9 Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day | Rain Can’t Go Vain!


Rain, rain go away, come back another day! But why???? I understand rain cancels all your outdoor plans, but do you have any idea about the fun things to do on a rainy day? If not then dear friend, I am here to help you out with a few fun activities. 

We all have a different emotional connection with rain. As poets and authors say, a rainy day is a time of bliss and relaxation. During rainy days you may not like to come out and follow the mundane chores, but there are many things you can enjoy staying indoors. 

143+ Rainy Day Quotes
143+ Rainy Day Quotes

All it demands is a bit of searching. However, you need not do anything, because I have already mentioned a few activities that you can do on a rainy day below, just scroll. (Lazy Pants)

9 Fantastic Rainy Day Activities! Enjoy & Splash The Worries Out!

Why simply scroll through your social media feeds and be lazy? Think of certain innovative and adventurous activities to get a different feel on a rainy day. Explore some of them with me and just enjoy the rain. 

1# Pamper Yourself | Have An Easy-Peasy Day

Pamper Yourself | Have An Easy-Peasy Day 9 Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day | Rain Can’t Go Vain!

Due to your hectic schedules, you no longer focus on yourselves. However, on a rainy day, you get a chance to take a break and relax at home. During this unexpected day off, build a spa experience at home by applying a face mask and taking a relaxing bath. 

Light a few ambient candles in your bathing area to create a relaxing aura. You can use essential oils, play classic music, with the lights dimmed. After pampering yourself with a divine bath, you can wear a bathrobe and lie on your bed or sofa. 

You will be so relaxed, that you will end up enjoying the day and will ask for similar ones in the future. 

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2# Decorate & Organize Your Home!

Decorate Your Home | Utilize To Be Organised!

Our daily life routines don’t allow us much time decorating and tidying up our home. If you are an active person like Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and want to clean and organize things, get ready right now, right away!

You can change the usual setting of your room and sitting area. Other things like doing craftwork at home and decorating your apartment with it can be a good idea. Think of similar ideas and get them done on a rainy day.

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3# Movie Marathon & Snacks | Enjoy Family Time!

Movie Marathon & Snacks | Enjoy

On a rainy day, it’s nice to watch your favorite shows when you are all alone. Just grab your cushions and some popcorn. Place yourself in front of your television or laptop and choose a show, movie, or series to watch. Enjoy your rainy day by checking out some new releases on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services.

If you are with your family, go to your TV hall to watch movies or series with snacks, a refreshing cup of tea. We’ve all heard the expression family time is the greatest time, so, take the advantage of a rainy day and have a good time!

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4# Do Camping At Home With Sheets & Pillows

Do Camping At Home With Sheets & Pillows

If your kids are getting bored at home, you can go camping at home, yes you heard it right. Just set up your camping tent at home and then create a picnic-like atmosphere. Play some great games like ludo, carrom, chess, etc.

If you don’t have a tent, collect spare bedsheets, some pillows, and blankets. Now make a tent-like structure by knotting with hooks. (hooks as in available nooks and crannies) Once you are done building a tent you can grab a book with some snacks and enjoy camping.

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5# Take A Nap | Rejuvenate Yourself!

Take a Nap | Rejuvenate Yourself!

Almost all of us love to sleep. It’s very rare that we get a good sleep in the midst of our work. So, I think an unwanted off because of rain is the perfect time to take a long refreshing nap.

The sound of falling rain and vibes creates a soothing lullaby. Get under your sheets, draw your blinds or keep your eyes open to feel the moment. Taking a nap is only for relaxation; you can continue with your chores after that.

6# Do Artwork At Home | Get Crafty

Do Artwork At Home | Get Crafty

Why not be creative with all of your colors, papers, and stickers? Rainy days are the best to try something new and refreshing.

All DIY videos that you watched at 2 AM will be helpful here. (Thank God I didn’t waste my time) You can create art pieces from old bottles, corks, and some unwanted materials in a creative way. Let your creativity flow during a chill rainy day.

7# Try Rain Photography | Fill Your Insta With Aesthetics!

Try Rain Photography | Go Creative

Photos in rain are lovely and calming to watch. Yes, you guessed it right! Go out in the rain and click some gorgeous drenched streets, trees, flowers, and more! Just make sure your camera is protected under a raincoat or at the very least a waterproof bag.

Once you are done clicking pictures return home and continue the rainy day by choosing your clicked photos. You can either make a scrapbook or print one out to frame it or can make your Instagram look aesthetic with these clicked pictures.

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8# Dance And Sing In The Rain

8# Dance And Sing In The Rain

You can star in your own musical rainy day if you grab a cute umbrella and a pair of bright rain boots. Simply play a fun song on your phone (Tip: keep it in a waterproof bag to avoid it from getting wet!)

Twirl around a lamppost (or even just the street), skip, dance, sing, and enjoy the freedom of being outside in the rain! It will relax you and will make you super fresh for the upcoming days.

9# Cook And Bake Your Favourite Dishes

Cook And Bake Your Favorite Dishes

When you sit by the side of your window and watch the dripping rain, that beauty of view fills you with happiness. At the same time, it strikes you with a hunger for something salty, tasty, and crispy.

There are many quick bites that can save your day. After all, hot delicacies are what the season demands. Doesn’t it? You can cook fritters, subs, burgers, and fries (I know your mouth is watering too) and munch them while watching shows or just laying on the bed.

Final Words

A rainy day is an excellent excuse to spare time for yourself. Always try mentally to make your rainy day a “perfect day” so that you get filled with happiness and excitement with a to-do list whenever you think of it. Do things that make your rainy day a memorable one. There are lots of things you can do to enjoy a rainy day, and it’s a perfect way to find small ways to enjoy and relax. 

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