6 Best Floral Dresses For a Summer Wedding


A wedding is the most memorable event in everyone’s life. We get to enjoy, celebrate, eat, and so many other things. What is better than a summer wedding. But one question always strikes your mind is what to wear in that hot scorching summer. We have a list of the best floral dresses which you can pull off during a summer wedding.

Floral dresses are the best choice if you are attending a summer wedding anywhere around the globe, either on a beach or a resort. Floral dresses will add a style statement to your look. Floral dresses will make you as fresh as a blooming flower in spring.

Best Floral dresses are Linen Bend Dress, Floral Midi Dress, Ditsy Floral wrap dress, Floral Flare dress, Khadi Angrakha, and Dil Guldasta. These are some of the exclusive prints from different brands.

Let us read about these brands and their floral dresses to help you choose one for the wedding.

Top 6 Floral Dresses for a Summer Wedding

Following are the Top 6 Floral Dresses for a summer wedding, which you will find online easily:

# Linen Bend Dress from H&M 

Linen Bend Dress from H&M
Source: h&m

This beautiful dress by H&M is suitable for your friend’s beach wedding. You can wear it during a pool party or even during evening ceremonies. It comprises of Slub Weave and a tapering V neck which adds an oomph to the entire dress.

This dress is available in two different colors; both the colors are summer-ready, and you can pick one for any function. This beautiful dress can be teamed up with Braided Sandals from the same brand, and to create a fashionista look, you can wear a metal anklet from H&M.

This product is made from 55% cotton and 45% linen so that you will feel light, breezy, and fresh all day long during those heavy Wedding ceremonies. You will rock this Summer wedding with this floral print dress from H&M.

#Floral Midi Dress from Zara

Floral Midi Dress from Zara

Floral Midi Dress from Zara has a V neck with puffed sleeves that adds a summer vibe to your entire look. This dress is suitable for your friend’s wedding lunch, where you can wear this outfit and walk like a showrunner.

You can team up this look with wavy hair and nude makeup to give your entire look a fresh vibe. You can walk either in your stilettoes or threaded flip-flops, making it a complete Beach wedding dress.

This particular dress is suitable for plus-size women. For me, size doesn’t matter; what matters is confidence. If you can pull off your miniskirts even if you are plus size, you rock the show. This dress belongs to all body types. It is also made up of 100% recyclable material; hence it is eco-friendly too.

#Black and White Ditsy Floral Wrap Dress- From House of Masaba

Black and White Ditsy Floral Wrap Dress- From House of Masaba

This beautiful piece of clothing is a simple piece that can help you play all day long, fresh and breezy. This dress is a wrapped-up knee-length dress, which is suitable for a beach cocktail party. This dress can help you pull off those night functions just like a snap.

You can pair this dress with danglers and pumps, and you are good to go. If you feel you can pull off a satin hairband with this dress, you can complete your retro look.

You need to pay attention to the fabric, as it is made of crepe and carries digital printing; therefore, you only choose dry cleaning for such pieces. The brand Masaba is well-known in India and can make you enjoy a foreign destination with a swag.

#Floral Fit print and Flare dress from AJIO

Floral Fit print and Flare dress from AJIO
Source: AJIO

If you plan to join the party with all your Madame vibes, then Madame this for you. This dress is an ankle above-length dress. This dress is a fusion of Anarkali suits, Gowns, and midi; hence, this dress.

Floral Fit print fits your body well and hugs all your curves above the torso area. The Floral Flare is an extension that makes you look taller and sleek. This is a stunning dress, which will make you look best for your friend’s wedding day.

You can add a jute or net hat to complete your most awaited look of the entire day. You can wear this dress with heavy earrings and pumps. You are ready to go, and make everyone stop for a moment to welcome you.

#Khadi Angrakha from the Sabyasachi Art Foundation

Source: Sabyasachi

The Khadi Angrakha dress is for both men and women. This dress is an exclusive production from Sabyasachi Art Foundation. This dress is a floral printed A-shaped Kedia customized jacket with a bikini top and the khadi lehenga. On the contrary, a man wears Khadi Angrakha Jacket with a Sabyasachi Bengal Tiger military Belt.

This dress can be teamed well with bohemian silver accessories, accentuating your whole look and your better half. The entire fabric is made up of khadi lined with a cotton lining which makes it utter soft.  

Men can go for Jutties or couture shoes, and women can wear matching stilettoes to complete the entire look. If you guys are ready to wear this, you are going to steal the whole show.

#Dil Guldatsa for the bride by Sabyasachi 

Source: Sabyasachi

Deepika Padukone was seen wearing this “Dil Guldasta” for her post-wedding celebration. It is a sequins dress and exclusive couture, which gives a whole look to the bride. If you have decided to marry your man in this bright summer or spring, you should go ahead with the dress.

The entire Lehenga Choli is embroidered on silk called Bordeaux with the help of beaten silver and gold threads. It has hand-dyed velvet appliques, which can give you a royal feel on your wedding day.

This is the best choice you can wear at a beach wedding. It adds to your mega event of life and can be kept as a memory for years to come.

These were some of the options for a floral dress on a wedding day. You can also check out, best dresses for women to wear in summers at a wedding and the best dresses for men to wear at weddings in summers. Choose your summer wedding look from the various options provided.

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