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Contrary to popular belief, not all gays are natural flirts. A lot of them struggle with flirting big time, even more so when doing it online. With online dating significantly on the rise, learning how to flirt with another gay, even more so a black gay, is a skill that everyone needs in this digital age. 

With that said, here are some basic things you need to know when flirting with a black gay online. 

Best Things to Considered While Flirting With Black Gay

Find the Best Platform

Flirting with a Black Gay

Most guys would need to sign up on dating sites in order to meet other gay men. And there are a number of great online dating apps and sites for every taste. Members of these online dating communities may come from different gay scenes. 

So, if you’re more into black hunks, consider signing up for a website with a black gay chat. In order to find a match, the chatting features for a reliable dating platform should have an algorithm for pairing people as well as video chatting. 

Initiate a Conversation

When you find the perfect platform and a potential date, it’s time to initiate a conversation. For most gays online, it is often an uphill task to start a conversation since it may not always be natural or smooth. 

That’s okay. But shyness won’t take you anywhere. A simple “Hello” or “Hey” can make things easier. 

Make a Joke

Flirting with a Black Gay

Humor is the universal ice-breaker. So, to remove the awkwardness and shyness, make a joke. 

If you can make someone smile, then you are off to a good start. Humor can ease tension, calms the nerve, and makes people feel comfortable. You can express yourself without being weird or creepy at all. 

You can make light jokes about his profile, for instance, “are your parents as good-looking as you?” You can also make a funny observation about yourself to ease any shyness. 

A word of advice though, skip any racist joke you have in mind. Or, if you have a punchline that will offend any people of color, then you need to keep it to yourself. Crude jokes or innuendo are not the way to get someone interested. Regardless of how witty it may sound, if it will offend someone and their heritage for even just a minute percent, it’s racism. 

Throw Some Compliments

Compliments can go a long way in boosting the confidence and morale of other people. Complimenting someone can be a great way of letting them know your intentions and desires online and is a great flirting approach. 

In order to do this well, you can try sending nice comments about their recent postings, uploads, or even personal interests listed on their dating profile. This means a lot to them. 

Understand the Lingo

Flirting with a Black Gay

You probably know this, but black dudes have some of the coolest and unique slang there is. For those who don’t know, the Black community uses Ebonics or AAVE, short for African American Vernacular English. AAVE has a different grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary than the standard English dialect. 

Think of the words like you’re slaying, lit, fleek, bae, or yas queen. They definitely have their own vocab, so if you’re going to be talking to a black gay, make sure that you learn their lingo first to make it easier for you to understand them and prevent awkward moments. 

Maintain a Playful and Cheerful Atmosphere

At the first stage of your online conversation with a black gay, you do not want to have serious conversations. Flirting means you want to keep things simple while being cheerful. 

Teasing him can be a promising and good way to maintain a playful and flirtatious atmosphere. For instance, if he asks about what you’re doing at the moment, you can answer with, “I’m currently filling the tub, want to see?”

This can initiate curiosity and further questions from him.

Be a Little Direct

If you start to feel more relaxed while chatting with him, it is normal that you begin to feel more connected to him and want to know him more. 

But you should not hurry too much. You can just give him the idea that you’re somewhat attracted to him. 

For instance, you can say, I don’t like scary movies, but I may be less scared if I watch with you. If you get a positive response with this flirting, then you can continue. Otherwise, you need to slow down. 

The black gay dating scene has probably one of the most active communities, with many members always on the lookout for a potential partner. Learning how to flirt with a black guy with the tips mentioned above can help you catch the eye of your crush and seduce your man successfully.