Frontier Season 4 | Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Much More


Craving for some adventure and Historical Drama? Frontier Season 4 is something you should look forward to. It is all set to release this year. Finally, we have an exact date to wait for it, unlike the much-awaited Black Mirror Season 6 or The Santa Clause 4.

The fur trade thing intrigued me incredibly, and lately, I’ve been searching for some history books regarding the same. Yes, I love to depend on paper instead of the screens as very few shows or movies are historically accurate.

This article will acquaint you with all the essential information and updates regarding Frontier Season 4, like the release date, cast, plot, etc.

You will be delighted by the end of this article as you will find plenty of recommendations about shows similar to Frontier along with their ratings and time and place of setting.

Frontier Season 4 | Everything You Want To Know

The following points will give you essential information regarding Frontier Season 4 – 

1# Release Date of Frontier Season 4

Release Date of Frontier Season 4

2016 – the first season released

2017 – the second season released

2018 – the third season released

2019 – Netflix renewed the series for the fourth season

2020 – scheduled to launch (but unsuccessful)

2021 – expected release on 19 November 2021.

2# The Cast of Frontier Season 4

The Cast of Frontier Season 4

If a series is a cuisine, then its cast is the essential ingredient. So this 4th variation of the cuisine will mostly have the old spices and a few new condiments. This is the taste we have acquired for now – 

Sr. No.Character Portrayed By
1Declan HarpJason Momoa
2ShokanonJessica Matten
3Lord BentonAlun Armstrong
4Samuel GrantShawn Doyle
5Michael SmythLandon Liboiron
6Cobbs PondGreg Bryk
7Father James CoffinChristian McKay
8Grace EmberlyZoe Boyle
9Clenna DolanLyla Porter
10MaryBreanne Hill
11Douglas BrownAllan Hawco
12Kamenna Tantoo Cardinal
13Governor Jonathan ChesterfieldEvan Jonigkeit
14Charleston CharlieDemetrius Grosse
15Major VinnicombePaul McGillion
16ImogenDiana Bentley
17Malcolm BrownMichael Patric
18Jean-Marc RivardPaul Fauteux

3# A Quick Recap of Frontier

Before jumping into the whereabouts of the new season, we should have a quick glimpse at the episodes of the previous seasons. 

First Season – The six episodes of this season aired from 6 November 2016 to 11 December 2016 and are titled: A Kingdom Unto Itself, Little Brother War, Mushkegowuk Esquewu, Wolves, The Disciple, and The Gallows.

Second Season: The six episodes aired from 18 October 2017 to 22 November 2017 and are titled Dead Reckoning, Wanted, The Wolf and The Bear, Mutiny, Cannonball, and Keetom Takooteeoo Naheekun (The Return Of The Wolf).

Third Season – The six episodes of this season aired from 7 December 2018 to 21 December 2018 and are titled: The Low Road, La Fin Du Monde, Satanazes, All For All and None For None, House of The Lord, and The Sins of The Father.

4# The Plot of Frontier Season 4

 The Plot of Frontier Season 4

Till the previous three seasons of this Historical Drama, we witnessed the second half of the 18th Century (mostly 1763 – 1779) in Canada and its fur trading scenario. Jason Momoa has donned the role of Declan Harp.  

This half-Irish, half-Cree protagonist wants to end the fur trade monopoly of Hudson Bay Company in the Country.

In the previous season, we saw Michael shuffling the interest of Grant and Brown brothers in the profitable fur trade. We also saw Fisher and Benton planning against Harp and discussing the expansion of the business.

So, we saw Declan invading Lord Benton’s Castle. Now, we will see an increasing conflict between Hudson Bay Company and Harp. And Yes! The rivalry of Harp and Grace should not be forgotten.

15 Shows Similar To Frontier 

1# 500 Nations

Time – 15th to 19th Century

Place – Latin America, USA

Release Date – 1995

Number of episodes – 8

IMDb Ratings – 8.6 stars

2# City Of Vice

Time – 18th Century

Place – England

Release Date – 14 January 2008

Number of episodes – 5

IMDb Ratings – 7.7 stars

3# Marco Polo

Time – 13th Century (middle ages)

Place – Asia, Mongolia, China, Venice

Release Date – 12 December 2014

Number of episodes – 20

IMDb Ratings – 8 stars

4# Into The West

Time – 19th Century

Place – South Dakota

Release Date – 10 July 2005

Number of episodes – 6

IMDb Ratings – 8 stars

5# Barkskins

Time – 16th and 17th Century

Place – Quebec, Canada, France, and North America

Release Date – 25 May 2020

Number of episodes – 8

IMDb Ratings – 7.3 stars

6# Ruyi’s Royal Love In The Palace

Time – 18th Century

Place – China

Release Date – 20 August 2018

Number of episodes – 87

IMDb Ratings – 7.6 stars

7# The Scarlet Pimpernel

Time – 18th Century

Place – France and England

Release Date – 24 January 1999

Number of episodes – 6

IMDb Ratings – 7.5 stars

8# Resurrection: Ertugrul

Time – 13th and 14th Century

Place – Turkey

Release Date – 10 December 2014

Number of episodes – 150

IMDb Ratings – 8 stars

9# Jamestown

Time – 17th Century

Place – Jamestown and England

Release Date – 5 May 2017

Number of episodes – 24

IMDb Ratings – 6.9 stars

10# Black Sails 

Time – 18th Century

Place – Caribbean, West Indies

Release Date – 25 January 2014

Number of episodes – 38

IMDb Ratings – 8.2 stars

11# The Barbarians

Time – AD 9

Place – Germania 

Release Date – 23 October 2020

Number of episodes – 6

IMDb Ratings – 7.2 stars

12# Vikings 

Time – starts from 793

Place – England, Scandinavia, North America

Release Date – 3 March 2013

Number of episodes – 89

IMDb Ratings – 8.5 stars

13# Troy Fall Of A City

Time – 13th century BC

Place – Troy

Release Date – 17 February 2018

Number of episodes – 8 

Rotten Tomatoes Ratings – 71%

14# The Last Kingdom

Time – 886

Place – England

Release Date – 10 October 2015

Number of episodes – 36

IMDb Ratings – 8.4 stars

15# Gunpowder

Time – 17th Century

Place – England

Release Date – 21 October 2017

Number of episodes – 3

IMDb Ratings – 6.6 stars

In A Nutshell

So out of these, which is the first movie you are going to watch right now? Please do not shy away from recommending a similar film to us. And the most important thing – Do not keep yourself busy on 19 November 2021. 

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