10 Eye-Catching Florence Pugh Movies That You Should Not Miss!


If you like Florence Pugh movies, then these movies enlisted below are a perfect watch for you. Florence Pugh is a British Actress who initially got recognition for her role in Lady Macbeth (2017), in which she portrayed the role of the lead woman. 

Florence debuted in 2014 and was seen in The Falling (2014) for the first time. The actress is also known for her role in the 2018 series The Little Drummer Girl, which was highly appreciated. 

There have been many Florence Pugh movies after 2019 where the actress has portrayed the role of lead characters. We have constructed a list of 10 entertaining Florence Pugh movies that you will enjoy. 

10 Fun Florence Pugh Movies That Will Make You Fall For The Star!

10 Eye-Catching Florence Pugh Movies That You Should Not Miss!
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Florence Pugh got recognition in the year 2019 for her role as Paige. The actress has been acting since 2014 and has played many minor roles over the years. There are many Florence Pugh movies where you can see the actor portraying important yet minor roles. 

The actress has played varied roles in a multitude of genres. Let’s look at these amazing Florence Pugh movies that will keep you captivated and entertained. 

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#1 Little Women (2019) 

10 Eye-Catching Florence Pugh Movies That You Should Not Miss!

Little Women (2019) is a romance drama based on the novel Little Women (1868) written by Louisa May Alcott. The movie portrays the journey of the March sisters from the perspective of a woman named Jo March. 

Little Women tell the story of the March sisters who wish to live life on their terms and the different journeys they take in their life. The movie showcases their struggles with being somewhat rebellious since the movie is based on the era after the civil war.

Little Women attractively presents the story with various time jumps to the past and the present. The movie was highly appreciated for its amazing cinematography and attention to detail. Florence Pugh played the role of Amy March in this amazing film.

IMDb Rating7.8
Runtime 2 hours 15 minutes
Director(s) Greta Gerwig
Writer(s)Greta Gerwig, Louisa May Alcott
CastSaoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh
Streaming Service Amazon Prime Video, Netflix
Release Date December 25, 2019
Filming LocationConcord, Massachusetts, USA
Production(s)Columbia Pictures, New Regency Productions, Pascal Pictures

#2 Outlaw King (2018) 

10 Eye-Catching Florence Pugh Movies That You Should Not Miss!

Outlaw King (2018) is a biographical drama based in medieval times. The movie primarily represents the journey of a brave king who fights against a much larger army. 

Outlaw King portrays the life of a Scottish noble named Bruce, who fights against the British royalty and decides to get the throne for himself after being declared an Outlaw. The movie represents the man’s journey from being an Outlaw to finding help from various lords and eventually winning the battle against King Edward II. 

Outlaw King is a great movie, with impeccable attention to costume design and set construction. The movie encompasses the struggles of medieval times and the fight between the Scottish and British crowns before they were unified. Florence plays a major role in the movie in the form of King Bruce’s wife and King Edward I’s daughter.

IMDb Rating6.9
Runtime 2 hours 1 minute
Director(s) David Mackenzie
Writer(s)Bathsheba Doran, David Mackenzie, James MacInnes
CastChris Pine, Stephen Dillane, Rebecca Robin
Streaming Service Netflix
Release Date November 9, 2018
Filming LocationFalkirk, Scotland, UK
Production(s)Sigma Films, Anonymous Content, Clockwork Sessions

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#3 Midsommar (2019) 

10 Eye-Catching Florence Pugh Movies That You Should Not Miss!

Midsommar (2019) is a horror and mystery drama based on the unexpected turn of events that a couple undergoes while on vacation. The movie Midsommar revolves around the lives of a couple as they go on a vacation. The duo decides to visit a small village during its mid-summer festivities. However, what initially seems to be a happy and fun experience gradually turns violent as a cult is involved in the festivities.

Midsommar is an extremely uncomfortable and nail-biting experience. Fans of horror and mystery will love the movie. Florence plays the role of Dani, who is the protagonist in the movie.

IMDb Rating7.1
Runtime 2 hours 28 minutes
Director(s) Ari Aster
Writer(s)Ari Aster
CastFlorence Pugh, Jack Reynor, Vilhelm Blomgren
Streaming Service Amazon Prime Video, Netflix
Release Date July 3, 2019
Filming LocationBudapest, Hungary
Production(s)A24, B-Reel Films, Nordisk Films

#4 Lady Macbeth (2016) 

10 Eye-Catching Florence Pugh Movies That You Should Not Miss!

Lady Macbeth (2016) is a romance drama based on the life of the Lady of a house, who has been forced into a loveless marriage. The movie narrates the tale of Katherine who is married to a man twice her age and is extremely unhappy in her marriage

Lady Macbeth explores the passionate affair that ensues between Katherine and one of the estate workers. The movie also explores the drastic change in her behavior as she gradually becomes more passionate about what she desires to achieve.

Lady Macbeth was highly appreciated because of its nuanced portrayal of the Victorian era and the oppression women faced in those times. The movie presents Florence in the role of Katherine Macbeth, and the role is considered one of her most iconic roles.

IMDb Rating6.8
Runtime 1 hour 29 minutes
Director(s) William Oldroyd
Writer(s)Nikolai Leskov, Alice Birch
CastFlorence Pugh, Cosmo Jarvis, Paul Hilton
Streaming Service Amazon Prime Video, Netflix
Release Date July 14, 2017
Filming LocationCounty Durham, England, UK
Production(s)Sixty-Six Pictures, BBC Films, British Film Institute

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#5 Fighting With My Family (2019) 

10 Eye-Catching Florence Pugh Movies That You Should Not Miss!

Fighting With My Family (2019) is a biography drama that revolves around the life of a wrestler family, as the teenage children of the family plan to become members of WWE. The movie narrates the story of a young girl who wishes to become a wrestler, just like her mother and father. 

Fighting With My Family focuses on her struggle as she gradually learns that it is not easy to be a wrestler. The movie tells her journey as she gradually learns of the tribulations she will have to undergo while pursuing the career.

Fighting With My Family is considered one of the first breakthrough roles of Florence Pugh as she played the lead role. The movie was loved by the viewers and made for a fun and entertaining watch.

IMDb Rating7.1
Runtime 1 hour 48 minutes
Director(s) Stephen Merchant
Writer(s)Stephen Merchant
CastDwayne Johnson, Lena Headey, Vince Vaughn, Florence Pugh
Streaming Service Amazon Prime Video, Netflix
Release Date February 22, 2019
Filming LocationBerkshire, England, UK
Production(s)Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Channel 4 Television Corporation, Film

#6 Black Widow (2021) 

10 Eye-Catching Florence Pugh Movies That You Should Not Miss!

Black Widow (2021) is an action-adventure movie that narrates Black Widow’s life and past as a spy. The Marvel Cinematic Universe movie explores the Black Widow as she tries to face her tumultuous past. The movie also investigates her relationship with her family as she tries to fight powerful forces trying to seek revenge.

Black Widow is an exceptional movie but received mixed reviews from the viewers. The movie is a typical MCU movie that explores the past of one of the Avengers. Black Widow presents Florence as the long-lost family of Black Widow. 

IMDb Rating6.7
Runtime 2 hour 14 minutes
Director(s) Cate Shortland
Writer(s)Eric Pearson, Jac Schaeffer, Ned Benson
CastScarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, David Harbour
Streaming Service Disney Hotstar
Release Date July 9, 2021
Filming LocationMore og Romsdal, Norway
Production(s)Marvel Studios

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#7 The Commuter (2018) 

10 Eye-Catching Florence Pugh Movies That You Should Not Miss!

The Commuter (2018) is a mystery drama that portrays the journey of a former police officer who tries to find a dangerous commuter while fighting against time. The Commuter is, in a way, quite predictable and typical in its portrayal of the storyline. The movie presents how a man is warned against impending danger by a fellow passenger. The movie explores his dilemma as he cannot trust anyone and tries his best to solve the situation before it gets worse.

The Commuter is an entertaining watch. The movie is quite intense and follows the journey of the ex-officer as he tries to find the commuter he is supposed to seek. Florence Pugh portrays a minor character and plays the role of Gwen. 

IMDb Rating6.3
Runtime 1 hour 44 minutes
Director(s) Jaume Collet-Serra
Writer(s)Byron Willinger, Philip de Blasi, Ryan Engle
CastLiam Neeson, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson
Streaming Service Amazon Prime Video, Netflix
Release Date January 12, 2018
Filming LocationSacramento, California, USA
Production(s)StudioCanal, TF1 Films Production, The Picture Company

#8 Hereditary (2018) 

10 Eye-Catching Florence Pugh Movies That You Should Not Miss!

Hereditary (2018) is a horror mystery that narrates the life of a family mourning the loss of a family member. The movie explores the aftermath of the family member’s death and how the family gradually starts to experience supernatural problems.

Hereditary presents a family’s grief as the youngest member of the family dies. The movie further progresses to showcase the family’s involvement with various supernatural identities. Slowly everything falls apart as the family is haunted by incidents that have been happening to the family members for generations.

Hereditary is mediocre and was equally loved and hated by the viewers. The characters portray themselves in a charismatic manner. However, the plot is very unbalanced and, at times, jarring. The movie makes for a fun watch but only a decent one-time watching experience.

IMDb Rating7.3
Runtime 2 hour 7 minutes
Director(s) Ari Aster
Writer(s)Ari Aster
CastToni Collette, Milly Shapiro, Gabriel Byrne, Florence Pugh
Streaming Service Amazon Prime Video
Release Date June 8, 2018
Filming LocationSany, Utah, USA
Production(s)PalmStar Media, Finch Entertainment, Windy Hill Pictures

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#9 The Falling (2014) 

10 Eye-Catching Florence Pugh Movies That You Should Not Miss!

The Falling (2014) is a mystery drama that explores the weird happenings in an all-girls school after the death of a student. Revolving around the friendship of a duo named Abbie and Lydia, the movie investigates the aftermath of Abbie’s death.

The Falling narrates the occurrence of weird faintings happening throughout an all-girls school after the death of a cheerful and popular girl. The movie portrays the principal’s dilemma as she tries to find the reason behind the recurring fainting incidents.

The Falling presents quite an interesting and unique premise. However, the movie falls flat due to the lack of proper execution. The movie makes for a decent watch if you like to watch intense and confusing plots.

IMDb Rating5.3
Runtime 1 hour 42 minutes
Director(s) Carol Morley
Writer(s)Carol Morley
CastMaxine Peake, Maisie Williams, Florence Pugh
Streaming Service Amazon Prime Video
Release Date August 7, 2014
Filming LocationOxfordshire, England, UK
Production(s)Cannon and Morley Productions, Independent, BBC Films

#10 King Lear (2018) 

10 Eye-Catching Florence Pugh Movies That You Should Not Miss!

King Lear (2018) is a drama that explores the life of a king who creates a disastrous situation by giving the throne to his cunning daughters while disowning his honest and loving offspring. The movie adapts Shakespeare’s play of the same name and is primarily a tragic story.

King Lear decides to abdicate his throne to his three daughters based on their love for him and is fooled by two of his eldest daughters. The happenings gradually ensue into a predictably disastrous situation.

King Lear has an amazing plot and is entertaining. However, the plot is undeniably tragic and, at times, frustrating. Florence Pugh plays the role of Cordelia, who is the youngest princess and is disowned by King Lear.

IMDb Rating6.1
Runtime 1 hour 55 minutes
Director(s) Richard Eyre
Writer(s)Richard Eyre
CastJim Broadbent, Jim Carter, Tobias Menzies, Florence Pugh
Streaming Service Amazon Prime Video
Release Date September 28, 2018
Filming LocationDover, Kent, England, UK
Production(s)Playground Entertainment, Sonia Friedman Productions, British Broadcasting Corporation

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Final Words

These were Florence Pugh’s movies that were entertaining to watch. 

We hope you liked our collection of these ten eye-catching Florence Pugh movies that will make for an interesting watch. Do let us know which of these Florence Pugh movies you liked the most. Stay tuned with us for more entertaining content. 

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