For Life Season 3 | The Series May Get A Chance After All!


It’s been weeks since IMDb TV acquired the streaming rights to ABC’s canceled series For Life (2020) has made it to the top headlines. While the news has brought nothing but happiness to the fans, many think that this may give the entertainment series For Life season 3 a chance for renewal. With a new home, there are always chances for this to happen, right? 

ABC network’s popular legal and crime drama series For Life is loosely based on the true story of Issac Wright Jr., an American attorney. The plot of the series revolves around Issac Jr. being imprisoned for a crime that he never committed. He turned to help twenty of his jail mates and overturned their wrongful convictions during his time behind bars. After proving his fellow mates innocent, Issac Jr turned the jury upside down while proving his innocence. 

In a fast-paced world, where streaming platforms are continuously coming up with series that have little to do with the audience’s interest, it is hard to find a gem like For Life. The legal drama is one of the few series from the said genre that leaves quite an impression on the audience. It is because of its intriguing storyline, least expected plot twists, and layers of mysteries. Due to the efforts of an ensemble cast to bring out the characters to life, viewers are looking forward to For Life season 3 despite its cancelation by the network.

Honestly, the return of For Life now wholly depends on its new home, IMDb TV. If the show works well for the platform, there are chances that the platform may consider its future. Let’s move ahead and take a look at the series’ survival chances. 

For Life Season 3 | Are There Any Chances For Renewal? 

Earlier this year in May, network ABC decided to pull out the cancelation strings for the drama For Life, after which many fans were left disappointed. The show stars, including the lead Nicholas Pinnock, had something different to say about the cancelation of the legal drama series. The actor was nothing but thankful to the network for supporting the show through the first two seasons. It indicates there is no bad blood between the creators and the cast working for the series, but what about the audience and their expectations? 

1# The Reasons That Led To For Life’s Cancellation On Network ABC! 

For Life Season 3

ABC’s legal drama starring Nicholas Pinnock and Mary Stuart Masterson in the lead roles started as a hit and topped the rating charts within the first few weeks of its release. For Life, season 1 scored 3.15 million viewers at the beginning of the series. However, the makers soon started to witness a dip in the graph, and by the end of the series, the total number of viewers recorded was 2.82 million. The considerable drop in the viewership could be the network’s first hint to drop the series, but still, they continued their work with the second season, thinking that something may change.

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Following the story of Aaron Wallace stuck in the crime world during its second season, For Life continued to rule everyone’s TV screens to some extent. The beginning of the For Life season 2 saw the worst dip in its viewership compared to the previous season and recorded only 1.96 million viewers. However, the creators were sure that it was just a bad phase and that the season would recover from the loss soon. Their hopes were soon ruined when the total viewership recorded at the end was only 1.76 million viewers. 

For Life Season 3

For Life was one of the eight TV series that was streaming on Network ABC during the last year, and to everyone’s utter disappointment, the show scored the bottom position amongst all of them. Despite the efforts of the creators and the actors, the show never picked up after the loss of its live viewers, which resulted in the network taking some strict steps. 

2# For Life Season 3 May Not Be Dead | IMDb TV Changed Things! 

For Life Season 3

Season 3 of the drama series For Life may finally get a survival chance, as per the reports by Variety. Since IMDb TV recently acquired the rights and will start streaming the show’s first two seasons, there is a possibility for season 3 to happen. For now, the platform has made it clear that they aren’t thinking about season 3. However, it won’t take much time for the platform to reconsider a new season of the show in the future.

After the show’s farewell, it was reported that the network is looking for a new home to continue the series. Now that they have finally found one, they may secure an opportunity to make For Life season 3 more engaging and worthy of our time. 

Final Words 

At the moment, we cannot say much about the future of For Life season 3. All we can do is wait for the series to start streaming on IMDb TV and see how well it performs. If the ratings and viewership recorded are enough to make an impression, the platform may give the series a green signal. 

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