Floribama Shore Season 4 And All You Need To Know About It | Catch Up On A Dose Of Reality!


Who isn’t guilty of spending their summers binge-watching episodes of Jersey Shore back in their teenage years? No? Just me? Well, before there was Netflix and Hulu, we had it tough. The team who made Jersey Shore possible is back with a similar series called Floribama Shore. With a couple of seasons already under its belt, let’s check out some details about Floribama Shore season 4. 

Shore fans are already familiar with what reality shows like this entail, but let me explain for those who are new to this. Floribama Shore follows the lives of eight young adults on the hot summer beaches of Panama City Beach, Florida. The reality show has seen its fair share of tears, drama, heartbreaks, and happiness. 

Young adults with no parental supervision experience freedom for the first time, and they want to live in this make-believe world for just a tad bit longer. So whether you are enticed by impulsive hookups or the drama that unfolds after that, Floribama Shore has something for everyone.

Floribama Shore Season 4 And Things You Need To Know | Inside Details Of The Hit Show!

All You Need To Know About Floribama Shore Season 4 | Catch Up On A Dose Of Reality!

Floribama Shore first hit our television screens in 2017 on the original channel of its predecessor, that is, MTV. The show opened to positive reviews and has seen no stopping since. It seems like the popularity and appeal of Jersey Shore haven’t gone away one bit. While the show’s name is a bit of a mouthful, the feelings that it has brought back remain the same. 

Additional Details About The Show – 

Release Date2017
CreatorsSallyAnn Salsano and Drew Tappon
CastJeremiah Buoni, Codi Butts, Kortni Gilson, Aimee Hall, Kirk Medas, Nilsa Prowant, Candace Rice, and Gus Smyrnios
IMDb Rating5/10
Average Run-Time41 minutes
Streaming Platform Paramount+, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video
Number of Seasons4
Number of Episodes 75
Rotten Tomatoes Rating NA

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Floribama Shore And What The Show Is About | Is It Better Than Jersey Shore?

All You Need To Know About Floribama Shore Season 4 | Catch Up On A Dose Of Reality!

In its essence, the premise of the show is quite simple. Floribama Shore is coming-of-age documentation of young and handsome adults. The show takes us through their journey to explore love and life while they step into a new phase in life. Something we all can relate to, minus a camera crew following us around 24×7.

The members are put in a house and are known as housemates to each other. They are known to party often, indulge in tasks, and sometimes even form bonds that last a lifetime. Besides what goes on inside the house, Floribama Shore also has a stellar location for filming, which further increases the show’s appeal. 

The name, somewhat weird, comes from the location itself. The beach that the reality show takes place in goes from Florida up to Alabama. An amalgamation of the two thus has given us the name – Floribama Shore.

Floribama Shore Season 4 | A Brief Recap

All You Need To Know About Floribama Shore Season 4 | Catch Up On A Dose Of Reality!

Floribama Shore season 4 saw a lot of shake-ups. From the filming location to the personal interactions of the housemates, everything took a turn. First off, because of the pandemic, the filming location of the Floribama Shore season 4 was shifted from the sunny beaches of Florida. The new location was chosen to be the mountainous regions of Montana. 

For many of the southern American housemates, the snowy mountains were their first experience ever of snow. Also, because of the covid 19 pandemic, the housemates had been away for the last 18 months. Which meant a fiery hot reunion was the first thing on the cards.

The housemates took updates on each other’s love lives, dreams, goals, and aspirations that changed in the last year and a half. Following the reunion, the group indulged in epic games and fun-filled activities. The first of which was a drunk version of the Olympic Games. Something highly entertaining!

Like all good things in life, the fun doesn’t last long. During one of the heart-to-heart sessions, Nilsa announced she was pregnant, meaning she would have to discontinue her stint on the show. This also brought up questions about relationships, and cheating allegations were also thrown around. This led to a lot of drama and chaos.

Amid the very same drama, Codi and Candace announced their wedding, which restored the happy and sad balance in the house. The crew continued to explore the snowy peaks throughout this drama, and the audience was again treated to some beautiful scenery.

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Floribama Shore Season 4 Cast | Who Are The Members Of The House!?

All You Need To Know About Floribama Shore Season 4 | Catch Up On A Dose Of Reality!

The core cast members of Floribama Shore season 4 have remained the same as in the previous seasons. The showrunners would sometimes introduce other family members, friends, or acquaintances to create some drama. So if you’re going to be watching Floribama Shore season 4 now, there are a few constant names that you might know from before.

Codi Butts – Codi is arguably everyone’s favorite. Whether it is the audience or the crew, he is loved by all. His ‘friend to all’ kind of vibes has sometimes hampered his chances of landing the person he is been crushing on. But all things seem to have worked out since in Floribama Shore season 4, Codi declared Candace and he were getting engaged.

Aimee Hall – Aimee has a history of rigorous partying and sometimes drinking too much. Nowadays, she has settled down and seems to have bought land for farming and other purposes back in Alabama.

Jeremiah Buoni – The fit guy with a physique of a Greek god might seem the manliest man on the outside, but he has the softest heart. Known as reliable among all the crewmates, Jeremiah does get involved in his fair share of dramas. He is also known to be quite tight with his family too.

Nilsa Prowant – Nilsa released massive news to everyone on Floribama Shore season 4 about her pregnancy. She is a Panhandle, Florida native and a serial party goer. We don’t think she will be going back to her old ways of partying all night anymore with these new developments. Her future on the show also looks like coming to an end.

Candace Rice – Candace is the entrepreneur of the group and has her line of beauty products besides being a part of the show. Her business skills make her the manager and the elder sibling of the group. With Codi and she getting together now, things are looking good for them.

Gus Smyrnios – Gus is a bodybuilder and is into fitness and nutrition. He recently became single and had been trying his luck at finding potential mates. Unlike other cast members on the show, Gus was invited by the producers by checking out his Facebook. That’s some bragging rights for him!

Kirk Medas – Just like Candace, Kirk is also known as the older sibling of the group. He tries to manage everyone around him and likes to keep things in order. Also known as Mr “Good Guy” of the group, some events in the off-season might have marred his reputation in Flordibama Shore season 4.

Kortni Gilson – Unfortunately, Kortni withdrew from the show early on at the start of Floribama Shore season 4. Citing mental health issues, she now lives a life away from the entertainment industry and has become a mental health advocate.

Where Was Floribama Shore Season 4 Filmed? The Beautiful Location Of The Show!

All You Need To Know About Floribama Shore Season 4 | Catch Up On A Dose Of Reality!

Floribama Shore season 4 didn’t let the pandemic slow it down. So while there were strict restrictions back in Florida, the entire show was moved to a completely new destination. Floribama Shore season 4 took place in the mountains of Montana, which provided much-needed relief for the cast and the crew alike. This not ensured the show would go on but also led to a change in the scene.

Partying on the beach for the previous three seasons was a bit boring, and the change in the scene was much needed for the audience. Besides, the locations were again changed after half of Floribama Shore season 4 was filmed. After spending time in the cold, the cast and crew moved to Lake Havasu, Arizona, to get some sun.

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Where Can You Watch Floribama Shore Season 4? Stream Online Or Watch On TV!

All You Need To Know About Floribama Shore Season 4 | Catch Up On A Dose Of Reality!

Floribama Shore season 4 can be streamed online on Paramount +. So if you have a subscription, you are golden. Besides, if you still feel like going the cable TV route, the show is available on its original platform, MTV. 

Final Words

If you are craving some reality TV, bingeing on Floribama Shore is the best thing that you can do. We have covered all the details of the Floribama Shore season 4, so you don’t need to look elsewhere. Who is your favorite housemate from the show, and which one was your favorite season? Let us know in the comments below!

Did Floribama Shore cancel?

No, Floribama Shore isn’t canceled. With 4 seasons out already, a 5th one seems to be in the making.

Does Floribama Shore cast get paid?

Yes, Floribama Shore is a reality show, so the stars are paid a set amount per episode. According to various reports, the cast gets paid $20,000 per episode. But this hasn’t been confirmed either by the cast or the showrunners.

Will there be another Floribama Shore season 5?

As of May 2022, MTV hasn’t officially confirmed Floribama Shore season 5 yet. We still have time for confirmation with the Floribama Shore season 4 wrapped up in 2021.

Who is pregnant on Floribama Shore?

Nilsa Prowant is pregnant on Floribama Shore. She announced her pregnancy in the reunion episode of Floribama Shore season 4.

Why did Kortni leave Floribama Shore?

Citing mental health reasons, Kortni left Floribama Shore.

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