made ‘ahead,’ which we use till today. 

#7 Armed 

It means to have a gun, rifle, or any other weapon in hand. In detail, it indicates someone who has access to weapons at the moment. The original form of this word was ‘arma,’ which is a Latin word, then it became ‘amer’ after getting the French modification. Finally, it became ‘armed’ at the time of Middle English. 

#8 Avoid 

This word refers to an act where someone tries to prevent something from taking place. In addition, this word means the intention to maintain distance from someone intentionally. This word came into existence after modifying the French word ‘evuider,’ which means to get rid of. And it appeared in Middle English. 

#9 Award 

It is a token of appreciation or a prize that someone gives after achieving something. Sometimes this word is also used for an amount given to someone after a court decision. It is a late Middle English word from the Anglo-Norman French word ‘awarder.’ 

#10 Ashed 

This word denotes the conversion of something into ashes. Interestingly, this word is a Middle English word whose crude form was ‘asshe.’ Other than this, the word is rooted in Old English and Old High German. 

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Other Five Letter Words That Start With A And End With D | You Can Count On More Words!

Five Letter Words That Start With A And End With D | Best Words For Your Wordplay! 

Here’s a surprise for you! The list of five letter words that start with a and end with d has not ended yet! This was just a break because more words are in the queue! Get equipped with all these words as well!

#1 Aband 

This word means to leave something in isolation and move ahead with new things. Interestingly, this word is the genesis of another word, ‘abandon,’ which means to leave something. And the use of this word took place for the first time in the 14th century. 

#2 Accad  

This word is one of those words that were used in ancient times and are only read today in ancient books. Interestingly, this word is one of the biblical names that means a vessel or a pitcher. 

#3 Awned 

It refers to hairlike appendages on the flowers of some cereals and grasses such as wheat. And the origin of this word goes back to late Old English. In reality, this word was used at the time of Middle English. 

#4 Allod 

Allod means something that belongs to its owner completely and cannot be withheld by anyone. This word was used in law and order during the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period within the premise of the Holy Roman Empire. 

#5 Amend 

This word indicates an action through which something is changed for its betterment. Also, this word is made after the union of two words from different languages. The first word is ‘amender’ from Old French and the second one is ‘emend’ from English. 

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Final Words 

I hope you had a great time discovering five letter words that start with a and end with d. And I am sure these words will help you a lot in playing word games. Now, just go through all the words once again to understand them better. Will bring another list of interesting words soon for you!

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