Floribama Shore Cast | Where Are They Now!


If you are a fan of the dating show Floribama Shore, then we have some information regarding the Floribama Shore cast that you might be interested in!

Floribama Shore (2017) is a sequel to the iconic dating show Jersey Shore (2009) and primarily focuses on the same pattern.  Floribama Shore primarily presents the same idea of the said dating show with a new cast and at a new location. 

There have been multiple opinions regarding the show Floribama Shore and how it cannot match up to its predecessor. The show, at its best, can be considered a guilty pleasure dating show that viewers enjoy solely for the unnecessary drama. 

Let’s take a look at what the cast of Floribama Shore have been up to since the release of its fourth season.

Where Is The Floribama Shore Cast Now And Will We See Them Again Anytime Soon?

Floribama Shore Cast | Where Are They Now!

Floribama Shore started airing in 2017 and is continuing. The fourth season of the dating show was split into two halves due to COVID-19. However, the show has not been canceled or renewed so far.

The Floribama Shore cast features eight individuals as they live together and try to explore their relationships with each other. The Floribama cast now has moved on to different things, but before that, let’s take a look at what has happened on the show so far. 

Floribama Shore What Has Happened In The Show So Far! Where Is The Cast Of Floribama Shore Now?

Floribama Shore Cast | Where Are They Now!

There have been four seasons of Floribama Shore so far. The show Floribama Shore’s first two seasons were filmed in Panama City Beach. The third season of the show was filmed in St. Pete Beach. The show’s latest season was split into two halves and was filmed in Montana and Arizona.

Let’s briefly explore the journey of the Floribama Shore cast 2022 on the show so far.

Floribama Shore Season 1 Recap

Floribama Shore season 1 primarily showcases the eight members moving in together. This season presents the journeys of various cast members and how they learn to cope with problems.

The season makes for a rollercoaster ride, with some members finding potential partners, as well as a bar fight, breaking out. However, the season ends on a sad note as a close family member of one of the cast dies.

Floribama Shore Season 2 Recap

The second season of Floribama Shore features the group reuniting at a new location. This season, Gus and Nilsa decide to part ways; Kortni goes through a breakup, and a couple of girls participate in a bikini contest. This season explores the ever-changing relationships between the cast members and how they solve issues.

Floribama Shore Season 3 Recap

Floribama Shore season 3 starts at a new location as the whole friend circle reunites again. The season starts with a fight regarding room allocation among the girls. Eventually, the season becomes a whole mess of chaotic situations as some members fight over their potential love interests while some couples decide to part ways. 

The third season of Floribama Shore finally concludes with the group remembering their memories at the new locations as they try to mend the rift between various people throughout the season.  

Floribama Shore Season 4 Recap

Floribama Shore season 4 was filmed in two halves due to COVID-19. The first half features the group reuniting, as some gang members have moved on with their lives. However, some old matters resurface among some members and lead to various problems once again.

Floribama Shore season 4 is considered one of the most dramatic seasons of the show. It features various groups of people trying to resolve old feuds that resulted in unnecessary altercations. The season primarily presents the various romantic relationships of the cast members as almost all of them let go of their initial love interests. 

Where Can You Stream Floribama Shore The Show?

Floribama Shore Cast | Where Are They Now!

Floribama Shore is quite an average yet an interesting reality show. The show is equally loved and hated for its dramatic premise. Lovers of the reality TV show can stream the dating show on various platforms like Paramount Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV.

Floribama Shore has four seasons currently, which feature approximately 70+ episodes in total, with each episode having an approximate runtime of 40 minutes. 

Floribama Shore Cast | Where Are They Now?

Floribama Shore Cast | Where Are They Now!

Floribama Shore cast features eight main cast members, who are as follows:

  • Aimee Hall
  • Candace Rice
  • Codi Butts
  • Gus Smyrnios
  • Jeremiah Buoni
  • Kirk Medas
  • Kortni Gilson
  • Nilsa Prowant 

It is also notable that Kortni Gilson left the show after Floribama Shore season 3 premiere due to personal reasons, citing mental health as one of the major issues. Kortni was briefly replaced by Mattie Lynn Breaux; however, she also left the show due to mental health reasons.

What Have Floribama Shore Cast Members Been Up To Recently?

Jeremiah Buoni has started his much-anticipated Fitness career, as he now owns a fitness brand that provides diets and nutrition advice to clients. The man is also an ambassador of various fitness-related brands as well. Like Jeremiah, Kirk Medas has also been working on his social media platforms.

The star has garnered a huge following on social media and works with various brands. On the other hand, Codi Butts has taken time off from any future filming projects and works as a bartender.

Fortunately, Kortni Gilson has been recovering from her mental health issues and has started regularly posting on her social media platforms. Cast member Nilsa Prowant has also settled with her romantic life, as she married Gus Gazda after the couple became parents to a baby boy in May 2021. 

Candace Rice has officially started working as an actress and is gradually paving the way for her various projects. The budding actress also gave birth to a baby boy on Christmas 2021. Gus Smyrnios is working as a model and is in a happy relationship with Samantha Carucci. He likes to keep his relationship private. Aimee Hall has also been working as a Social Media Influencer and is actively working with brands. The star is also famous for joining the platform. 

Will There Be A Season 5 Of Floribama Shore?

Floribama Shore Cast | Where Are They Now!

Floribama Shore season 4 premiered in May 2021, and it was initially anticipated that MTV might go on to renew the show for season 5. There was a lot of speculation regarding a possible Floribama Shore season 5 announcement by May 2022. However, there has been no news regarding the show’s renewal.

Currently, there is no news from MTV on whether Floribama Shore will be renewed for its fifth season or not.

Who Will We See In The New Season Of Floribama Shore?

Floribama Shore Cast | Where Are They Now!

The possibility of the original Floribama Shore cast members’ return is quite unsure yet. Since Nilsa Prowant got pregnant at the end of Floribama Shore season 4, she might not return for a new season. So, as of now we don’t have much to say about Floribama Shore cast 2023.

Some viewers speculate that MTV might introduce a new cast for the Floribama Shore season 5, while others are hoping for the return of the original Floribama Shore cast. No official statements have been released regarding Floribama Shore season 5 yet. Nothing can be confirmed regarding the possible Floribama Shore cast due to a lack of factual information.

Final Words

This was our take on all the latest information regarding the Floribama Shore cast, the possibility of a new season, and what the renewed Floribama Shore cast might look like. We hope you enjoyed this read regarding the Floribama Shore cast and their contemporary life.

Do let us know which Floribama Shore cast member is your favorite, and stay tuned with us for more fun content.   

Is Floribama Shore Cancelled 2022?

Yes, the new season is officially canceled now. Paul Daily has confirmed that there will be no new season in the future.

Does Floribama Shore get paid?

Yes, it is a paid show. All of the contestants who make an appearance on the show are paid a certain amount of money.

How much is Gus from Floribama Shore worth?

Gus Smyrnios is a fitness freak on the show and is well-known for his sharing looks. His onscreen appearance earns him a lot of money. Currently, his worth is $100,000 on Floribama Shore.

Is Jeremiah from Floribama on steroids?

Well, Jeremiah’s outstanding performance and behavioral temperaments have created news that he is on steroids. However, the contestant or the makers have not confirmed that Jeremiah is on steroids or drugs. These are mere speculations.

Who is the most popular on Floribama Shore?

The top-three popular contestants on Floribama Shore are- Nilsa Prowant, Aimee Hall, and Codi Butts.

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