What Happened In Floribama Shore Season 1? Cast, Plot, Location, And Many More Updates!


Not all reality shows are meant for winning and losing; some are about fun and thrilling experiences. One such show that focuses on love, relationships, betrayals, and fun is Floribama Shore (2017). The series is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and passionate people who come together for an unforgetful adventurous journey. Though the series has recently ended season 4, this article covers Floribama Shore Season 1 in detail.

Floribama Shore Season 1 was one of the most entertaining seasons and for good reasons. The show managed to earn wide praise and a huge fan following. The show’s format is centered on exploring the lives of different individuals by getting together in an exotic location. 

Moving to another state and our mov...
Moving to another state and our move to Florida from Texas Episode 6

The unscripted American reality show – Floribama Shore is one of its kind that will surely keep you thrilled thoroughly. So, let’s start with the basics first! Here is everything related to Floribama Shore Season 1 that you need to know!

The Inside Details Of Floribama Shore Season 1 | Revisit The Madness!

Floribama Shore Season 1 kickstarted with a bang and an awesome cast that was not just filled with thrill and adventure but also a lot of drama, humor, and controversies in the show. Before getting into the details of Floribama Shore Season 1, here is an overall detail of this awesome show-

  • Release Date- November 27, 2017
  • Creators- SallyAnn Salsano and Drew Tappon
  • Cast- Jeremiah Buoni, Codi Butts, Kortni Gilson, Aimee Hall, Kirk Medas, Nilsa Prowant, Candace Rice, and Gus Smyrnios
  • Genre- Reality-TV
  • IMDb Rating- 5/10
  • Average Run-Time- 41 minutes
  • Streaming Platform- Paramount+, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video
  • Number of Seasons- 4 seasons
  • Number of Episodes- 75 episodes
  • Production companies- 495 Productions MTV Production
  • Development Distributor- ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks
  • Original network- MTV
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating- NA

Floribama Shore Season 1 was insanely amazing and twisted due to incorporating individuals belonging to diverse backgrounds. Moreover, the tasks and challenges given by the show were equally interesting that required everyone to work together to perform them. 

Instead of eliminations and wild card entries, the show focussed on knowing the participants fully and keeping a tab on their behavioral instincts. Such a raw concept appealed to the audiences who loved to watch them for a fresh experience. 

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What Is The Theme Of Floribama Shore Season 1 | It’s Beach Time!

What Happened In Floribama Shore Season 1

Floribama Shore Season 1 brought a unique concept and theme that captivated audiences with its freshness and bold attempts. The show was not looking for a winner or based on eliminating the failed participants but an attempt to live-shoot the cast together in their natural state. The theme of the Floribama Shore season 1 is “Sweet Home Floribama,” which revolves around the location and its participants.

All the contestants are supposed to live together and explore themselves to the fullest. In the process, they come close to each other, indulge in multiple relationships or friendships, and bond with each other. However, the show also highlights the negative sentiments of humans where they indulge in cheating and conspiracies. Such amalgamation of emotions spices up the show and makes it more captivating. 

The theme of Floribama Shore Season 1 remained the constant approach throughout all of its seasons and episodes. The participants work together and spend time with each other in exotic locations and explore their identity and sexuality through the show.

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Who Were In Floribama Shore Season 1 Cast? The Awesomely Chaotic People!

What Happened In Floribama Shore Season 1

What makes Floribama Shore Season 1 more compelling and awesome is the show’s cast, who entered the series with their own stories. All the eight participants entertained the audience with their charming personalities and cheerful moods. Moreover, they made the show interesting by highlighting the crucial emotions of humans and indulging in a lot of thrilling activities.

The main cast of Floribama Shore is the same people featured in all of the four seasons. These young, energetic people have added charm with their talents and good looks. So, it would be much better to know about them in a nutshell before getting further with the show’s details. So, here is a quick overview of the main cast of Floribama Shore Season 1-

  • Jeremiah Buoni – One of the famous contestants in the Floribama Shore series is Jeremiah Buoni. He has made a huge fan base and competitive reputation. The handsome hunk is a gym freak who is very conscious of his six-pack abs and perfect jawline. However, the fitness champ is a quite sensitive and soft-hearted person who never shies from helping his fellow friends. However, he is quite temperamental when it comes to brawls and fights. Otherwise, he knows very well how to keep his family and friends happy. 
  • Codi Butts – Every group has one person who is everybody’s favorite. Well, for the Floribama Shore series, he is none other than Codi Butts. The charming man is not just popular for his cute looks but also known for his friendly and helpful nature. He loves to help his teammates and tries to build healthy relationships. However, sometimes things go really bad for him when the contestants misinterpret his acts in the show. Thus, it leads to a never-ending cold war. Otherwise, he is a generous man.
  • Kortni Gilson – Kortni Gilson is among the original members of the Floribama Shore series cast. She is very health conscious and always advocates for mental health as well. Her sensitive nature and innocence made the show more impressive. She helped her fellow mates complete various tricky tasks with ease and had an on-and-off relationship. However, she ended her journey on the show after participating in the first three seasons due to deteriorated health conditions. However, she is quite active on social media platforms. There are chances that she might join the upcoming season 5! Do you want to see her back?
  • Aimee Hall – Aimee Hall is the party animal of the group who loves to groove on any beat and boozes many times. She has worked as a bartender in a local bar. She dreams of living a luxurious life with her soulmate and is trying to find her perfect match. She boasts of buying 20 acres of land in Alabama. Though she is a carefree, fun-loving girl, she is quite dramatic and has indulged in many controversial fights throughout the series. 
  • Kirk Medas – If you have watched the show, Kirk Medas doesn’t need an introduction. However, if you are still a newbie, he is one of the most appealing and good guys on the show. Kirk Medas has earned a good reputation through his nobel deeds and helpful nature. Though he is not much into the show’s drama, he has a rough life outside the show. Kirk was jailed for consuming liquor and aggressive behavior. However, he manages to keep himself as a peace-loving guy in the show!
  • Nilsa Prowant – Nilsa Prowant knows how to keep the party alive! She is the life of the show and a party-lover who never shies to twerk her body on music beats. Nilsa is a native contestant and knows a lot of the geographic diversity of the place. Thus, it gives her an upper hand to get brownie points in the show. She has been wild and fiery throughout the first three seasons. However, she was less active in Floribama Shore Season 4 due to her pregnancy.
  • Candace Rice – Candace Rice is the mature lady of the group who keeps everyone in discipline and sorted. Candace is far more mature than the rest cast in making quick decisions, performing tasks, and solving complicated relationship issues. She is an entrepreneur who is involved in skincare products. Candace is one of the most desirable candidates in Floribama Shore who knows how to balance fun and responsibilities very well.
  • Gus Smyrnios – Though Gus Smyrinios is the average guy of the cast, his personal life was mostly sorted than the fellow cast members in the three seasons. He is an underperformer who barely manages to perform tasks without any help. However, he is a fitness freak in his personal life and devotes his maximum time make himself more adorable. He broke up with his girlfriend before season 4 and participated as a single contestant. He is the only contestant who entered the show via show’s invitation through Facebook. 

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Where Was Floribama Shore Season 1 Filmed? Exotic Shooting Locations!

What Happened In Floribama Shore Season 1

Floribama Shore Season 1 is also very popular for choosing exotic locations and beautiful landscapes. The stunning visuals enhance the show’s appeal. Floribama Shore Season 1 chose Florida and Alabama for extensive shooting. 

The cast was taken to Gulf Coast in Panama City Beach, Florida, where they spent a lot of time. The beaches, sands, and tropical trees added charm to the Floribama Shore Season 1 in every possible way. 

What Were The Episode Names In Floribama Shore Season 1? A Quick Walk Through!

What Happened In Floribama Shore Season 1

There was a total of 8 episodes in Floribama Shore Season 1, which kickstarted the series. Here are the names-

Number Of Episodes In Floribama Shore Season 1Name Of Episodes In Floribama Shore Season 1Release Date Of Floribama Shore Season 1
1Eat, Pray, Party!27 November 2017
2Plunger Envy27 November 2017
3Dollar Draft Beer  People4 December 2017
4Home Sweet Home to Me11 December 2017
5Love You Like a Brother18 December 2017
6Princess Goddess Mermaid25 December 2017
7Drunken Words Sober Thoughts1 January 2018
8Snuggle Puddle8 January 2018

Where Can You Watch Floribama Shore Season 1? Let The Fun Begin!

What Happened In Floribama Shore Season 1

You can watch Floribama Shore season 1 Paramount+ and witness the chaotic madness that will surely give you an entertaining time.

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Final Words

The Floribama Shore series is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining unscripted reality shows that highlight the contestants’ very basic nature and behavior throughout the episodes. It does not believe in eliminating the weaker candidates and choosing a winner. Instead, it focuses on inclusivity of diversity in all situations. Floribama Shore Season 1 is the most entertaining series that deserves appreciation for introducing such a unique concept. What are your thoughts about the same? Do mention it in the comment section!

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