Is MTV’s Floribama Shore Real Or Fake? Stream At Your Own Risk!


If you are a teenager spending most of your time watching MTV’s TV shows, then you might have heard about the accusations that Floribama Shore is facing. Ever since the show hit our TV screens, it became part of many controversies like Is Floribama Shore real or fake? and Gus’s irrational behavior on the show. 

Floribama Shore is a reality TV series presented by MTV and is a successor to MTV’s another hit series, Jersey Shore. The show documents the journey of eight young adults spending the summer together on the Gulf Coast in Florida. The contestants on the Floribama shore work and party together in a new place and bond with each other. 

Since the show first premiered on MTV in November 2017, it has become a center of criticism and controversies. Earlier, the show was called out for its unconventional approach, and now fans think it is entirely scripted. All the drama fights between the contestants, and betrayal is part of the director’s script. The show is a creation of the MTV network, so questions like this don’t come as a surprise anymore. Does it mean that MTV’s hit series Floribama Shore is fake? Or is it just a rumor targeting the show’s growing popularity? 

Well, you will find an answer only if you are aware of the tiniest details about the show, right? Scroll below and see all the details waiting for you. 

Floribama Shore Is Reaching The Heights Of Madness! 

The show’s first two seasons were shot at the same location in Panama City Breach, Florida, while for the third season, the makers shifted to St. Pete Beach, Florida. Whereas for the fourth season, viewers saw two new positions Missoula Montana and Lake Havasu City in Arizona. 

The Idea Behind Floribama Shore | The Show Is As Crazy As It Can Get!

The cast of Floribama shore

MTV”s Floribama Shore is a popular reality show that celebrates youth culture by sending a group of eight young adults to the Flora Panhandle. There the group spends carefree days and nights on Gulf Coast’s hottest beach together without worrying about anything. During the show’s runtime, many things happen that excite the audience, from detailing hookups to relationships coming to an end. 

As MTV says, the show is based on a coming-of-age story and lets the young adults taste independence without guidance. Are you also wondering why anyone would be willing to live on a beach with people who are strangers? The plot of Floribama Shore openly indicates to everyone that the show is fake and every part of it is scripted. 

Gus’s Violent Behaviour | Only MTV Can Tolerate Such Madness 

Gus Smyrnios is associated with Floribama Shore right from the beginning. During the four seasons that premiered, Southern charmer Gus’s on-again, off-again relationship with fellow contestant Nilsa Prowant is one of the biggest highlights of the series. Apart from that, Gus is also getting involved in constant fights and confrontations with his best friend, Jeremiah Buoni. However, the broken relationships and friendships are nothing compared to Gus Smyrnios’s violent behavior on the show. Many think that Gus is on drugs, and his substance addiction is driving him crazy with each passing day. 

We saw Gus running out into the show in the previous season wearing a tank top and shorts because he was mad at Candace. Indeed Candace must have done something terrible that led to such behavior from Gus, right? No, it’s not what you think. Gus came after Candace because she called him out for using her hairdryer. Gus starts attacking people and throws things randomly because of a hairdryer. Can you believe it? 

Fans have lost cool after Gus’s irrational behavior and are calling out MTV and the production house for letting him come back to the show. Gus not only risked himself, but he also had the nerve to come back and make a scene that led to the involvement of the local authorities. Gus, honey, what kind of behavior is this? 

Is Floribama Shore Real? It’s Time For The Truth 

The Floribama Shore Hookups

Since the show is currently ongoing, there isn’t any confirmation about the nature of Floribama Shore. These kinds of details come out once the show has ended, and the contestants are willing to spill the secrets in return for fame. However, the show’s drunken drama and hookup culture are enough for the fans, and they have taken a good hint at the authenticity. Unlike Jersey Shore, the cast of Floribama Shore isn’t intelligent enough to hide the scripted lines behind their faces and easily give away the idea that the show is indeed scripted. 

Crazy Cast Of The Show | All They Want Is Fame  

The floribama shore

Now, with a new season premiering, the show’s cast has remained the same for all five seasons. However, fans saw Mattie Lynn Breaux come as a supporting cast member in season three. 

Cast Member Season
Jeremiah BuoniSeason 1 to Season 5
Codi ButtsSeason 1 to Season 5
Kortni GilsonSeason 1 to Season 3
Aimee HallSeason 1 to Season 5
Kirk MedasSeason 1 to Season 5
Nilsa ProwantSeason 1 to Season 5
Candace RiceSeason 1 to Season 5
Gus SmyrniosSeason 1 to Season 5
Mattie Lynn BreauxSeason 3 (Recurring)

Final Words 

Many fans still think MTV’s Floribama Shore is based on reality, and everything that happens in the show is a part of the contestant’s real life. It is high time that we burst the bubble and clear the air that Floribama Shore is as scripted as it can get. The relationships, betrayals, and hookups are all part of the script that plays a big role in the show’s popularity. 

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