Free Guy Ending Explained | Is Buddy Dead or Alive? Let’s Find Out! 


Do you ever find yourself drawing similarities between yourself and a movie character, or nowadays, a Non-Playable character? If you feel relatable to the latter, I am guessing you recently saw the movie, Free Guy (2021). If you did and cannot understand its end, I will help you out. So, take a look at the Free Guy ending explained and whoosh away all your troubles. 

2021 action-comedy film Free Guy directed by Shawn Levy and adapted from a screenplay by Zak Penn and Matt Lieberman, follows the story of Guy (Ryan Reynolds). Bank teller Guy’s world turns upside down when he realizes that he is just an NPC and not a human in a massive open-world multiplayer game. 

As the story progresses, you will find Guy is a very sweet guy (see what I did there). While Guy tries to shackle away from the ties of coded lines, he falls in love with Millie girl, another NPC. However, Millie is not the only NPC in Guy’s life. Buddy, the security guard and Guy’s only friend, is also there. So, what happens when Buddy is tricked at the end. Does he die? No, he does not, but he is reprogrammed, which might be similar to death in the gaming world. 

So, let’s just stop dancing around the bush and move ahead to find all the answers related to the Free Guy’s finality. 

The Free Guy Ending Explained | What Will Happen To Guy & Buddy? 

Do you happen to be a fan of a game where pickpockets and goons run the world and people with superpowers wear sunglasses? You may ask, why sunglasses? Well, one because they are cool and two, why the heck not!? They are super-uber cool and a sign of your supreme powers. After the little introduction to this fantasy world, I am sure you must be excited to get well acquainted with it. Right? 

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Guy’s Backstory From The Free Guy | How Does He Go From Human To NPC? 

Free Guy Ending Explained | Is Buddy Dead or Alive? Let’s Find Out! 
How fast HIV dies outside the body ?
How fast HIV dies outside the body ?

It all starts when the movie viewers are taken into an open world, Free City. Free City is a unique place where people who wear sunglasses don’t talk to ordinary people. No, this isn’t the only unique quality of this place. Another quality that makes this place so special is its characters. Yes, I am saying characters because Free City is not real. It’s a massive open-world gaming empire. Guy is one of the non-playable characters in the game with a set routine. 

Guy wakes up every day, followed by a good morning wish to his goldfish, picks a blue T-shirt from his closet (surprisingly full of blue color), and then he is off to his job at the bank. Guy also goes to the cafe every day orders a medium coffee with two parts sugar and cream. And then, the sweet Guy ends his cafe visit with his go-to catchphrase, “Don’t have a good day, have a GREAT day!” 

One more thing that adds to Guy’s mundane routine is the bank getting robbed (yes, that’s every day!) While following his routine, Guy meets Molotovgirl, a fellow NPC. Guy’s gaze falls upon her while scrolling across the city, and thus, he concludes her as the girl of his dreams. Following his routine, the next day becomes tough for Guy as he feels the sudden urge to do things differently. 

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Why Was Guy Created In The First Place? The Free Guy Ending Explained! 

Free Guy Ending Explained | Is Buddy Dead or Alive? Let’s Find Out! 

Life Itself was created by Millie and one of her best friends, Keys. Before Free City, the place was Life Itself, but Mille’s publisher Antwan seized the code blocks and used them to create Free City. However, Free City still has traces of Life Still, which makes Antwan crazy, and he decides to develop a buggy sequel (oh my dear coders). To stop his plans, Millie teams up with Guy, and together they try to find the source code. 

While helping Millie, Guy stumbles across a pair of sunglasses and decides to wear them. When Guy sees the city in a new light, he feels motivated and levels up quickly by saving people. By the end of the movie, Guy finally cracks the code and goes to the hidden location created by Millie and Keys. From the other end, Millie strikes a deal with Antwan, which ends up with her keeping the remaining pieces of the city. 

By helping Millie and finding his motivation, Guy has also fulfilled the purpose of becoming a love letter. Through Guy and the striking similarities he shares with Millie, it’s obvious how much Keys is in love with, it’s safe so to say that by the end, Millie and Keys find their way back to one another. 

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Is Buddy Dead Or Alive? What Happens To Guy’s One True Friend? 

Free Guy Ending Explained | Is Buddy Dead or Alive? Let’s Find Out! 

We all know Guy’s only friend Buddy, the security guy, never liked violence or holding guns. The only time Buddy ever ushers the gun out of his holster is when they are on their way to Revenjamin Button’s stash house. Thus, when Antwan cancels every player account, Buddy disappears, leaving Guy alone. But soon, he is back, and together the two make a run for the bridge. 

But when Free City begins collapsing, Buddy falls behind, and Guy is left alone once again. Relax guys! This isn’t where the movie ends. The finale of Free Guy reveals Buddy is back, all thanks to Millie and Keys’ reprogramming skills. 

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Final Words 

What are you waiting for if you haven’t seen the movie Free Guy yet? Go rush to your Disney + accounts and start streaming the movie today! 

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