The Show Floor Is Lava Fake Or Real? Very Funny May Be Scripted!


Recall the time when we used to jump from one sofa to another, swing with the main gate of the house or with the doors while adjusting our tiny feet in the little spaces and avoiding touching the floor, well that is something every child loves to do, messing and, leaping across various props and furniture pieces. Bringing this game of childhood, Netflix adapted This concept behind its latest reality competition show, Floor is Lava, but as the name suggests, is Lava real, or is the Floor is Lava fake? 

The floor is Lava is a game show created by Megan Mcgrath and Irad Eyal, premiered on Netflix on June 19, 2020, the show follows a simple concept, predicting that the floor or the ground is made of red Lava, and touching the ground could be deadly. The players that enter the room have to avoid touching the floor by standing or clinging to the furniture, or jumping off the massive boxes making their way to the exit point. 

Well, for the obvious reason, there is no way that the participants who join the game want to kill themselves, so the Lava in the show is definitely fake and is made with 302,833 liters of bright red goop that looks like real bubbly Lava. Does that indicate to the point and confirm the Floor Is lava fake? The one good answer would be, No. How would you support the fact that it is a reality TV show?

This article will detail what the show Floor is Lava is all about and then prove if the show is fake or a real one. Scroll down and read!

The Floor Is Lava Fake Or Scripted? Shocking Answer!

Whether the show is real or fake, before that the most important thing is to understand the concept of the game. In this article, you will be informed about each and every detail related to the TV show.

#1 What’s This Game Is All About?

With the mixture of physical challenges, laughs, and small rolls of embarrassment, this is the proper entertainment family pack reality TV show.  The show’s main concept of success lies in its bringing a nostalgic play of childhood. Talking about the game and the physical challenges, the team that enters the room to start their journey has to cross every obstacle and make their way towards the exit point without touching the floor.

Floor Is Lava fake?

The team has to make their way by jumping off the furniture, hanging to the rods, swinging from the chandeliers, and making their way to the exit point. The game has no extreme rules and physical challenges, but as the show’s name suggests it has Lava on the floor!

Well, that’s Not the real Lava but is made from water and red slime, giving it the hot bubbly lava look.  While crossing the obstacles, if the player falls in the lava, he is considered out, and the rest of the team members have to proceed without him.

In each episode, three teams tackle the same course, the chances of winning or losing depend on how effective or ineffective the contestants in the team are. The show casts three teams to play on a show that ages between 18-55 and every player are paid $250 For a single episode. The contestants are given a chance to win the prize money of 10,000 dollars.

#2 Prove That The Floor Is Lava Is Not Fake  

Leaving the lava concept that is fake and scripted, all the other aspects of the show are real. Passing the obstacles is more intuition and common sense rather than any pre-planned scripts. The contestants that come to the show to compete also have no idea of what would be the obstacles, so it all depends on how well the team plays and how their team members support each other that determine the chances of success, most notably how good they are in simple physical activities that involve balancing, jumping, etc.

Proof That The Floor Is Lava Is Not Fake

The team members know each other, and the producers find people who have easy-to-understand relations with one another, like three sisters or a group of roommates. Different people with different perspectives and personalities that come to the show add more entertainment and fun factor when Sometimes the teams that you thought wouldn’t win actually end up winning the game.

The game looks genuine with nothing scripted with the participants and the tasks they have to perform to win. What would mostly be scripted in the show is the pre and post-reactions of the contestants.

Final Words

Yes, the lava part of the show is scripted, but it is a mere way to put the contestants in terror and boost their performance. It is also the way to add an entertainment factor to the show. The game is very genuine, and there is no question about that. 

Antra Koul
Antra Koul
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